FFF! First Friend Friday!


That’s right.  You  heard it right here.  First Friend Friday!  Now feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d venture to say that this term has yet to be coined in the blogosphere.  At least not a term that coincides with those pictures people parade around on social media for things like TBT (Throw Back Thursday), WW (Wacky Wednesday), etc.  How do I know?  Well, well, well, my friends.  Google is a very magical place where you can find answers to just about everything.  (Just FYI.  Be very careful with the medical answers and advice you find on Google.  They aren’t always reliable.)  When searching “Friend Friday” I got all sorts of things:  Furry Friend Friday, Foodie Friend Friday, Feathered Friend Friday, Free Friend Friday Possibly, Facebook Friend Friday, Featured Friend Friday, Favorite Friend Friday.  The list could go on and on.  There was even New Friend Friday and Best Friend Friday.  The only thing remotely close was the term ‘My First Friend Friday’, but that was in reference to the very first posting bloggers were doing for Friend Friday.  You know that weekly blog party where bloggers answer random questions???  Yeah that one.  So I’m seriously thinking that FFF just hasn’t been coined yet.  Who knows?  Maybe it does exist out there on some very remote page that’s showing up somewhere in the more than 147,000 search results, but for now I’m just fine with saying it wasn’t coined before.  🙂   Alrighty then.  Let’s get this FFF thing started.

That very first friend ever.  We’ve all got ’em.  Who was YOUR very first friend?  Are you still friends?  For this blog posting I’m actually using a photo that I broke out yesterday for TBT.  It was broken out for personal use, so you all didn’t get to see it.  😉   It’s a throw waaayyy back and it’s a picture of me and my very first friend:

0424141947-00.png.png First Friend Friday!

Becky and I were adorbs.  Ahem.  I mean… we are still adorbs.  😉

Yes, we are still friends.

Technically this girl and I were friends before birth.  It’s true.  Our parents were good friends before us wee ones were even thought of.  🙂   They spent their weekends camping and boating.  All carefree like.  Way back in the 70’s when life was easier.  😉   Apparently our dads used to love to compare whose ski boat was better.  I’ll bet it involved their fancy sports cars, too.  Okay.  It’s very possible that to this day, whenever they are in the same room, they still do compare such things.  And neither one of them still has a ski boat or sports car!  Ahhh.  The life before kids…

So there you have it, folks.  First Friend Friday.  Stay tuned for future pictures of me and my first friend.  Next Friday.  Same place.  Same first friend.

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