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Picnic Time Beach Tent {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I don’t know about you but a struggle I have these days is to find ways to beat the heat! The season for going to the beach has arrived! Well, okay it’s been here for a little while now thankfully.   Before my days as a mom I would go to the beach without a care in the world. Just show up and hang out, swim, and bask in the rays. Now, however, I can’t do that as easily. With two kiddos in tow I have to take into account their needs, and having a break from the sun is definitely one of them. This is one of the reasons I haven’t made it to the beach as often as I’d like this summer. When my kiddos face’s start turning red and need a break I need to get them out of the heat. The only trouble is that not all of the beaches around our home have pavilions to give them that break. So what’s a mom to do? Well I think Picnic Time came up with a pretty good solution, The Cove Sun Shelter!


This is what Picnic Time has to say about the Cove Sun Shelter. “The Cove Sun Shelter is portable and compact. Designed to set up in minutes, this open-front tent can be used wherever you might need protection against the sun or wind and has a UPF 50+ rating. It also has a heavy-duty floor to act as barrier to the sand, hot cement, or wet grass. A zippered mesh window allows cross-ventilation. Bring the Cove to the beach, the park, or the lake. You’ll be glad you did!” I don’t think I could’ve said it any better! The case it comes in is compact. The whole thing breaks down into a 2ft by 4 inch bag. Its light and can easily be added to your beach gear without adding bulk or weight.


I struggled with the set up a little bit. The directions consist of a couple pictures. You don’t need anymore than that, but it was just a bit awkward to set up. It’s basically a half tent. The frame is made up of two poles consisting of 7 and 8 segments. They piece together easily. My Man J was watching the boys while I gave it a go but we ended up switching jobs and he didn’t seem to have a problem with it. Once I saw how it all went together I think I’ll be able to set it up with no problem.


Once it’s all set up the dimensions of the Cove are 7 ft 10in long and 3 ft 11in deep. I’m not sure exactly how tall it was but I would guess about 4+ft. It definitely provides the coverage and the cross breeze vent is awesome! The floor is thick and sturdy. It did really well on the hot sand. I couldn’t feel the heat at all. Baby cakes came in and sat with me for a while. I’m not sure if he was trying to get out of the sun or eat the watermelon. Ha! Either way it gave us both plenty of protection.


I was really pleased with how easy it was to take down. Sometimes I feel like when you take down a tent it seems impossible to get it back into the tiny bag it came in. That was not the case at all with this. It folded up easily and went back into the case with no problem.



So let’s do a fast recap!


It gave us lots of protection from the sun.

It’s big enough for 4 of us.

The cross breeze vent let’s the breeze in (if you’re lucky enough to have a breeze).

The case is compact and light.

Take down was fast and simple.

I love the yellow color!


Set up was a bit tricky the first time, but once you get the hang of it I think it’s just fine.

All in all I really like this shelter a lot! I feel like it gives me more options on ways to beat the heat. Let’s face it I’d rather be out with these cuties taking fun pictures than inside because it’s just too hot.

Picnic Time Collage

Do you love going to the beach? Are there any beaches near your home? Or do you have to make day trips to get to your nearest one?


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RIO Brands {Review}

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 When we lived overseas, we would travel toward the northern end of the island to stay at a military resort that was right on the beach.  Our cabana was literally feet from the beach, and we would spend all day going to the beach to play, then heading back to our room to eat or take a nap before heading right back out again to kayak or ride the banana boat.  Because we were so spoiled in this way, I really don’t remember going to the beach to just play for a couple of hours and I certainly can’t think of a time that we went to the beach for the entire day.

Since moving to North Carolina, though, and living 30 minutes from the beach, we’ve made plenty of trips to and from and the beach for a couple of hours — it’s about all that we can handle!  I know that some of my friends have been able to head out there in the morning and stay clear until the sunset, but we’ve not made that jump just quite yet.


One of the first times that we went to the beach, we were so completely unprepared!  Looking back, I blame that on my experiences of being able to race right back to our oceanside cabana to get anything we needed — we had some of the fun essentials (buckets and shovels, boogie boards, etc.), but we forgot to bring snacks of any kind, and we didn’t have any sort of sunshade.  I’m so glad we had good friends who have been going for years since we were able to share their goodies from their cooler, and they let us borrow one of their beach umbrellas.


When I was given the opportunity to review for Rio Brands and I noticed their beach umbrellas, I was ecstatic at the thought of having our own umbrella to use for this very last month that we’ll be able to enjoy the NC beaches!


We were sent the Total Sun Block 7′ Umbrella to review, and, again, my husband pulled it out as soon as it arrived in the mail.  The poles were sturdy without being too heavy, making it easier to carry down to the beach.  The anchor part at the end of the main pole allows for the umbrella to basically be screwed into the ground, which was perfect for getting the pole into the ground in the first place!  It can easily be set up at the beach, at the park, in your yard, whatever!  The shade itself blocks 99.8% UVA/UVB rays and the unique square shape seemed to fit our family of four (albeit two little kids!) just fine. 

Along with this great sun block umbrella, Rio Brands features other chairs and sun shades for all day fun at the beach or outdoors in the summer heat!


Easy In-Easy Out®-Tropical Rainforest


Big Boy Backpack with Cooler


Total Sun Block Beach Shelter

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**This post was sponsored by RIO Brands, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Canyon Beachwear {Review}

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Over the past several weeks, we’ve made a number of trips to the beach and to the pool in the afternoon summer heat, and I’ve loved having the chance to sit out in the sun and to play in the water.  The pool has felt especially great this past week or so, as my body is starting to feel so incredibly heavy in this third trimester.  I love my maternity swimsuit for the pool, but I’ve been looking for something to cover up a little more skin while I’m looking for shells, digging holes, or reading a magazine on the beach.  I suppose that I’m a bit self-conscious of my growing body, but I’m really more concerned with the thought of burning my shoulders or thighs!


Canyon Beachwear, which opened its first shop in  Santa Monica in 1979, understands that swimsuits can be a very big deal. Now in our third decade, we have the experience, selection, customer service and prestige to be recognized year after year by prominent fashion publications like Vogue, Sports Illustrated, Women’s Wear Daily, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Allure, InStyle, and Los Angeles Magazine.

We have the largest year-round selection of ladies’ designer swimwear and resort wear, with pieces from over 50 manufacturers. On-trend, we consistently provide unique, fashionable styles from the most current swimwear lines.”

Separates and Bikinis:  Seafolly Dot Halter

one piece

One-Pieces:  Milano One-Piece


Accessories:  Stripe Bag with Zipper and Inside Pockets

cover up

Cover-Ups:  Lace 3/4 Sleeve Shirttail Tunic

I received Jordan Taylor’s Lace 3/4 Sleeve Shirttail Tunic cover-up from Canyon Beachwear just under a week ago, and I’ve already worn it three times!  I love the long sleeves that keep me covered, and the length falls just a little longer than shown in the pictures because of my short height.  The cinching around the high waist gives this piece a classy look that doesn’t seem like I just threw on an oversized shirt; this is fitted and feels great!

My favorite part of this cover-up, though, is the material itself — I was a little nervous that the “lace” would really be a lace material and, thus, would be too see-through, but it’s more of a lace design on lightweight fabric.  I LOVE IT!  I feel covered and protected while still feeling like I belong out in the sand or on my way to the pool.

Head over to Canyon Beachwear to check out their variety of beachwear and accessories — I’m sure that you’ll discover a new favorite piece, just like I did with this cover-up!

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**This review was sponsored by Canyon Beachwear, but all opinions are my own.




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