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Animal Costumes from Anytime Costumes {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.
We are SO excited for Halloween around here!  “Rocket” is ecstatic!  Lately when I open his bedroom door in the morning, the first thing he exclaims is something to the effect of “Horse!  Halloween?  Trick or treat?  Hee haa!”  I think he’s excited, don’t you?
Based on his humorously concentrated interest in cows and horses, I decided we should definitely find him just such a costume.  Fireworks went off when I told him he gets to be horse for Halloween, while his little brother is going to be a cow.  Mom and Dad are gonna be a cowgirl and cowboy, haha.  The big day is more than a month away, but this boy is already on Cloud 9 since his horsey outfit arrived!
This Brown Horsey Costume from Anytime Costumes is a little kid’s dream come true.
The accessories are sold separately, but this getup will be so easy to put together.  A shirt, hat, and bandana are going to be easy to scrounge up.
I think this costume is way cuter in person!  I was really pleased with how full the legs were stuffed, compared to the advertised online picture.  And doesn’t ours look a lot friendlier, too?!  Our horse has kinder eyes and nostril details, and the hair is a lot softer than the picture looks.
The shoulder straps on this outfit are adjustable which allows for a comfortable fit on all shapes and sizes.  The online details say that “One size fits most children ages 5 and up”, but as you can see, the horse’s feet aren’t even dragging on my 2-year-old.  You put on this costume by stepping into the middle and pulling the horse up around your waist.  It was a great fit around our toddler’s waist with room to grow, and the suspenders hold up the horse so it doesn’t have to be snug.
Hey wouldn’t this be fun for a barnyard or rodeo themed birthday?!  The wheels in my head are turning…
As you can see, my boy LOVES this horse!  Its like his new best friend!  He fluffs its hair affectionately and gives it naps…its like a costume, a dress-up outfit, an activity, a stuffed animal, and a friend all at once.
My mother made me a similar horse like this when I was little, and boy was it used and loved.  I think I wore it first as “a princess on a horse”, but it came back almost every year as something else like “a knight on his horse”, or “a cowboy on his horse”.  This costume could do the exact same thing.  Just change the outfit on top, and presto, new costume.  For boys or girls.  I think animal costumes are great for that sort of thing, and Anytime Costumes sure has a lot of them.  Cats, leopards, lady bugs, bees, bunnies, chickens, even sock monkeys!  Check em out.  Thanks Anytime Costumes!
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