Who’s afraid of the dark???


Here is Banjo all geared up for ‘Light the Night 2013’ (annual fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) and it doesn’t start until September:

But he’s ready.  Fired up.  He’s got his game face on and he’s ready to take on that 2 mile walk!

Doesn’t it appear that he’s the bravest little kid you know?  He’s not afraid of anything, right?  Wrong.  Lately Banjo has been complaining about being afraid of the dark.  At first we thought he was just trying to get out of going to bed on time.  Making excuses for why he just needed to stay up later.  However, it has continued to the point that we have now accepted that the fear is real.  Fortunately for us we were given this fantastic night light (compliments of the people at Sunset Dimmer) several months ago.  If you have a kiddo afraid of the dark then you gotta get one.  It’s a really life saver!

Hook it up to your child’s lamp, set the timer for 30 minutes and it will slowly dim.  During that time your child will adjust to the night time light and fall asleep before the light goes completely off.  It’s a great solution to help ease a child into the dark.

Plus, with the Sunset Dimmer  you can place a lamp on a timer when you are going out of town.  Then people will think you are home when you are not!  We always like to do this when we leave town.  It just gives us this added sense of security.

Thanks Sunset Dimmer for creating a product that has more than just one use!


This posting was sponsored by Sunset Dimmer, but all opinions are strictly my own.