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Holiday Nails Giveaway

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Disclosure for this Holiday Nails Giveaway:  I am an independent consultant for Jamberry (which means I earn a percentage of the sale) but all opinions are strictly my own.



Holiday nails are very dandy and to get ’em for FREE is even more dandy.  Right now you can enter to win a Jamberry Holiday Gift Set on the Rafflecopter below.  Tell your friends all about this dandy giveaway!  Also be sure to check out the posting over on Seeing Dandy to learn more about the actual holiday nails gift set that is being given away.

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ONE very lucky winner is going to win a Jamberry Holiday Gift Set!  And the winner gets to CHOOSE which one!


*Enter on the Rafflecopter below.

*This giveaway is open to US entries only.

*The giveaway will run until Sunday, November 22nd at 11:59pm CST

*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of November 23rd and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be drawn.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lamp Post BOO!

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Sometimes I struggle at holiday decorating.  Only because it’s so time consuming and I feel like I don’t have much time.  Anyone else feel that way?  Okay.  So I’ll level with you.  It might also have something to do with the fact that sometimes I think that I’m not incredibly crafty.  Okay.  I think that often.  Like I’m not all thumbs when it comes to crafts, but I’m pretty particular and need things to look just right.  One minor imperfection and I can’t let it go.  Whenever I see said completed craft that looks kind of strange or has a tiny blemish I cringe.  Of course I don’t cringe at other people’s crafts.  I don’t notice their mistakes.  Only my own.  I’m an insecure crafter.  It’s a complex.  I must overcome.  Anyone else have this problem?

So I struggle with time and being an insecure crafter.  I really do want to be more secure in my crafting abilities.  Really I do.  Maybe I need lessons?  Probably.  Crafters Anonymous?  Definitely.  I see all of these cute ideas everywhere.  Tons and tons of cute ideas.  I pin all of them right here on Pinterest, but then I never do them.  Or if I start the project I never finish it.  I’m airing all of my guilt today, right?!  My name is Tara and I’m a craftaholic.  I bet there is a group for that… Honestly I do need to be better at finishing the projects that I start.  It’s a wonder that I can actually sit down at the computer and type blog postings when I’m such a spaz when it comes to everything else.  You laugh?  I may have the focus for some things, but with crafty projects… Well, I turn into that dog Dug from the movie “UP”.  It’s true.  Maybe you are totally laughing, because you think that my blog postings are exactly like that???  Oh my.  I really am insecure.  But I’m working on my insecurities.  Both craft related and non.  I’ve decided that the first step (remember I’m a psychology educated gal) in the process would be simple crafts.  If I do something simple then I will finish it and it will be perfect because it will be really difficult to mess up something so simple.  It’s that simple.

Here is THE easiest DIY Halloween yard decoration that I’ve ever made.

Seriously the easiest.

It’s dedicated to all the Dugs in the world.

I give you…

The Lamp Post Ghost Tutorial!


In front of our house we have an ugly light post.  I’m sure it was beautiful in its time.  Now it’s just quite dingy looking.  It’s super old.  Original to the neighborhood when others have been replaced.  The lamp doesn’t even work so I’m not sure exactly why it still in front of our house.  Maybe I should be digging it up…  One day we will just replace it?  Maybe?  Probably.  In its prime it was a gas lamp.  Then it was converted to electric way before we moved in.  However, the “electrician” (previous home owner who was a medical doctor and had no idea about how to be an electrician) didn’t do a very good job.  It quit working so the “electrician” then cut the line and left this random wire in the basement that operates the lamp post only it plugs into nothing.  No outlet.  No switch.  No lit lamp post.  So you get the idea.  We are left with an antique lamp post that has absolutely no use just standing in our front yard.


 See?  It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world.

BUT recently when I looked at that old lamp post I saw something different.

I saw a ghost.

So I decided to create one.  A lamp post ghost.  So simple that even a 6 year old could do it.


 And it can be created in record time.  By the 6 year old.

To create the ghost I purchased 3 yards of white drapery fabric.  It was on clearance at less than $3 a yard.

You could just as easily use a white sheet.

Banjo used a black Sharpie to make the ghost’s eyes and mouth.  Then we just threw the whole thing over the lamp post and there you have it:

Our Lamp Post BOO!


You can transform your own lamp post for Halloween and it will look super dandy.


Name That Stencil!

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This wall stencil naming contest from Cutting Edge Stencils is sooooo very dandy!  It’s totally free to enter.  Just email tara@broadcastbloggers.com with the name you would give the new design above.  The contest ends tonight at midnight Pacific Time.  Oh and you can learn about all the details of the contest by going HERE.    Have a dandy weekend my dandy followers!  🙂

Workout DIY

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Before Banjo came into our lives I worked out on a fairly regular basis.  I loved going to the gym and how great the flowing endorphins made me feel.  After he was born that changed.  I tried to make it back to the gym, but it was hard to do that with a baby to take care of.  Sure my gym had a free child care area, so I thought it was going to be so EASY to get back to the gym.  Not a chance!  When Banjo was about 4 months old I took him to the gym with me.  He just stayed in his car seat and hung out in the child care area.  3 days later he got his first cold.  Coincidence?  I tried it again a few weeks later and the result was the same… yet another cold.  So I tried to switch to an evening workout regimen when my husband was home to watch Banjo.  That only lasted for so long.  I was too tired to work out in the evening!  Like many moms I needed something I could do at home, but I didn’t have the $$$ to spend on pricey workout equipment.  Enter workout DVDs from Moms Into Fitness!  They sent me their Boot Camp 2 DVD and it’s fabulous.  Seriously the best workout program I have ever seen. 

It’s so easy to follow and understand.  Lindsay Brin explains everything really well and she teaches the importance of having a solid core.  Also, how to work that core.  Plus, there’s cardio toning workouts that are only 10 minutes long!  Perfect for the new mom or any mom who doesn’t have a lot of time to devote to working out!

Moms Into Fitness also has other core fitness videos: 

How about a workout for pregnancy?  Of course Moms Into Fitness has it!


Even app options for your phone!

There truly is a workout for everyone at Moms Into Fitness!

My previous life…

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In my previous life I graduated from college and had no idea where I was going to turn for a job.  I applied and I applied.  I couldn’t find a job, so I applied some more.  Nothing came of it, so I just stayed on at the hospital where I was already working.  It was in my comfort zone, so why not?  That being said I must admit that I’m so far out of the getting hired loop!  I mean I’m a stay at home mommy now.  Who would want to spend time away from this cutie?

I have no plans on getting back out there in the work force anytime soon.  Do you ever think about how you are going to keep your hear in the job world from home?  I do!  After all, I do want to go back to work outside of the home (even just part time) one day in the future.  When kids are grown and in school!  :)  Fortunately for all of us stay at homers Mary Heston blogged about dillema today.  Now I’m including this as a DIY type thing, but that’s what it is.  It’s a DIY way of staying on top of your job related resources!  :)   You aren’t going to want to miss her great posting!

{DIY} Personal MicroDerm

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Do it yourself home microdermabrasion kit?  Yes please!

I’m looking a little bit different these days.  That picture of me in the About section was taken in the fall.  We haven’t gotten any family pictures taken since then, so I’ll just have to give you this sneak peek for the time being (sorry about the taken from my iPhone look):  

There’s the new me…minus 40 something pounds!

Guess that I should delete the part about my having a few extra pounds, since that’s no longer the case!  However, I am still a 30 something year old.  So, something that I still struggle with?  Those oh so gorgeous fine lines and discoloration on my face.  Okay they are wrinkles and age spots.  Why even try to make them sound more glamorous than they actually are?  Yes I have them.  It’s a given now that I’m turning 33 in a few months.  (Gasp!  I actually just confirmed with you all my actual age!)  Let’s face it.  Our skin just changes as we age.  All of those years of sun exposure and laughing.  Yep I’ve got the laugh lines!  Just shows how happy I am.  :)  

Well, now I have the solution to those problem areas.  A few weeks ago I received the Personal MicroDerm and it’s perfectly fabulous!  Seriously such a dandy product.  Think microdermabrasion without the time and extra cost.  Who really has the time to go for appointments at the dermatologist’s office?  Not me.  How about the $$$ to spend on those expensive treatments at the dermatologist’s office?  Again not me!  That’s what makes the Personal MicroDerm so dandy!  It’s a value that will last and last with use from your very own home.  What’s more is it actually works!  After the very first treatment I noticed a difference in the way my skin looked and felt.  The treated areas became smoother, more refined, and youthful looking.  My forehead actually looked less line-y!  

The Personal MicroDerm comes with discs for different skin types.  The discs have a grit aluminum oxided coating to them.  Then the device itself has a vacuum that pulls the skin to the disc that spins.  Working the microdermabrasion miracle!  It removes a very thin surface of your skin to get rid of dead skin, etc.  And starts you on the way to smoother less wrinkled skin!  Also included is a very informative DVD on how to use the product.  I need to note that it’s very important to follow the directions!  Patience is not one of my virtues, but it is an important one to have when using the Personal MicroDerm.  I elected to go over an area (brown age spots people) on my face repeatedly instead of waiting until the next week for the next treatment.  Not a good idea.  Okay… it was a horrible idea that I will never repeat again.  The Personal MicroDerm is intended to be used only once a week, because your skin needs time to recover between treatments.  So I gave myself a true abrasion and that definitely smarts.  Totally my fault. 

If you are in the same aging category as me with fine lines, etc. then the Personal MicroDerm is for you!  Give it a try, because it will save you time and money.  And that’s just dandy!  :) 

DIY Hair Remedies from The Wright Hair!

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Hair Remedies from The Wright Hair blog!

I use hair tips all the time and don’t think twice about sharing so I have put together some easy hair remedies.

When it comes to hair and keeping it healthy it is better for our hair not to wash it every day.  For people such as myself who has incredibly greasy hair I have learned a few tricks to making my 2nd day hair look as good as just washing it.

Getting volume:
There are a couple of things to get volume.  

  • First you can do a back comb. (this loses its poof over time)
  • A 2nd option is using really big rollers and root volume spray.  Spray the roots and roll the large curlers leave in for about 5 minutes or until the spray dries.  
  • An old fashioned way is to Use aluminum foil. Start by rolling aluminum foil in the shape of a cigar. Then, take 1’’ sections of hair and wrap from ends to roots around the foil. Heat up the foil by using a flat iron for 5 to 10 seconds. Allow the hair to cool down before removing foils. The result is big curls.

Beach Hair: Mix a generous amount of table salt into a water bottle and spray into hair. Let set and scrunch dry hair with your hands for a beachy textured look.
Moisturized for Dry Hair:  If you have extremely dry damaged hair use olive oil put a small amount on your hair and leave on the hair for 20mins once a week for hydration.

No time for a shower or Hair is to Greasy:

  • Dry shampoo by Tresemme is the answer.  This product is awesome you spray it on leave in for a few minutes then brush your hair.   
  • If you don’t have dry shampoo then Use talcum powder put a small amount into your hands and applies at the roots. **NOTE** Be careful! The powder can be messy so do this before you put on your favorite outfit.
  • If you have time to shower but your bangs are always greasy as mine are.  I put on a shower cap and just wash my bangs.  

Accessorize it.   Use headbands, flowers, bows or anything else you like.  If you don’t have headbands they are easy to make.  Use old bra straps, just cut them off and secure them together.  Nylons or leggings also make good headbands.  I have also used the ties off of shirts.  My favorite headbands are using the foam rolls (they can be purchased at Justice or Claires.  Flowers can be purchased or made out of flowers from a craft store.  Accessorizing 2nd day hair is a good way to class up your style.

Can’t find a Bobbie Pin.   If you are out and need a bobbie pin and can’t find one try using a paper clip.

Static. When you wake up or put on a shirt that has lots of static it never fails that the static will end up on your or her hair. Take single fabric dryer sheet and rub it over your dry hair.  

Strong Hard Setting Gel:  If you need a really strong hold use an old trick of sugar and water mixed, **NOTE** heavy on the sugar. It is easier to apply with a small toothed comb.

***You can find Amber and some amazin

{Guest Posting} Party Decorations!

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Hello all, My name is Edith and you can usually find me blogging over at Edeenut Creates. My good friend Tara asked me to join her today on Dandy Giveaway and share a fun and simple decoration idea for any party.

While deciding how to decorate for a recent Valentine’s Day party, I saw these cool looking paper plate balls and thought they might be cool to make. The instructions are found here at Family Fun, so you can make your own if you desire.

My basic idea was to slip a string of white Christmas lights inside each ball and poke some light tips out through the holes illuminating in the dim party room.

The light idea was put aside after more consideration and so were the paper plate balls in fact. But I still really like the balls and this image makes them look so fun for a party. Even though I didn’t actually use the paper plate balls for decorations I thought I would still share how easy and inexpensive they are to make if you want to make your own.

While I was contemplating the whole pink paper plate ball idea, I tried to find some pink paper plates to use. The only ones I found were in packs of 10 and would have been pretty pricey because for each ball you need 20 plates. The pack of 10 plates were almost $2.00 each.

I bought a pack of 100 white paper plates and a can of pink spray paint. The paint was $3 and the plates were $1.50.

In my back yard, I made sure the wall was protected with paper and cardboard, then working with 20 plates at a time, I sprayed a thin coat of paint on each one. They were in direct sunlight and so they dried fast.

By the time I sprayed the last one I could go back and move the first one off the paper to dry completely on the wall. But by this point though they were pretty much dry. I just didn’t want them to stick together if stacked up.

When I was completely done with 60 plates I was out of paint. I think I could have done 40 more plates though if I would have not done two coats of paint on some plates. Because I was out in the bright direct sunlight my eyes didn’t quite see the color of pink on the plates as it really was so I added another coat thinking it needed it. But after going inside with the plates I could see the color would have been fine with one coat.

Here is one ball hanging up above my table. I used clear nylon thread to hand it so it looks as if it’s floating in mid air. Even though here you can see the ceiling fan chains hanging down.
Also, you can see the pink color indoors is really rich with two coats. But if you want a deep rich color you could always do as many coats of paint as you wanted.

This painting method also makes these polyhedrons easy for any party idea. You could paint them in any color you want to go with your theme. Blue, red and white for the 4th of July would be very fun. Green for Your St. Patties Day get together. Make them for a baby shower, or Birthday. The possibilities are endless.

{Guest Posting} DIY 60-Minute Skirt Tutorial

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Let’s give it up for my friend and former roommate from the Provo days, Kati!  ***applause, applause***  I’m so excited to feature her again, but this time with a fabulously dandy skirt tutorial from her blog From The Blue Chair.  Be sure and become a follower of her blog, because it’s a lot of fun!


Thanks to Tara for inviting me back to share another idea. I describe myself as a quilter, but I am always looking for new ways to sew fun little things for my kids as well. I especially love making skirts for my girls. This particular skirt is so fast and easy. It uses only a small amount of fabric and works perfect with so many different fabric designs. It’s an easy project for someone just beginning to sew. That hardest part is choosing your fabric!
Download the PDF: 60-Minute Skirt Tutorial

View my other projects on my blog: http://www.fromthebluechair.com/


{DIY} Lots of dandy talent!

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I know that many of you are way talented and have way fabulous blogs where you post about some dandy craftiness!  Well, now it’s your turn to share with us!  Go ahead and link your crafty post with Dandy Giveaway & More!  Oh and on your personal blog posting please type that you linked up at http://www.dandygiveaway.com.  :)   Also, feel free to share with your crafty friends so they can post their fun projects here!   I’ll go first to get this started in case there are a few who aren’t sure how it works.   Have a great weekend!  See you on Monday for another week of dandy giveaways!


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