Fante’s Great Aunt Gina’s Pasta Machine By HIC Brands That Cook® {Review}

To get my Home-Ec teaching license, you can imagine the number of cooking classes I got to take.  I LOVED them!  Cooking classes were the highlight of my week!  I must admit I failed miserably on my first fondue, but one of the things I was fascinated with was making pasta in class one day!  Since then, I’ve often thought of how cool it would be to own my own pasta machine and make my own pasta again.  Happy day when HIC asked if I would review their Fante’s Great Aunt Gina’s Pasta Machine!  Yes, please!

First of all, this thing is super substantial, and weighs something hefty.  To me, that signifies quality, and no corners cut.  Though it looks tricky, it assembles in less than a minute.  Just clamp it to a counter or table, slide on the cutting piece, and pop in the crank handle.  The clamp is extra wide, so I imagine it would fit on nearly any counter width.

I was relieved and excited to find a nice booklet of recipes included with the machine.  The recipe for pasta was just perfect, and it makes a TON!  We’re talking feeding a family of 5 or 6 on one recipe—which is actually just 3 cups of flour and 4 eggs.

This pasta machine is so simple to use!  Just like it looks, you send the pasta down the conveyer belt and change the dial to get smaller and smaller as you pass the dough through several times.  Then send this flat sheet through the double cutter attachment piece and out comes your beautifully cut pasta!

I was giggling through the whole process!  Using a pasta maker is like a play-dough contraption for moms.  It was slick, easy to use, shiny, efficient, and looks like it will last a lifetime.

This pasta machine is not a one-trick pony.  Fante’s pasta machine has 9 different thickness settings, and the double-cutter attachment can make perfect fettuccine and perfect spaghetti.  For years, I’ve wanted to try out a chocolate spaghetti recipe, but alas, no pasta maker, so this year, my chocolate spaghetti dream will come true, mark my words.

Cook it up, serve it up, eat it up!  “Charlie” was quite impressed and told me that we should do this again when we have company over for dinner next week.  I can’t wait to make pasta with my kids when they’re a little older on rainy days!  These noodles would be delicious in a homemade chicken noodle soup.

Find out where you can buy Fante’s Pasta Machine and other gourmet kitchen supplies from Harold Import Co.

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Sew Much Ado {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Ok, I’m not really a quilter, but I do try!  I love the look of a finished quilt and I love the fascinating combination of prints and colors that a quilt can embody.  I jumped at the opportunity to try out Sew Much Ado’s quilt pattern for Gathers and Giggles!  I had a beautiful pile of girly fat quarters that I thought would be great, even though I don’t exactly have any daughters yet!  And so this lovely little quilt is for my first unborn daughter, or maybe my first granddaughter :).

Note that my dimensions are a little off because I was limited by the length of my fat quarters.  My quilt turned out about the dimensions of a crib mattress, but following the exact piece requirements in the pattern will create a square quilt 40”x40”.

Sew Much Ado currently has six sweet little patterns available in PDF!

The Giggles and Gathers pattern is terrific.  Good pictures, plenty of guidance, lots of steps broken down to make it easier to follow, and neatly organized.  My quilt was a breeze for me (the non-quilter) to put together with such a detailed pattern.

If you’re looking for a quick and cozy sewing project for the cold weather fast approaching, I recommend this cutey from Sew Much Ado!

Sew Much Ado is offering TWO lucky ducks this same PDF quilt pattern for Gathers & Giggles!

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Craft Cuts {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Oh what’s in a name!  I already know I might sound a little crazy when I tell you that I constantly stew over what to name my future children.  Half the time when I can’t sleep, I play around with middle names in my head till I fall asleep.  I think a name is so important, and the first gift you can give your child!  I want it to be something I will love saying a million times, and something THEY will love hearing a million times.  Once its official, I am a sucker for any opportunity to display that name anywhere and everywhere, and Craft Cuts is one of the classiest places to do just that!

What is so incredible about this store is their ability to cut out wood lettering in practically any font your heart desires.  From cutesy curly girly fonts, to strong statement letters, you can design just the look you want for your room or bedroom.

Classy block letters for the family room!

I LOVE these letters on ribbons!  Adorable for a bedroom above a crib, or also quaint for living room décor above a couch.

And a personal favorite, wood wall letter tiles!!

What a treasure trove of supplies for artsy people looking to personalize their home!  Anyone with a creative bone in their body will have a ball perusing this shop, but if you don’t consider yourself very artsy-fartsy, Craft Cuts can certainly do all this leg work for you!  You can purchase any name already hand-painted, pre-stained, and tied with ribbon if you desire!  They really allow you to be completely creative with their blank letters, but they also can take care of you if anything in the crafty department makes you nervous, and you’d rather have it professionally done for you.

We had the huge honor of picking out some letters for our home.  I decided I wanted to make a sign of our last name to have on display in our home for as long as we live.  Though Craft Cuts can definitely design your name on a board for you (as seen here with their lettering on a base), we wanted to put it together ourselves, so I just ordered the letters individually and unpainted.  As soon as my letters arrived, I was DYING to put them together!

Here is the hubby marking things just right before we drilled them into the board to keep them steady. 

I turned on a little Dancing with the Stars and painted them up with basic tempera paint and a polyurethane gloss.  Easy peasy.

I am SO SATISFIED and thrilled about the way it turned out!  Classic, professional, and something that will always be on display.

Now I just need some holiday company over to see our majestic addition to our home décor!

Craft Cuts has quite an extensive selection of so many more products besides wood lettering.  Check out their craft kits, home decor, vinyl wall lettering, and stencils!

Get ready to get your crafty face on because one winner will receive a $30 giftcard to Craft Cuts!

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