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Joosh’s Juice Bar Children’s Book {Giveaway} – Closed

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.


When Joosh’s Juice Bar runs out of strawberries, the youngsters are asked to go on a “strawberry run”. Mo and Coco, along with rainforest friends Randy (a mischievous monkey) and Kwamee (a wise green lizard), travel through the Tropland Rainforest and stumble upon a unique glowing berry in Don Ribbit’s forbidden Swampland. Mo and Randy pick the berries, eat them and bring them back to Joosh’s Juice Bar. What seemed like a great idea at first turns sour as Joosh and his wife Holly return home to the juice bar and find the boys making a new juice with the berries! To their surprise, Randy and Mo, along with the animals that also drank their new blue juice, are glowing blue from head to toe! The Joosh Man takes Coco and the boys to seek aid from Doctor Boo Boo (a toucan bird).Will they find a way to wash the blue glow away? Will they get back home safely before the impending rain storm? Entertaining characters with wonderful adventures. Each page filled with colorful art and a story that highlights important eating habits for children of all ages. The Blue Banana Berry Adventure is the first book in the series and written entirely in rhyme, for you and your kids to enjoy a hundred times!

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I thought the idea behind Joosh’s Juice Bar was a great; a story about a family living in the jungle, hanging out their animal friends, supporting each other, and eating healthy. It’s even got a recipe for an easy fruit smoothie built right into the story. (How’s that for a nice way to motivate your little ones to crave something good for them?)

The illustrations are fun, colorful and vibrant. The bright colors made me think Dora the Explorer meets Lisa Frank, and there are more than 65 illustrations in this book. Each page has less than 50 words making the book fairly long, but easy to read. The book is also written with a series of rhymes that roll off your tongue and make the story is fun and silly to read, however a few of the rhymes felt forced to me.

A downside for us is that Dmitri, at about 18 months, is just a little bit too young to play nicely with this paperback book, though he loved looking at the bright colors as I read it too him, I think he’ll like it more after he’s grown up just a smidgen.

I would suggest this book for kids age three and up, especially for those who have a difficult time eating their fruits and veggies. This book teaches the importance of eating the good stuff in a fun and engaging way. Not to mention the other good parts about listening to your parents, and doing what’s right.

It was colorful, silly, engaging, a good message with an entertaining story, and the cadence of the rhymes made it extra fun to read.

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    Amanda Heck says:

    My little guy Axton would just love and enjoy this book! Thanks!!!

  2. Cindy McElwee says:

    Joosh’s Juice Bar sounds exciting. Animals glowing blue after drinking blue juice. My little sunshine would definitely love this adventure.

  3. April V says:

    I think this book would be so neat for my daughter because we are currently trying to incorporate more fruits into her diet!! She would love it!

  4. Stepahnie says:

    Wow, its less then $10 on amazon, I am so buying this book! 65 illustrations, I know me and my little guy will love it.

  5. Kris I. says:

    I like that it’s written in rhyme! My daughter would love this!

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    It looks not only fun to read but trys to instill the importance of healthy eating

  7. Alesha ol says:

    This looks like not only an adorable book, but also a family, for everyone book!!

  8. Meagan bs says:

    i think i would like that it’s written in rhyme.


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