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YumEarth {Giveaway} Closed

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

My boys love sweets! Let’s be honest here, I love them too! However, finding a treat that they love and that I feel good about giving them can be kind of tricky. I heard that advice to only eat products if you can pronounce all of the ingredients in them; but that can be really tough when it comes to finding fun and yummy snacks for my boys. When I first heard about YumEarth and how they make completely organic sweet treats I was a little unsure about how they would taste. I think sometimes organic sweets get a bad rap; but these do not fall into that category at all!


YumEarth sent us their organic pops, gummy bears, and sour beans. The box was dropped off and as soon as I got it open my boys wanted to try some right away. I did too! The packaging was so bright and fun! We opened the oragnic pops first. The flavors were Perfectly Peach, Pomegranate Pucker, Very Very Cherry, and Strawberry Smash.


Munchkin wanted the “orange” one first. I told him it wasn’t orange, but he was set on it. I was worried he wasn’t going to like it. Oh, I forgot to mention Batman made a surprise appearance that day! He loved them right away! I kept hearing things like “mmmm” and “these are yummy suckers Mommy.”


I wasn’t going to be able to give Munchkin one with Baby Cakes standing right beside me. I unwrapped a Strawberry Smash, and  into his little mouth it went. At first, I could tell that he was really trying to get a feel for the treat. In seconds I knew exactly how he felt about it!


These are seriously yummy! I’m a big fan of all things cherry flavored. I decided to give the Very Very Cherry a try. It literally tastes like some delicious sweet cherries. It didn’t taste at all like the ‘fake’ cherry flavoring I’ve had before. It tastes like real cherries. The gummy bears are a huge hit too! They come in the same flavors as the suckers only instead of Very Very Cherry they have Mango Tango. They boys gobbled them up. The sour beans are really good but they’re a bit tart for the boys. My Man J and I like them a lot though! One of the best parts about this product is that it’s free of a lot of ingredients that cause allergies. Hop over here to see a list of the ingredients found in their products.


YumEarth was created by two dads who wanted to create something delicious and good for their kids. They state on their website that “we believe YumEarth tastes better because we choose real fruit extracts and planet friendly ingredients grown on sustainable family farms to sweeten our lives and yours…and because we love spectacular flavor and hand craft all our flavors to make them all tart and bright and delicious!” I’ve really enjoyed these products and they’ve made me feel better about giving my boys sweets. That’s why I wanted to extend the Father’s Day spirit this week by partnering with YumEarth for a giveaway.


The winner of this giveaway will win a pack of YumEarth products valued at $25.

*This giveaway is open to entries in the US only.
*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of June 23rd and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 24 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
*This posting and giveaway are sponsored by YumEarth, but all opinions are my own.


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    LaTanya says:

    I like sweet tarts. Yes, I think I would enjoy this candy.

  2. These sweet treats look so tasty!! My favorite non-chocolate candy is gummy worms- they’re seriously the best. I KNOW I’d enjoy these products!

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    I love Almond Joy. But I k now my kids would love these!

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    I like lifesavors. I have tried these before and they are awesome.

  5. Heather says:

    We love Muddy Buddies — these would definitely be a better choice! I think we would like these. 🙂

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    I really like gummy worms and gummy bears and anything else gummy. So I know I’ll like the gummy bears and I’ll probably like the rest too.

  7. One of my favorites is skittles! These look great. 🙂

  8. Maryann D. says:

    I do love gummy bears and I have tried Yum Earth candy. It is wonderful and I like that these candies have real fruit extracts.

  9. Anne N. says:

    I like Jelly Beans. I like they use real fruit extracts.

  10. Jennifer C says:

    My favorite candy is Reeses Pieces, but I would enjoy sharing this candy with my daughter who is gluten-free and cannot tolerate artificial colors.

  11. beatriz says:

    I love gummies!

  12. Carolyn Barnett says:

    I like any type of candy and I know I would love that candy.

  13. alesha ol says:

    my 2 fave are rocky road and zero candy bars. i have tried to win this candy forever and FINALLY foundone bag on our trip last mo..now I am hooked.. and sad, it was the lollys, soothed my tummy, all gone :9(

  14. Robin Christofaro says:

    I love gummy candy. I think my family would LOVE these!

  15. Kris I. says:

    My favorite candy is anything chocolate!! My kids would love this candy!

  16. christen p says:

    gummy worms and yum earth candy is great candy

  17. Stephanie says:

    Ever since having a baby, all sorts of food allergies and sensitivities cropped up and since my daughter shares most of them as well we generally stick to chocolate and fruit for treats. Man do I miss just being able to eat a darn gummy bear! We def would love to try these 🙂

  18. Jessica says:

    Love sour candy!

  19. ioana c. says:

    my daughter loves this candy brand! would love to win!

  20. My favorite candy is taffy or fudge. I love to eat and feed my family natural foods, so we often skip candy, but I would love to try Yum Earth candy.

  21. jennifer lleras says:

    I have had them before so i know we like then, my favorite candy of all time are swedish fish 🙂

  22. Samantha C. says:

    I love Snickers. My kids would love the lollipops!

  23. Leah Wall says:

    I love these lollipops! These and the justins pb cups are my favorite!

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    My favorite would have to be caramels, love them.

  25. Brandi Dawn says:

    Gummies are my favorite! I love sucker too. I do think that I would like this product…no hgh frutcose corn syrup!!!

  26. Kathy L. says:

    My favorite candy is Twizzlers! I know my grand kids and I would really enjoy these products!

  27. SarahMahan says:

    I love chocolate of all sorts. Yes, I think I would enjoy this candy, or at least my kids would if I didn’t.

  28. Veronica says:

    I love chocolate!!

  29. i love green tea candy, and my daughter would enjoy this candy

  30. Alex F. says:

    I love Zours and I went to Walgreens to purchase some for a movie night but found the sour snacks instead! I am so glad that I found them and compared the package information. We have really been trying to be gluten-free and dye-free but it is hard when you have sweet teeth like ours! I love this alternative 🙂

  31. I like dove chocolate.
    I think i’d like them.

  32. Meagan bs says:

    i love chocolate. I know i would bc i’ve tried a few of them!

  33. my kids love them all! of course we would like them!

  34. gayle gildehaus says:

    My favorite candy is Pop Rocks :} My kids would like to try these.

  35. Allyson Jensen says:

    Right now, my favorite candy is Haribo gummy bears. I would love this candy!

  36. sandra davis says:

    my favorite candy is jelly beans but we would love these as well

  37. Anita Shower says:

    My family and I LOVE gummy bears and would enjoy trying a healthy alternative to the ones we currently eat.

  38. Rebecca Parsons says:

    My favorite candy is skittle and I think they would be good and I am sure the kids would like them also.

  39. Sarah P says:

    I love Sour Patch Kids. I’m sure I’d like this candy!

  40. Kellie H. says:

    My favourite candy is Skittles!! I am sure I would love the YumEarth candies–We love the fruit snacks, so I’m sure these are just as delicious.

  41. Tracy Martinez says:

    Twix and yes.

  42. Cassandra Eastman says:

    My favorite is probably chocolate! I’d love this candy since it’d be so much healthier for the family.

  43. Liberty T. says:

    My favorite candy is anything chewy like chewy sweet tarts but I would love a healthy alternative especially to give my kids.


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