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Whitmor 3 Tier Closet Organizer {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I was so completely excited when we found our house; it was a long and grueling process but so worth it. When I imagined moving from an apartment into a house I was so looking forward to having so much space; so much so I wasn’t going to have enough to fill it. When we found our house I felt like something was missing. Nothing important like floors or anything like that but something still that I just couldn’t put my finger on. Then we moved in and as I was unpacking the 794 boxes, I opened a box labeled “linen closet” and then it hit me. There wasn’t a linen closet in our house! What was I going to do? Well they, towels sheets and all things “linen closet”, found their way into almost every room in our house. A towel here, a sheet there, and no where to be found when my hands are dripping wet are the dish towels. I was so completely relieved when I saw Whitmor’s 3 Tier Closet Organizer. I knew right where it was going to go and how I was going to use it!

whitmorOne thing our house does have is height, thank goodness too because My Man J is 6′ 4″. We have a lot of space underneath the shelves in the closets in our rooms. That’s what made this organizer so perfect! It’s narrow enough to fit under a common closet shelf. Yet you can load it up with all of those linens floating around your house. Here’s a look at Whitmor’s closet organizer from their amazon store.


I’m going to share with you the chaos that was our extra room closet. It has kind of been the catch all place for anything and everything. It was so crazy and because I didn’t have a solution for the craziness everything kind of just got plopped in there. It’s not what I wanted to have happen but as you can tell, that’s exactly what was happening.


Now look how amazing it is in there! The 3 Tier Closet Organizer was just what this poor closet needed.The assembly was totally straight forward and you don’t need a single tool to construct it. Everything snaps together quickly and easily which My Man J was totally happy with. The shelves snap on and the drawers pop open and easily slide into place.


As you can tell I’m using it for towels and sheets. You could easily use it for hats, shoes, or even just clothes. My Man J even thought I could use it to organize my crafting supplies as well. I was thinking I could stack plastic storage bins on the shelves or fill the drawers with all of the left foot socks I have lying around our house. Really though, I take both socks off at the same time in the same place. How do they get separated?


All in all I love this organizer! I can think of so many other ideas for this than just for towels, and the best part is that I have the space! Are you in need of some extra organizing help in your house? Maybe you could use one for toys in your little one’s closet? I highly recommend this organizer. I think it’s good quality for it’s purpose. I wouldn’t use it for something as heavy as power tools but it’s perfect for linen closet items. I’m sure you’d love it too! Now that I have a place for all things linen, I really need to learn how to fold a fitted sheet. Do you know how?


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    Meagan bs says:

    oh man i could really use one of these!

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