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Boba {GIVEAWAY} – Closed

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

When I told my husband that one of the first things I wanted for our baby was a baby carrier, he kind of looked at my funny. We had asked around to some of our friends who had kids and about 50% of them used one and about 50% had no clue what those were (the 50% who didn’t know what they were, were a little bit older 😉 ) I had seen ones you can make on pinterest but was so nervous about the quality that my baby would slip right through or it would really start hurting my back. I just knew I wanted something durable, supportive (didn’t strain my back) and cute of course.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 10.29.27 AM

The creators of Boba love to travel. And when I mean love, they picked up their two kids and traveled the world for a bit. They loved sharing this time with their kids. But you can imagine constantly having a backpack on and a baby on one hip and holding the others hand, your hands get a little tied up. So they created ‘Boba’ a unique way of carrying your child with having both hands free.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 10.30.29 AM

Boba has many different carriers to choose from. You know me and variety, I love that I had different types to choose from for different ages/sizes of my baby.  They Offer:

Boba Carrier 4G: Designed to adapt to the situation your in. You can wear it in the front or back and is designed to go into toddlerhood

Boba Air: Lightweight and ergonomic. Easy to fold up, zip and store it in your car

Boba Wrap: Designed for new borns to 18 months. Free of buckles and snaps. Simply tie around you and keep the baby nice and snug against your body.

Boba Vest: Designed to fit over your other Bobas. Made to keep you and baby nice and warm on those cooler days.

I was able to try out the Boba wrap and was seriously amazed!! I even had my cousin slip into it and she was amazed!


It was so easy to put on. After the first time of reading the instructions and getting some help, by the second time I was able to slip it on myself and put the baby in without any help. Which is nice for when you are flying solo with baby.


I really liked how snug it was around the baby and myself. If she was cold she kept her arms close into me and once she got a little warmer she just slipped them out and was so content. Also, it didn’t hurt my back! I was a little worried with carrying her on the front of me and thinking their wouldn’t be a lot of support. But the tightness and how much fabric there was made it nice and snug and held up right.


As you can see there was a lot of extra fabric hanging. Of course it will vary from person to person, but I think next time I’ll just wrap the extra around my waist so it’s just not dangling there.

Not only did it check everything off my list for the important things (i.e comfort, tight, supportive) but the fabric is nice and thick and has a darling pattern on it. They offer simple colors and this pattern. Variety people 😉  It was so nice to have my hands free to do other things. We even did a small test run/dance around the house. She loved it and the Boba stayed right in place!!

I highly recommend purchasing your wraps/carriers from Boba. It passed with flying colors in my book! Check them out on their social media sites:






For our giveaway today, Boba is being extremely amazing and giving away a 4G carrier, Wrap and Boba Air (3 separate winners) I am stoked for you guys!!! Remember, the more steps you do then the more entries you will have, which will increase your chances of winning! Good luck!!

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    Sarah Mahan says:

    This looks like a great baby carrier.

  2. Cindy McElwee says:

    I love the vest because of the up higher on you & does look like you keep the little one warmer ♥

  3. Rachel C says:

    Darn it I’m not on Facebook!!


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