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Valleau Apparel {GIVEAWAY} – Closed

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I am only picky about 2 workout clothing items. My running shorts and my sports bras. My sports bras need to fit just right, where they are not to tight around my sides but support me all the way around. I like to run far and I love doing sprints in the middle and end of my runs. I have stopped my run before because my sports bra just wasn’t giving me the support I felt I needed.


Valleau Apparel offers the cutest most unique sports bras. I honestly can say that they are now my favorite line to buy my bras from. Valleau Apparel was founded by Katie Valleau, a NCAA gymnast who knows what it means to have good, supportive, cut workout attire. She designs each sports bra with a story behind it and making it unique and different then any brand you’ve worn.


I love fun unique sports bras. Not only do I love all the designs Valleau Apparel has to offer (sooo cute) but their fabric is amazing! I like to break a sweat when I work out, and need good material to absorb all of it. I wore my Valleau Apparel sports bra on a day where I did a triple work out. I worked out in the afternoon and then ran 3 miles, then I went and stunted with my husband (yep, we are cheerleaders) then I went back a few hours later and stunted with some others for 3 more hours. I definitely got my good sweat in that day.


I ordered a size small and was a little nervous when I first saw it. But like I said, I like my sports bras a little more secure. I really really liked the small and how snug I felt. I wouldn’t mind going up a size but am completely fine with the small size I ordered. So, if you like things a little more snug, then order your normal size or else order a size up.


(Husbands idea of flexing..oh boy!)

The sports bras do not come with cups but are double lined, which I loved! I normally buy my sports bras with padding, but honestly felt very comfortable with the double lined fabric as well. Which, I was really surprised since 99% of my sports bras have cups in them.


(Valleau Apparel in action 😉 )

Valleau Apparel has a “Sexy” line which has a lower cut in front therefore expose a little more cleavage and then they have their sports bras which are more covered and meant for smaller sizes.

I highly recommend following Valleau Apparel on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and checking them out. They are simply amazing and you’ll just die over their line!

Valleau Apparel is giving away one sports bra of your choice! Enter below!


  1. Devin Corgan says:

    Katie’s sports bras are amazing. They are the cutest sports bras I have ever seen!

  2. lovely

  3. Taylor Regensberg says:

    I would live the sea breeze, i have been dying for one. I always see if they have any discounts because i really need one. They are all cute! 💚💞

  4. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I like The Sexy Starfish.

  5. I like the signature style.

  6. The Seabreeze!

  7. Roxanne Tomkinson says:

    I love love love the blue one with all the straps in the back 🙂

  8. Angie Moeller says:

    I love the firecracker

  9. Ashley Mauceri says:

    LOVE these sports bras! The Firework is adorable!

  10. Meagan bs says:

    i like the mermaid

  11. Meagan bs says:
  12. Shelbey K says:

    Orchid Starfish

  13. Brandi Dawn says:
  14. Brandi Dawn says:

    I like the sexy starfish!

  15. I love the starfish

  16. The Firework is my favorite.

  17. My Instagram name is ilovepool.

  18. Taylor Regensberg says:

    I did everything but the Twitter because i dont have one. I love the sea breeze. If i win i would wear it all of the time!!! Also they are super cute and i am just dying to have one!!!!!!

  19. My favourite is the Mermaid!

  20. Jessica Fortner says:

    I like all of them, but my fav is the Sea Breeze.

  21. Jessica Fortner says:
  22. Mahdi Martin says:

    The Sea Breeze style loos the best to me. I like the clean design and it looks very comfortable.

  23. I posted this giveaway info on twitter: https://twitter.com/danni1990/status/458939649004564480

    I like the Starfish!

  24. The Starfish is my favorite!

  25. I shared the giveaway on Pinterest!

  26. Julie Lee says:

    I love the seabreeze!

  27. I like the Fireworks, I shared on pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/pin/94786767132050294/

  28. Jessica Cox says:
  29. Jessica Cox says:

    My favorite is the The Starfish

  30. Amanda R says:

    firework or starfish

  31. Amanda R says:
  32. ellen casper says:
  33. MissLizzard says:

    I LOVE these bras! These would be great motivation to get me going to Bikram Yoga again!

  34. I really like the starfish style bra!

  35. I like the starfish best.

  36. Brittany Sims Chelette says:
  37. Brittany Sims Chelette says:

    I think I like the starfish and sea breeze the most!

  38. alesha ol says:
  39. Meagan says:

    I LOVE the sea breeze!!

  40. Samantha says:

    I love the sexy starfish sports bra!!

  41. Samantha says:

    I shared this giveaway on my Pintrest account =)


  42. Morgan O says:

    I want the orchid starfish!! <3 OMG!

  43. Morgan O says:
  44. Alex E. says:

    I’m a cheerleader, and I’m just gonna say my wardrobe consists of spandex and sports bras. I love the seabreeze and starfish sports bras 🙂


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