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Febreze™ Deodorizing Powders {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

“Bring the fresh, tropical scent of Febreze Hawaiian Aloha Carpet Deodorizing Powder into your home for an even deeper clean. The powder clings to dirt making the particles larger and easier to vacuum up while the freshness of Febreze leaves long-lasting fragrance in your home. Bring home a deeper clean with the only deodorizing powder endorsed by BISSELL, the floor-care experts.”


Experience a deeper clean and add the long-lasting Febreze freshness of Hawaiian Aloha

Cleans up to 3X better than vacuuming alone

Easy-to-use powder refreshes home with a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance

Leaves carpets feeling softer

The only deodorizing powder endorsed by BISSELL®, the floor-care experts

We were sent the Febreze Hawaiian Aloha Carpet Deodorizing Powder to try on our carpets, and it happened to arrive just in time!  My two-year-old got ahold of the spray air freshener one morning while we were getting ready for the day, and he sprayed a lot of it onto a concentrated area of our carpet in the middle of our living room.  We opened windows and doors for about half an hour before we were about to die from the heat and humidity, but the scent was still pretty strong.  I poured baking soda all over the area and put towels over it to try and mask the scent, and later that night I took off the towels and turned on the fan.  The scent wasn’t as strong by that point, but I was so sick and tired of smelling that same scent ALL DAY LONG!

I remembered that we had received this Febreze Hawaiian Aloha Carpet Deodorizing Powder just a couple of days prior, so I pulled it out and used it before vacuuming up the area for the third time that day.   I was amazed at the neutralizing effect that this carpet powder had on the area, and I was so happy to smell something different for the first time that day!  The scent was summer-y and light without being incredibly fruity or flowery, and it wasn’t overwhelming at all.  I loved using this powder, and I sprinkled it all throughout the house the next day during some major summer cleaning — it gave such a finished touch and our Berber carpets felt great.

**I received this Febreze Deodorizing Powder free from BISSELL Homecare, Inc. but am under no obligation to write a positive review. What I’m writing here are my own opinions based on my own use of the product.

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