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Utensil Wipes {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Last January, my husband was selected to attend the Marine Security Guard training that will take place this December, and the completion of that course means that he’ll be stationed at an Embassy somewhere in the world in March 2014.  The best part of this billet?  We all get to go with him!

I’ve been beside myself with excitement since we found out about it, and this year-long wait has been so excruciatingly long.  The best way that I’ve found to pass the time on those nights when my mind keeps racing and I can’t sleep because of the excitement of going to another country?  By perusing the U.S. Department of State website showing all of the embassy locations, of course!

I’m not too concerned that we’ll be sent to a location that will be unsafe for our family or that won’t provide for our basic needs, but I have to admit that I’ve worried about the amenities and conveniences that we’ll be leaving behind, especially if we go to a third-world country.  I was excited to find these Utensil Wipes available now and the upcoming Pacifier Wipes that will be out next year!


  • What are Utensil Wipes / Pacifier Wipes?  All natural wipes that should be used to clean surfaces that comes in contact with your mouth.
  • How are they different than other Wipes?  Many wipes on the market use alcohol, which have an unpleasant taste or stringent chemicals, and are not intended to come in contact with your mouth.
  • Are they safe?  Yes.  Obviously you should not intentionally ingest the liquid, the wipes, or the bags. But Pacifier and Utensil wipes are non-toxic, and when used properly help keep food contact items clean. The liquid is safe for human consumption after it dries on the surface. If you should ingest the liquid, drink milk and contact the hospital immediately.  The active ingredient in Utensil Wipes is 4% food grade lemongrass oil.

I’m sure that these will come in handy next year when we’re in any foreign country with three little boys ages 5 and under (!), but I can also think of a number of ways that these Utensil Wipes would be handy right now — outside or while camping, eating at fast-food restaurants, cleaning a favorite bowl/spoon/plate that hasn’t gone through the dishwasher yet, etc.

Head on over to the Utensil Wipes website, where you can learn more about their products, ask questions, and order these to try yourself!

**This review was sponsored by Utensil Wipes, but all opinions are strictly my own.

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