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Studio Gear Color Correcting Cream {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

 I reviewed the gel eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss from Studio Gear Cosmetics about a month ago (you can read my previous review here), and I have since worn the mascara and lip gloss literally every single day since then.  I’m still working on becoming more used to the gel eyeliner and have used it for special occasions, but I really LOVE these makeup products and have been incredibly pleased with the outcome.


I was offered the opportunity to review Studio Gear Cosmetics’ new Color Correcting Cream, and I was thrilled to try out another item from this great company! 


“Transform and enhance your complexion with the newest revolution in beauty – Studio Gear Color Correcting Cream. This incredibly light formula can simultaneously fight aging, retain moisture, and cover and treat blemishes with a non-oily, perfectly radiant finish.  Prevents fine lines and wrinkles with collagen-building ingredients, restores skin elasticity by promoting moisture retention, and brightens and luminates skin with a non-oily, complete coverage application.”

I’ve used the CC cream over the past two weeks, and I love that it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything — so necessary during these hot and humid coastal North Carolina summers!  My skin feels smooth with it on, and I’ve noticed that it definitely gives a matte finish that lasts longer than other products I’ve used in the past.

While I love the benefits of my healthy skin that come from this product, though, I really miss the full coverage that comes from other foundations.  My skin broke out horribly just a couple of months ago and left some marks, and I also have uneven skin tone and a face full of freckles (especially when we’re out in the summer sun!), so I’m not very comfortable without a little more coverage than this CC cream provides.  That being said, I’ve tucked it away to try again in a couple of months when my freckles subside a little, and I have my fingers crossed that it will help correct some of my even skin tones and marks.

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**This review was sponsored by Studio Gear Cosmetics, but all opinions are strictly my own.


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