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Sneakin’ in Science {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.


By this point in summer, I’m assuming that many of you have had your kids out of school for a couple of weeks, meaning that you’ve stayed up late, slept in the next morning, lounged and played at the pool, and have had endless sleepovers with friends.  And, if you’re anything like me, you’re realizing that you can only take the laziness for a couple of weeks before you crave a little bit of structure and routine back in your schedule again.

My little boy is in preschool for a couple of mornings a week, and our afternoons can get really long while we’re stuck in the house for a couple of hours while my youngest naps each day.  These afternoon hours are the only time that my four-year-old can watch movies and play on the computer, but we can only take so much of that each day before we start to feel like time is being wasted.  And, if you’re like me, your Pinterest board titled “Kids Activities” has about 200 pins on it with lots of amazing ideas — but you realize at 2:30 p.m. when you can’t leave the house that you don’t have all materials needed for those fabulous art projects, experiments, sensory activities, etc.


If you’re in either one of these binds and are looking for something fun to sneak in some learning while having fun, Sneakin’ in Science is an excellent monthly subscription box that includes all materials needed for a great science experiment!  From my experience, science experiments seem to be the one-size-fits-all activity that can capture of the attention of kids of (almost) all ages.  We received these three activities in the mail:


April-Geodes/Mineral Dig Kit If you like collecting rocks and minerals then this month’s experiment is for you!  Not only will you get to search through soil to find samples of different minerals you’ll also get to crack open a geode to see the crystals inside.  You’ll get a mineral dig kit in which you will find samples of common minerals.  The mineral dig includes a guide to help you id the minerals you find as well as information about how they form and their properties.  You’ll also receive a geode that will need to be put into an old sock or bag to be split with a hammer (safety goggles and adult supervision are a must!).

**This was a good activity that my son did outside with my husband while I was teaching piano lessons, but I heard about it for the rest of the evening!  The most exciting part of this experiment for my four-year-old was trying to break open the geode with Dad, and they enjoyed using tools and magnifying glasses to see things inside.


May-Marshmallow Launcher Learn all about air and air pressure with this month’s experiment, a marshmallow launcher!  You will receive material to make a contraption that will launch marshmallows at least 8 feet.  You can put your materials together in the recommended way or experiment and design your own unique marshmallow launcher!  You also get stickers to decorate your creation along with some neat experiments you can try to learn more about air.

**Definitely the favorite of the three that we received!  We enjoyed following the directions to put together the marshmallow launcher itself, then we came up with some pretty fun games (try to get the marshmallow the furthest, closest to a certain point, to go over the couch, etc.).  Balloons are always a hit at my house, so we had some more fun using those to see how air and wind worked.


June-Sensitive Plant Plants can’t move on their own right?  This one can!  This plant moves on its own when you touch it.  Leave it alone and it goes back to the way it was.  You’ll receive about 5 seeds along with directions on how to plant them.  You are guaranteed to grow at least one plant or I will send you more seeds.  Learn how this amazing plant works!  If you like different kinds of plants you love learning about what it is like to be a botanist!

**Our seeds are planted and we can see growth, but we haven’t gotten to the stage where we see the plants close up — we’re (impatiently!) waiting!  Our neighbors are growing a garden in their backyard, though, so both of the boys enjoyed this experiment so that they could plant something and take care of it the same way they’ve seen our neighbors work with their plants.


There is a Sneakin’ in Science subscription plan to fit every budget:

One Year Plan: Includes a new experiment each month for a year.  One time payment of $120.00

6 Month Plan: A new experiment each month for 6 months.  One time payment of $62.00

3 Month Plan: A new experiment each month for 3 months. One time payment of $34.00

Monthly Plan:  One month.  This option does not renew itself.  If you would like to receive additional months you will have to choose this option again.  $12.00 monthly.

All prices include shipping and taxes. No hidden costs.

Head on over to Sneakin’ in Science and take a look at some great science experiment idea on their blog, their pictures of fun science in action on Facebook, and their subscription options along with birthday party offers at their website!

Website / Blog / Facebook

**I was provided review materials from Sneakin’ in Science, but all opinions are strictly my own.

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