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Shh-oes {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.
The last time I sat and enjoyed all 3 hours of church without getting up in the middle was the day before my son was born.  Since then, church has been an endless take-the-baby-out fest of feedings, temper tantrums, and diaper changes.  I take the kids out so as not to disturb the quiet calm in the chapel, yet I find myself sometimes contributing more noise than the baby, and with my shoes of all things!  Click, click, click, click.  I try to walk as softly as I can, but sometimes nothing will help save taking them off and walking barefoot.
I love the sound of heels on pavement, but there are certain occasions where a quiet shoe is needed.  Now could there be a more perfect name for a brand of quiet shoes than “Ssh-oes“?  How great, right?  Well, they stand up to their name, let me tell ya.  I was more excited than Christmas morning when a box of two pairs of Ssh-oes arrived.
I didn’t know what shoes I’d be sent, and my first thought when I saw they were ankle strap shoes was, “Oh no!  I hope they are tight enough!” Having skinny ankles makes it hard to find straps with enough holes and a secure fit, so I usually avoid them, but these are totally great!  The fit was snug and exactly right on the first hole.  These are the Stacy shoes in black, sold for $89.00.  PS–I’m a true size 6.5, and these in size 7 were a PERFECT fit, so order a half size up.IMG_4486I think ordering shoes online without trying them on is VERY scary, but this brand must have been tested tried and true because they are instantly comfortable and well-fitting.  I didn’t need a day or two to break these black heels in, and three hours at church while roaming the halls with a baby and a bag was nothin.  These heels are so slick!  I think they look very ‘designer’, and are so lightweight.  They are made with blister-free lycra and leather lining, and I was SO IMPRESSED with the two extra heel stops included in the box.  What an unexpected surprise that will hopefully avoid a trip to the tailor’s when I wear these out after months of use!
Next up are the Rita shoes, sold for $69.00.  See, I really was JUST thinking about how I needed to find some cute summer wedges, and almost hit “purchase” on a Payless order.  So glad I didn’t.  These are exactly what I had in mind for some fun outfits.
Now let’s get back to the “comfortable” feature.  I have several really gorgeous pairs of shoes that I don’t wear for more than a 5-min photoshoot because they hurt like a bear.  I could wear either of these pairs all day.  They are truly designed well, and extremely lightweight.
I am happy to report that these are every bit as quiet and comfortable as they claim to be.  Everywhere we walked, I kept pointing out to my husband how loud his shoes were and how utterly silent mine were.  On the way out the door, I kept tip-toeing on our hardwood floor so as not to bother our downstairs neighbors, then remembered I could put my heels down if I wanted to because they don’t make a sound.
Ssh-oes Spring collection is full of some fun colors and styles!  I would wear any of these and love them.  Cute, huh!  Go check them out!

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*This posting was sponsored by Ssh-oes, but all opinions are strictly my own
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    courtney b says:

    those striped shoes are so cute! 🙂 very original

  2. I’ve never heard of a shoe that is silent! Brilliant!

  3. Sarah A says:

    Love those striped shoes!

  4. I am loving these shoes. I like the 2 pairs in the pictures above very cute. I also like the fact that they fit well and are comfortable. Comfort is an important factor (besides look) in buying shoes. Thank you for sharing this amazing review.

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