Jungle Boogie

It was beyond beautiful outside yesterday.  Audi was in lectures all day and got out of work early at 3pm.  (Every so often he gets to spend all day in lectures on medical topics like:  Hearing loss, throat cancer, etc.  Exciting, right?)  So the kids and I picked him up from work and we headed to the St. Louis Zoo.  How better to spend a glorious early evening outside?


Here in St. Louis we have one of the top zoos in the nation.  And…  It’s free!  That’s right there is absolutely no entrance fee to our zoo and that’s not just for residents.  If you come to St. Louis on vacation then you too can experience our zoo for free!  (Along with our free art museum and free science center.)  Thanks to the generous donations of so many wonderful, giving St. Louisans.

Every summer the zoo has bands perform in the evenings.  It’s always packed.  We of course picked to go to the zoo on band evening.  😉


995415_10151478844235894_1370383550_n  The kids loved it!

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  1. Nicole Q. says

    Free zoo?! That sounds so cool! I wish they’d do something like that where I live! It costs almost $40 to get 3 of us in at ours!

    • We are very fortunate here in St. Louis to have so many free and family friendly activities. Let’s just say that St. Louis actually has a lot of “old money”, so all the donations make it possible. 😉

  2. Amanda F says

    that zoo is the best!

  3. Great idea of what I can do the next time I am in St. Louis.

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