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Cryoow! {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

I, sadly, am not a very sentimental person.  I don’t keep the ticket stubs from each play or movie that my husband and I have attended, I am horrible about taking pictures and even worse about printing them to hang on our walls, and I just realized the other day that I have somehow misplaced my oldest son’s ultrasound picture.  (It’s somewhere safe; I’m sure of it!)

So, you can imagine how I feel about all of the artwork that comes home with my son from preschool three times a week.  I have kept some of my favorites and have taken pictures of almost all of them in an attempt to make one of those incredibly cute photo books that features all of your child’s artwork, but there’s no way I’m planning to hang on to every single piece that comes through our door.

CryOOw! Logo R

Cryoow! is one of the best ways I’ve seen to turn your child’s artwork into something tangible that can be loved forever!  Cryoow! creates a doll from artwork, and you can submit drawings of everything from people to animals to mythical creatures.  Each doll is hand-crafted, hand-stitched, and a guaranteed high quality creation for your child.  The detail put into each doll is almost identical to the drawing.  Here are some great examples:



CPdu 018


Cryoow! is based out of Bali, and the company uses a way to create jobs for parents to work out of their homes and still make a good wage to support their families.  Their website explains, “Our workshop is NOT one of these ‘sweat and tears factories’ like you might know from Indonesia, China, or other Asian countries.  Our tailors are all well-trained and work either in our own home or at their private houses.  [The] children can stay and play with their parents while they work.  We do not pay them the lowest possible salary but make [sure] they can support their family rightfully and live a dignified life.”

We were given the opportunity to review a Cryoow! doll, and my son created this work of art (complete with a pig nose that he was incredibly proud of!) and had it made into a Cryoow! doll:


The detail was astounding!  You can see the different toes that he drew on the bottom, and the hands each contain fingers that look just like the ones he created in his drawing.  One leg is longer than the other, and the smile is a little lopsided — just the way he wanted!  The process was fun to do together, the customer service was incredible, and the outcome is top-notch.

Dandy readers will have the chance to win one of THREE Cryoow! dolls created from your own artwork– enter below to win!

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** This giveaway is open to U.S. entries only.

** The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the morning of May 24th and will be emailed within 24 hours.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.

** This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Cryoow!, but all opinions are strictly my own.


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  1. my son just recently drew me a very i9nteresting monster/human with crazy buzz saw arms that I took to work and hung in my cube because it’s just so cool! I would surprise him with that one!

  2. Whitney Keith says:

    This is such a cute idea! LOVE IT!

  3. Whitney Keith says:

    I would turn my 5 year old daughters artwork into a CRYOOW!

  4. Kathy L. says:

    My Grandson’s! He loves to draw. He waited for a year in the hospital for a heart transplant and he got very good at it!

  5. My Daughter is 1. I think making something like this as she learns to draw would be priceless.

  6. I’m not sure which piece, but I have a giant box of my daughter’s artwork that I just dug out earlier today. She tried to draw her little brother last year, so maybe that one!

  7. This really is the cutest idea! A great way to save memories. I’d let my son create something from his crayon drawings.

  8. brandi dawn says:

    I would use my daughters art!

  9. Michele P says:

    my daughters work!

  10. My oldest son’s art

  11. My daughter’s art. She’s constantly drawing. I love it!

  12. I think I would have to do my middle kiddo. He had the most unique drawings.

  13. This would make such a unique gift!

  14. I would totally use my son Brady’s artwork!

  15. Carmen Van Deursen says:

    My son just drew a self portrait at his preschool and I it turn out so good.

  16. Tahina Quezada says:

    My little brother he is very creative or ill do one for him not sure, but I love it!

  17. Tahina Quezada says:

    My little brother would love to do this great doll. Love it!


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