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Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Isn’t it crazy how family pictures are almost completely leaving the studio?  I remember heading to Olan Mills as a little girl, probably twice a year, to get our family pictures done.  We so rarely took professional pictures at an outdoor photographic setting, and never had someone outside of a studio to take our own.  Within one generation, things have totally changed (at least in my household), and I doubt we will ever go to a studio for a family photoshoot.  I’m all about finding the next best locale and bringing a friend along with our DSLR to create the one-of-a-kind shoot I dreamed up.

modstraps_logoI take my nice camera everywhere!  I use it nearly every day to document every cute baby stage, our family’s adventures, and of course, these product reviews :)  It seems like everyone these days has a DSLR, but not everyone has one of these classic camera straps from mod.!  I’ve wanted one of these for the longest time!  Something that makes my camera uniquely mine, with a colorful personal flair.  Goodbye boring Canon universal strap, and hello personality!  I couldn’t resist the black and white and canary yellow (my wedding colors).  My husband likes that it isn’t too girly, so he wouldn’t mind being seen with it on.


This strap embodies some beautiful features.  The decorative part of the strap measures 33” long, but the total length of the strap can be adjusted to 42” -48”.  I chose a Classic Strap (sold for $35.95), which is the same style and durability as the Basic strap, but is lined with the most luxurious black fuzzy fabric.  It really is soft as butter and quite comfortable.  mod. also carries Premium Straps, with all the listed features in addition to a “quick release” feature, which allows you to quickly disconnect your strap.


Taking this to the soccer fields is going to make me the trendiest mom on the team.


If I’m dangling something that costs over $500 around my neck, I want to be able to trust in the strength of the straps holding it.  Good thing these are tested to withstand up to 90 lbs. of pull down weight.  After spending a few minutes getting my camera dressed in its new strap, I feel completely confident in this strap taking care of my camera.  The materials are visibly thicker and stronger than my black Canon strap, and based on the effort it took to get the intricate parts through the right pieces, I can’t imagine anything showing wear within my lifetime.

And there are so many matching accessories available!  Drop in bags, accessory bags for extra lenses and such, neck pads, strap wraps, tech sleeves, and photo cases…


Another thing I find extremely useful are these cap savers.  I’ve spent too many minutes of my life searching for cap lenses I’ve set down and forgotten about.  Checking pockets, retracing steps, searching bags, etc.  The dazzling gem keeps the cap connected to your camera, so after you take it off, it stays tethered and accessible.  Genius.


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If you don’t have a DSLR camera, this giveaway is still for you!  Check out mod.’s laptop cases, e-reader sleeves, phone cases, and more!

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  1. Aimee Shockcor says:

    I like the brown and teal circle basic strap

  2. Cap Savers – Pink Rhinestone. I seriously need this!

  3. I love the Happy Floral Camera Strap!


  4. I love the straps- the damask ones are gorge. 🙂

  5. Raelyn Anderson says:

    I love the tablet sleeves

  6. I just got a new camera for my birthday…my first camera with a strap!!! I would pick the red damask strap!

  7. Charisse says:

    I love the drop in pouches – fav is black and turquoise damask

  8. Samantha C. says:

    I like the Basic Camera Strap – Yellow Damask.

  9. Keara B. says:

    I really like the Earthy Zig Classic Camera Strap. But I’d be happy with any of them!

  10. I think the lens cap savers are pretty cool. I am always worried about losing my lens caps.

  11. like the classic straps .. thanks for the chance

  12. Nicole H. says:

    Hounds tooth classic!

  13. Claire says:

    The copper stud cap saver! i need that in my life!

  14. i love the blue strap wrap …the colors are all amazing

  15. Love the e-reader cases

  16. Premium Strap – Black Polka

  17. Anne N. says:

    Premium Strap – Gray and Mustard

  18. Brandi says:

    Im loving the bubble dot laptop bag! ♥

  19. Basic Camera Strap – Bubble Dot

  20. Cheerful Zig Strap =)

  21. Caroline B says:

    I really love the Premium Strap – Cheerful Zig.

  22. samantha s says:

    love the laptop cases!

  23. I keep losing my lens caps!! I desperately need the Cap Savers – Clear Rhinestone !

  24. Nancy B says:

    I LOVE the Clear Rhinestone Cap Saver and the Black Polka Premium Strap


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