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Disclosure: This site contains sponsored posts, affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale) and is part of the Amazon affiliate program, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Pro Extensions {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.
I will be the first to admit that I love to play around with hairpieces, extensions, faux bangs, etc!  How else have I been able to have a different hair-length in almost every picture on this site!?  I blame it on wearing matching hairpieces with my showchoir team for competitions since junior high.  I have a lot of fun changing up my hairstyle and length without doing anything terribly drastic or permanent.  So do celebrities!  You’ve probably noticed their hair going from short to long and back, or how it looks almost-too-good-to-be-true fabulous?  Chances are, they have some extensions going on, and lucky you, that look is totally obtainable!
Pro Extensions has some beauuuuutiful extension sets, and their prices are incredibly affordable.  This set that I reviewed is only $49.99!  Lately, I’ve wanted to keep the short look, but add maybe a couple of inches and really boost the volume, so I chose the 10″ Clip In Volumizer in Light Brown.  These shorter strands are designed the same way as their standard sets, but are specialized in creating more volume, and they can be used in addition to regular length extensions to create more layers.  Looking at these pictures, you’d never guess my hair is only chin-length.  Now I can create beautiful up-dos!
IMG_2960 copy
In heaven, when we were all choosing what line to stand in and get our talents and great features for Earth, I did not stand in the “good hair” line.  My hair is actually very thin and fine and has a rough time recouping after every pregnancy.  You’d never guess, though, if you saw me with these rockin’ extensions.  These are made with 100% human hair, which has SO many advantages over synthetic.  First of all, they don’t have that fake shine that wigs often embody, and these can be heat styled.  This is exactly what you want to have in order to style it the same as your real hair.  Curl it, blow dry it, straighten it, just as you would your own hair.  You can even use hair products on them, and only need to wash them after each use with a strengthening shampoo and a salon strength conditioner.  Pro Extensions sends to stands two use as testers just for this purpose.
f613-wave21 f14in-22s1 f4-10in22 f1b-24in22
Secondly, these are clip-in, which makes them FAST and easy to put in and remove.  I once performed in a show with a friend who had bonded hair extensions sewn in, and though she looked great, they were extremely painful for her!  She could only bear it for a few days before she went back to the salon and had them removed.  Since then, I’ve been fearful of anything this isn’t clip in!  The extensions from Pro Extensions come on polymer coated clips, which are actually very comfortable and they don’t pull out strands of your hair when they are placed or removed.  Once my extensions were in, I completely forget they were there and left them in all day without thinking about them.  It was probably 12 hrs before I took them out, and I didn’t feel any pulling or tightness on my scalp.
IMG_2969 copy

Each set includes:

  • (1) 8 inch wide weft with 3 clips
  • (1) 7 inch wide weft with 3 clips each
  • (2) 6 inch wide wefts with 3 clips each
  • (6) 1 and 1/2 inch wide wefts with 1 clip each
  • (2) 1 and 1/2 inch wide wefts (no clips) for testing/coloring
These clips are seamlessly integrated with your own hair so that not even you can tell the difference.  They curled beautifully with my straight iron, and kept their curl all day.  I just used a spritz of heat-protecting spray and a touch of hair gel, since hair products are totally ok to use.  Placing these in took maybe 10 minutes, and I can leave them in as long as I like.  Do you love the change as much as I do?
I LOVE these hair extensions!  They do not feel heavy or pulling in any way, and they feel so secure that I don’t worry about them falling out, or even the baby pulling them out.  I think they are integrated beautifully, and they create a most beautiful thick, full, and healthy appearance.  What a difference!
I’m going to give you my own Dandy recommendation to have fun experimenting with some extensions of your own!  Wouldn’t you love some added volume or length to finally be able to create beautiful updos, fishtail braids, or cascading curls?  With Pro Extensions’ FREE overnight shipping, you could probably start styling your new head of hair tomorrow. You can use the discount code “Dandy” to get 5% off your purchases!
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*This posting was sponsored by Pro Extensions, but all opinions are strictly my own
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