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Modest Pop {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

So I’m a youth adviser for the young women in my ward at church, and as leaders, we’re always trying to encourage dressing modestly, first and foremost by what we ourselves are wearing.  Even though I’ve been trying to dress modestly my entire life, I am even more aware of what I’m wearing as I am trying to be a good example to my girls.

Often, we hold youth dances, where modesty standards are strictly enforced.  Get this: if anyone shows up to the dance wearing clothes at are sleeveless, skirts that are too short, or anything too tight or revealing, they are told to change and if they didn’t bring a better change of clothes, we have pioneer clothes for them to wear!  Haha, the epitome of modesty, but not exactly the epitome of style.logo

I’ll tell you about a shop that has both modesty and style: Modest Pop.  I have already addressed my frustration about shopping for modest clothes.  Shopping online for something that I can wear without having to add a sweater, leggings, or a shirt underneath is not my favorite pastime.  These clothes are cute, cute, cute, and totally modest, which doesn’t have to mean frumpy.  Or pioneer.

pink_stripe_1024x1024 scarlet_1024x1024 button_cowl_1024x1024

What is really terrific is this selection of cute LDS Sister Missionary clothes!  It is beyond exciting how many women are putting in their papers wanting to serve a full-time mission for our Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!  I like to think that had I been 19 and still single, I would have jumped at the chance as well!  These thousands of women are looking and shopping for conservative and still stylish clothes, so if you know of a soon-to-be-Sister, or you yourself are about to embark on your own LDS mission, consider checking out ModestPop’s selection.  Plus, MISSIONARIES GET 20% OFF!!!  I myself would be all over these maxi skirts and that ruffle jacket.

burgundy_stripe_1024x1024 floral_maxi_1024x1024 ruffle_jacket_1024x1024

With all the cute clothes to choose from, and the quickly changing inventory, I was so excited to receive a pink vintage stripe sweater from Modest Pop!  It is extremely soft and stretchy, and it has become the first thing I grab when I’m cold, which is always.  It is a perfect casual sweater, and yet it can be dressed up.  This is what I wore to church last Sunday.

IMG_2702 copy



Too bad this sweater is sold out (I think I got the last one?) but have no fear, Modest Pop still carries it in black and white!


One winner will receive $15 to spend at Modest Pop, and you know, that’s great, because $15 could buy you almost anything in the store :)  The prices are that great.

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*This giveaway is open to US entries only
*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of March 22nd and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
*This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Modest Pop, but all opinions are strictly my own

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    Crissa Robertson says:

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    Thanks for introducing me to this store! I love their clothes and their prices are fantastic!!

    PS. If I was 19 I would jump at the chance to go on a LDS mission too. I should have gone when I was 21 but I thought my missionary was too cute and would have been snatched up before I got home. Looking back I should have just gone.

  2. Melody G. says:

    what a great giveaway! Love their clothes!

  3. I’ve been haunting ModestPop for a while now since my older sister showed me, but I’m pretty stingy so I haven’t bought anything yet. I plan to soon, whether or not I happen to win this gift card! 😀

  4. I love the way you wore that cardigan…I have a few cardigans like that that I never wear because I’m just not sure how. They make me feel frumpy, but it’s probably all in my head. Anyway, I love what you did with it! I wish I could just buy your outfits instead of having to come up with my own…ok, that sounded a little more “creepy stalker” than I intended… Thanks for hosting the giveaway…

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    Everything in their shop looked great!

  6. Haha, thanks Della! Not creepy stalker at all! I have a friends whose outfits I copy almost 100%. Its hard to be fashionably creative! But definitely try this cardigan; its so comfy, and I’m pretty sure its only $14 right now…

  7. domestic diva says:

    Thanks for the chance.

  8. Emilee k. says:

    Cute clothes! Great prices!

  9. LOVE the sweater. I do think that the Jade Knot Maxi Dress looks a little bit scandalous, though. Maybe I’m not seeing it right, but I wouldn’t let my daughter out of the house in that dress!

  10. I think the Jade Knot Maxi is meant to be layered with a cami 🙂 I love that it is a formal dress with sleeves!

  11. Love this giveaway and the vintage stripe sweater really looks good on you – very stylish with that boots that you wear too 🙂 Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  12. Wendy Mastin says:

    I like the Ruffled Stripe Maxi Dress

  13. Ive always dressed modestly…..I was taught you don’t have to show off your body to look good so I liked seeing this company who focuses on modest styles. The red top is beautiful. I love it. They have some pretty things and I am a very firm believer that all little girls need to be taught to dress modestly. It sad and very disturbing to see young teenage girls dressing like they work in adult businesses. It bothers me even more that companies make clothes like this for children and teenagers. Thank you for the modest pop review….I will be sharing the company info with various family and friends.

  14. Love cute modest clothes!

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