Getting Healthy Week 3: ONE pound!

I never thought in all my life that I would be so excited over one pound.  It was a tough week and took a lot to get there.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  The week started off fabulously.  I stayed right on track, worked out, and ate super healthy  snacks.  This is by far my favorite:


I could eat apples and peanut butter all day long and be quite content.  Soooo yummy!

Most of the week I was feeling pretty amazing.  In fact by Friday I was down FIVE pounds.  That’s right, FIVE pounds!  It might have been a lot of water weight (okay it was water weight), but it was FIVE pounds!!!

Then Friday evening came with dinner *insert horror film music* at this place:



I had never before been to that restaurant (probably a good thing since I obviously can’t control myself when it comes to pasta) and it is dangerous…Let.  Me.  Tell.  You.

I entered thinking I would be totally good and just eat part of my eggplant parmesan.  Then they sabotaged me with bread and appetizers.  I was hooked.  That portion control of my meal?  Did.  Not.  Happen.  Plus, they are tricky tricksters.  When you order one of their classic dishes (i.e. my eggplant parmesan) they let you pick an extra classic pasta to take home with you!  How can anyone refuse free food?  Why is that tricky?  Well, here’s my logic:  You go home with that “free” meal.  You eat that “free” meal the next day, because it tastes so amazing and the guilt of it going bad is too much.  You gain weight from the 2 days of calorie rich pasta in a row.  You then feel bad from your mistake, but are now addicted to that particular restaurant.  You feed the addiction the next week by returning to said restaurant.  You get sent home with the “free” classic pasta.  And the vicious cycle goes on and on and on.

Well, this week I’m breaking free from the cycle.  I will not be returning to the above restaurant any time soon.  At least until I’m able to control myself.  😉   This week I’m going to work really hard at eating healthy (the entire week) and working out.  Plus, I’m looking forward to starting on this new fitness plan.  Stay tuned…

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  1. Apple and peanut butter is such a great healthy snack … but what is you have a crave for salty? This is my biggest challenge .. I LOVE salty stuff, and it makes me gravitating toward chips .. yikes!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I downloaded the app “Lose it!” to my smartphone and it has helped me tremendously! I figure if I am burning and consuming a certain amount of calories every day, or averaging over a week, then scientifically it has to work, right? So far it is. I lost 2 pounds the first week and 2 pounds the second week. I’m happy to be down 1/3 of what I want to lose.

    I’m not religious about working out though I do pilates for 20 min. 3x a week and the treadmill for 30 min. 3x a week. I just kinda get them both done whenever I can. The bigger accomplishment has been eating less. Going on week 3 I’ve found that I don’t need to eat as much to stay full; however, psychologically I WANT to eat more. For some reason I seem to equate food=happiness/comfort.

    I hope to keep it up for another couple weeks but I’ve got friends coming in town this week and we plan to eat out A LOT. Will I be able to abstain from horrendous amounts of food? I don’t know.

    Also, when the goal is reached…will I be able to keep it off?

    I highly recommend getting an app for your phone, it really helps me keep track of my caloric needs.

  3. I keep forgetting about eating PB with apples, had that when I lived at home with Mom and Dad many years ago! I definitely need to get on a serious diet!

  4. I have the WW app and it’s great for tracking. I’m looking forward to starting on Nichole Huntsman’s program: 6 pack in 6 weeks! I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  5. You are kicking my tail Megan!

  6. Laurie Emerson says

    I forgot all about PB on apples too! I am trying to lose weight but have a sweet tooth so will go back to these.

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