It used to be pink…

I acquired this bench from one of the guest rooms at my Nana’s lake home:


Yep.  That’s a pink cushion.

And you all know how I feel about pink…

Here’s how the acquisition came to be:

We went down to the house on Lake of the Ozarks back in November to do the leaves.


(Me my baby brother with our mad leaf blowing skills)

I decided to bring the bench home.  We put it in our entryway and there it sat.  Pink and all.  A holiday party (in my home) came and went.  Christmas came and went.  New Year’s came and went.  All the while the bench maintained its glorious pink hue.  Obviously I wasn’t in that big of a hurry to get rid of the pink.  That or I’m just lazy.  We’ll go with not in that big of a hurry, okay?  Well, today the bench changed its clothes!  My parents came to spend the holiday weekend with us and my mom recovered ‘ole pinky with some really dandy fabric that I actually found today.

480385_10151258118510894_1535183106_n Yep.  I love it.

Isn’t my mom the best?  Yep.  I love her!

Total cost:  $11.19

Oh and the new fabric even has a bit of pink in it *wink*


Have a dandy week!

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  1. oh i love the redo- that color is unique and pretty!

  2. cute!

  3. beautiful job! love the fabric

  4. Bonnie Mousley says

    I love the fabric!! It looks great! Now I need to do my redo project!

  5. Mary Gallardo says

    I love how the smallest thing can really transform something you hate into something you love! It looks amazing!

  6. What a fun bright color….I can’t believe it was originally done in pink….who would want a pink bench? An you tell, I don’t exactly like pink either. Lol. I have never liked pink and it was my little sisters favorite….and even now my teenage step daughter loves pink….. Your color choice, much better….

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