It’s okay, Santa. I totally got this!

Clearly I was never a 4 year-old little boy, but who would have seriously thunk that this guy: Would cost $40?!  Real shocker, I know.
It all started with the visit with the man in red… Banjo couldn’t take his eyes off the jolly one and Ruby was just wondering what was going on.

Then the magical question was uttered. Whoever came up with the bright idea to have mall Santa ask the kiddos what they want him to bring for Christmas?  It definitely must have been someone with the last name of Hasbro or Mattel.  I mean it really puts us parents on the spot.  The kids aren’t just writing it down on paper to send up North.  It’s their moment to actually tell the big guy in person!  How did Banjo respond to that magical question?  With one item.  One very specific item. He wanted that yellow thing up above.  The yellow thing that we (ahem Santa) had no idea he wanted.  I thought we were done with our shopping.  Finished.  Complete.  But thanks to that jolly ‘ole elf I had to do some scrambling to avoid a total Santa fail.  Fortunately I was able to purchase that yellow thing online last night for over half off.  Otherwise we (the parents), not you Santa, would have been explaining to Banjo on Christmas morning how the elves must have ran out of parts to make Bumblebee. Oh and alright, Mr. Claus if that’s how you want to play then expect a visit from me at the mall before the 25th.  I’ll have a sit and tell you that all I want for Christmas is an iPad Mini.  Then if I don’t find it under the tree you will definitely have some explaining to do.

In all actuality I think we should start a revolution to

revise the script that mall Santa uses with our kids.  

Who’s with me???  😉

For now it’s Me: 1, Santa: 0

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  1. Angie Moeller says

    Oh gosh the kids are SO Cute and getting so big 🙂 Adorable!


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