5 years ago today…

He was my inspiration for starting this blog.  He loved dandelions, boating, golf, purple martins, penguins, umbrellas, flash lights, “It’s a Small World” at Disney World, collecting owl figurines, bicycling, camping, and so much more.  Most importantly he loved his family and his faith.

Some of my most cherished memories were those of my teenage years.  Those summers I spent bicycling with him to Dairy Queen and fishing off the bridge over the reservoir.  Back then I often wondered why he would want to spend his summer days hanging out with my brother and I when instead he could have been out on the 9th green.  Today I know why.  He cared enough that he wanted to know us.  He cared enough that he wanted us to stay out of trouble.  He cared more than enough.

Today that amazing man has been gone 5 years.  I always thought that time would heal old wounds.  That is not so.  5 years ago my life changed forever.  That can never be completely healed over when the memories seem so fresh.  I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.  A constant reminder that I can have that part of my life again one day.

If I could have but just one wish it would be to see him taking my own children on a bike ride or fishing.  But I know that I will see him again and that I will see just that.  That reality and faith does help to keep the wound from stinging.  Thank you for being such a constant part of my life, Boompa.  You aren’t just a war hero.  You are my hero.  I miss you forever.

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