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KneeBouncers.com — One Week Free Trial Link! {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

So, picture this:  Toddler is quietly playing in his room with books and puzzles.  Mom figures she could hop on the computer for a couple of minutes.  You know, to check e-mail, pay bills online, then (maybe) take a peek at Facebook and Pinterest.  Mom tiptoes into the kitchen and grabs the computer.  Toddler is playing.  She silently pulls out the laptop and sets it on the table.  Toddler is still playing.  Mom opens up the laptop, crosses her fingers, then double clicks.  Toddler comes racing down the hall, into the kitchen, and is begging to be pulled up onto Mom’s lap, thanks to Toddler’s superhero power of hearing!

Yes, Mom is me.  Toddler in the story is my little boy.  But, be honest, Mom and Toddler could live in your house, too.  🙂

I loved the idea of my son playing on the computer and wanted him to be exposed to using the computer at a young age, but I couldn’t find any activities online that would be appropriate for him to use.  There were lots of games that required a mouse (which we didn’t have on our laptop), and many others that were for preschool-age, but nothing that would work for my 1-year-old.

Enter KneeBouncers.com!

KneeBouncers.com promotes play with purpose and believes that through play, little ones can creatively explore and discover their world and develop a life long love of learning.  Their mission is to engage, encourage, entertain and educate in a safe online environment.  I was so excited to find KneeBouncers.com that I immediately signed up for a free trial.

My toddler could hit any key on the keyboard, and the game would play perfectly.  The colors caught his attention, and the characters became familiar because he saw them on multiple games.  He learned his colors, shapes, numbers, and letters within weeks and was excited to find new games to play each week.

And, even better, no ads.

No pop-ups.

No links.

Perfect!  He couldn’t leave the website unless I typed in a given word, meaning that my little boy’s eyes would stay innocent and my credit card would remain untouched.

The membership on KneeBouncers.com was one of the best investments I made — my son loved to play on the computer, and KneeBouncers provided a perfect way for him to really play on the computer.  He loved it, and I loved it.  It was the perfect solution.

KneeBouncers.com has games appropriate for both ages (9 months to 5 years), and there are even coloring sheets to print and apps to download for Android and Apple.  We’ve loved how KneeBouncers.com continues to grow with our boys and add new content to keep it interesting for all of us.

Head on over to KneeBouncers.com and get your free trial today!

KneeBouncers.com – Interactive Learning Games for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers – One Week Free Trial!

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