Which stroller do I own?

Remember this posting from clear back in December?  It was part of the Holiday Gift Idea series here on the Dandy.  A double stroller had just arrived on my doorstep and I’ve held you all in suspense as to which model of stroller that might be.  Sorry it a few months later than I expected to post about it.  We have been just a tad bit busy around here since the end of December.  Who knew “Ruby” would be born so early!  That really changed life around here that’s for sure.  🙂  Well, who’s ready to find out which I received?








And the stroller is…

Drum roll please…

Stroller #2!

 The Brownie Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller

This stroller is seriously my favorite.  For starters I love the color.  Brown is the perfect gender neutral color!  What about “Banjo”?  What does he love about it.  That would be the seat that slides open and shut to expose the place for him to stand.  When he’s tired of standing he just has a seat.  It really is the most perfect stroller for the mommy of 2!  But what do I love most about the stroller???  It’s able to grow with “Ruby”.  One day she will be able to sit in the reclining seat, but for now it holds her carrier securely and keeps her safe.

  Keeping my baby girl safe is of course the most important thing!

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