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Ruby is a formula fed baby.  I’m not trying to make excuses for why, because I totally get that breastfeeding isn’t for everyone.  And frankly I feel that it’s a personal decision anyway.  But she didn’t want to latch on being that she was a month early and I couldn’t spend all day pumping with an almost 4 year old Banjo to take care of.  So we made the decision that was the best for our family, we are happy with that decision, and no one can fault us for that.  After all, it is a personal decision, right?  🙂   Well, let me just tell you one thing about formula feeding.  I have to carry so much in my diaper bag.  Bottles perfectly filled with the right amount of water.  Formula carefully measured out in individual compartments to use in each bottle.  That’s just for now.  Think in a few months when there are snacks for Ruby.  Well, Banjo needs snacks now, so I guess that’s already thrown into the mix of my diaper bag.  How does one ever have room in their diaper bag for mommy essentials and wallets???  Well, I now have the solution!  Innobaby recently sent me their Packin’ Smart Original.


It’s perfect for dispensing formula and snacks.  All in one stackable compartment.  Think multi compartments in one!  Love this product!

Innobaby is all about innovative products for us parents!  Let’s admit it…  we need just a tad bit of help sometimes.  😉   Our new formula dispenser from Innobaby is only slightly larger than a bottle.  Which leaves way more diaper bag room for the actual bottles!  Speaking of those bottles…

Check out this system that actually grows with your baby!

Innobaby actually helps you to consolidate the bottles too!  The bottoms can be use with the alternating tops to create bottles and sippys.

And I couldn’t resist sharing this cool dish with you:

Basically everything is dandy at Innobaby!  🙂


This posting was sponsored by Innobaby, but all opinions are strictly my own.


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