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“Ruby” is 2 months old and I’m FINALLY getting around to decorating the nursery.  Let’s just say that I take awhile to make decisions and get things done.  Okay…  I’m a major procrastinator!  It doesn’t help matters when “Ruby” came a month earlier than my due date.  Just think if I’m already a major procrastinator then an early birth really, really, really threw a wrench in my plans.  The nursery has a bird theme, because I think it’s just a darling theme!  Last week I spent hours and hours sewing curtains and bedding for her room.  And I still have a ways to go before finishing!  How about the wall decorations?  Well, obviously I’m the type of personality that needs help in that department or it will never be finished.  It also needs to be something that’s easy to do.  I mean this is me we are talking about.  🙂  Good thing for me there’s a place online that is all about Vinyl Wall Art.  That’s even the name of the shop, so it’s very easy for me to remember!  Recently Vinyl Wall Art sent me this vinyl growth cart that goes perfectly with the nursery theme:

Too cute, huh?

Since I have nursery decor on the brain let’s have a look at some of the other cute nursery decor ideas from Vinyl Wall Art, shall we?

There’s great animal vinyl wall art to match any theme:

                                                       Even animals in chalkboard!


How cute are these nesting dolls?

And this fire truck?

Totally cute!


Told you there was a lot of cuteness!  Ready to find out what’s being given away?  One very lucky winner is going to receive a fabulously dandy prize!  A $50 gift certificate to Vinyl Wall Art!

*This giveaway is open to entries worldwide.

*Winners are not notified through email, so you have to check back to find out if you won! The winner of this giveaway will be posted on Monday, March 12th. Be sure and check back then to see if you won, so you can claim your prize!

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This posting and giveaway was sponsored by Vinyl Wall Art, but all opinions are strictly my own.

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