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Baby gear is something that we have a lot of around here these days.  And it’s so very fun having a baby in the house again!  Sure there have been a few nights where we have gotten less than 6 hours of sleep, but for the most part little Ruby is a very good baby.  And Banjo simply adores her.  As do her parents!  🙂  Recently Mom 4 Life sent me these adorable BabyLegs in White Burst print:

Imagine my surprise when the very next week my sister-in-law sent a package with 3 more pairs of BabyLegs!  She has 2 little girls, so she knows all about the necessities.  I’m now a total fan of BabyLegs and wish that I had gotten some when Banjo was a wee babe.

BabyLegs make diaper changing a breeze…

While keeping baby’s legs warm!

And don’t get me started on style…

BabyLegs come in a variety of colors and sizes.  Perfect for bigger kids, too!

Also, perfect for keeping arms warm!

Mom 4 Life has so many BabyLegs to choose from, but is also your go to store for all baby gear.  Like…

Diaper Bags:


 And so much more!

Want to win your very own pair of unisex White Burst BabyLegs?

Then start entering, because that’s what is being given away by Mom 4 Life!

*** This giveaway is open to entries in the US and Canada***

There are 7 chances to win. Be sure and leave separate comments for each entry on this posting to enter. **If you qualify for all 7 chances then leave 7 separate comments**

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***Remember*** Winners are not notified through email, so you have to check back to find out if you won! This giveaway will be open for entries until Sunday, January 22nd at 5:00 pm CST.  Be sure and check back on Monday, January 23rd to see if you won, so you can claim your prize! ***Remember*** Winners are not notified through email, so you have to check back to find out if you won!

This posting and giveaway was sponsored by Mom 4 Life, but all opinions are strictly my own.


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