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It’s becoming more and more difficult to keep Banjo entertained during church.  After all… Banjo is 3 years old!  He doesn’t like to sit still or stay quiet, so of course the 1st hour on Sunday is difficult for us.  He goes to nursery (singing time, play time, lesson) for the 2nd and 3rd hours, so he’s someone else’s problem then.  :)   I’m only joking about him being a problem.  He really is a good kid.  Just a kid.  I often find myself looking around during that 1st hour of church and see that others are struggling with their children too.  So fortunately it’s not just Banjo making all the noise!  :)  One thing that I’ve found to be particularly effective is his “My Quiet Book.  We received this from My Growing Season quite awhile ago and it’s awesome!  He loves to take the items out of the pockets, etc. We’ve even found that children sitting in the pew in front of us like to turn around to see his cool book.  ;)   Recently My Growing Season sent us the “Let’s Count 123” quiet book and it’s another hit with Banjo!




                                           He really likes the above pages the best!

There are so many fun quiet books to choose from, but what else does My Growing Season carry you may ask?  Well, they also have the CUTEST charts:


holiday advent calendars:


I attempted to make a Christmas advent calendar last year and the materials are still in the closet upstairs in my craft room!  I’m thinking I need to order this one from My Growing Season!  🙂

There’s even a variety of soft toys like these adorable animal finger puppets:

Ready to find out what’s being given away this week from My Growing Season???  One very lucky winner is going to get to pick out their very own quiet book!  Yep it’s winner’s choice of which one!  

*** This giveaway is open to US entries only***

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  8. my favorite is the Advent Calendar, we do not have one yet!

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    I would love to win this for my home bound autistic student Paul. Thanks.

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    Kathy Davis = the All About Today Calendar Would love to have this for my home bound classroom.

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  22. We could use a good book for church too!

  23. I’m with you on the church thing! My kids are constantly trying to escape the pews. I do a little dance of joy when primary begins!

  24. I’d love the LDS quiet book. It sure beats my drawing motorcycles and dolls on the program.

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