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{DIY} Personal MicroDerm

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Do it yourself home microdermabrasion kit?  Yes please!

I’m looking a little bit different these days.  That picture of me in the About section was taken in the fall.  We haven’t gotten any family pictures taken since then, so I’ll just have to give you this sneak peek for the time being (sorry about the taken from my iPhone look):  

There’s the new me…minus 40 something pounds!

Guess that I should delete the part about my having a few extra pounds, since that’s no longer the case!  However, I am still a 30 something year old.  So, something that I still struggle with?  Those oh so gorgeous fine lines and discoloration on my face.  Okay they are wrinkles and age spots.  Why even try to make them sound more glamorous than they actually are?  Yes I have them.  It’s a given now that I’m turning 33 in a few months.  (Gasp!  I actually just confirmed with you all my actual age!)  Let’s face it.  Our skin just changes as we age.  All of those years of sun exposure and laughing.  Yep I’ve got the laugh lines!  Just shows how happy I am.  :)  

Well, now I have the solution to those problem areas.  A few weeks ago I received the Personal MicroDerm and it’s perfectly fabulous!  Seriously such a dandy product.  Think microdermabrasion without the time and extra cost.  Who really has the time to go for appointments at the dermatologist’s office?  Not me.  How about the $$$ to spend on those expensive treatments at the dermatologist’s office?  Again not me!  That’s what makes the Personal MicroDerm so dandy!  It’s a value that will last and last with use from your very own home.  What’s more is it actually works!  After the very first treatment I noticed a difference in the way my skin looked and felt.  The treated areas became smoother, more refined, and youthful looking.  My forehead actually looked less line-y!  

The Personal MicroDerm comes with discs for different skin types.  The discs have a grit aluminum oxided coating to them.  Then the device itself has a vacuum that pulls the skin to the disc that spins.  Working the microdermabrasion miracle!  It removes a very thin surface of your skin to get rid of dead skin, etc.  And starts you on the way to smoother less wrinkled skin!  Also included is a very informative DVD on how to use the product.  I need to note that it’s very important to follow the directions!  Patience is not one of my virtues, but it is an important one to have when using the Personal MicroDerm.  I elected to go over an area (brown age spots people) on my face repeatedly instead of waiting until the next week for the next treatment.  Not a good idea.  Okay… it was a horrible idea that I will never repeat again.  The Personal MicroDerm is intended to be used only once a week, because your skin needs time to recover between treatments.  So I gave myself a true abrasion and that definitely smarts.  Totally my fault. 

If you are in the same aging category as me with fine lines, etc. then the Personal MicroDerm is for you!  Give it a try, because it will save you time and money.  And that’s just dandy!  :) 

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  3. Great job. You look hot!

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