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DIY Hair Remedies from The Wright Hair!

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Hair Remedies from The Wright Hair blog!

I use hair tips all the time and don’t think twice about sharing so I have put together some easy hair remedies.

When it comes to hair and keeping it healthy it is better for our hair not to wash it every day.  For people such as myself who has incredibly greasy hair I have learned a few tricks to making my 2nd day hair look as good as just washing it.

Getting volume:
There are a couple of things to get volume.  

  • First you can do a back comb. (this loses its poof over time)
  • A 2nd option is using really big rollers and root volume spray.  Spray the roots and roll the large curlers leave in for about 5 minutes or until the spray dries.  
  • An old fashioned way is to Use aluminum foil. Start by rolling aluminum foil in the shape of a cigar. Then, take 1’’ sections of hair and wrap from ends to roots around the foil. Heat up the foil by using a flat iron for 5 to 10 seconds. Allow the hair to cool down before removing foils. The result is big curls.

Beach Hair: Mix a generous amount of table salt into a water bottle and spray into hair. Let set and scrunch dry hair with your hands for a beachy textured look.
Moisturized for Dry Hair:  If you have extremely dry damaged hair use olive oil put a small amount on your hair and leave on the hair for 20mins once a week for hydration.

No time for a shower or Hair is to Greasy:

  • Dry shampoo by Tresemme is the answer.  This product is awesome you spray it on leave in for a few minutes then brush your hair.   
  • If you don’t have dry shampoo then Use talcum powder put a small amount into your hands and applies at the roots. **NOTE** Be careful! The powder can be messy so do this before you put on your favorite outfit.
  • If you have time to shower but your bangs are always greasy as mine are.  I put on a shower cap and just wash my bangs.  

Accessorize it.   Use headbands, flowers, bows or anything else you like.  If you don’t have headbands they are easy to make.  Use old bra straps, just cut them off and secure them together.  Nylons or leggings also make good headbands.  I have also used the ties off of shirts.  My favorite headbands are using the foam rolls (they can be purchased at Justice or Claires.  Flowers can be purchased or made out of flowers from a craft store.  Accessorizing 2nd day hair is a good way to class up your style.

Can’t find a Bobbie Pin.   If you are out and need a bobbie pin and can’t find one try using a paper clip.

Static. When you wake up or put on a shirt that has lots of static it never fails that the static will end up on your or her hair. Take single fabric dryer sheet and rub it over your dry hair.  

Strong Hard Setting Gel:  If you need a really strong hold use an old trick of sugar and water mixed, **NOTE** heavy on the sugar. It is easier to apply with a small toothed comb.

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