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Alrighty so I’m an avid reader.  In fact I belong to a really fun book group!  If you don’t already belong to this type of group then I highly suggest you to seek it out.  It’s seriously fun times I tell you!  Well, since I love to read then it’s no surprise that I’m waaaayyyy impressed by the deal that Swag Bucks is offering from their website:  

Only $10 for $20 to spend at Barnes & Noble!

See?  Didn’t I tell  you that it was a steal of a deal?  It’s a deal through my all time favorite for saving $$$, Groupon.  But to get the deal you have to click through Swag Bucks only.  Otherwise if you go directly to the Groupon site it won’t come up.  Yep it’s something exclusive for the Swag Bucks peeps.  Plus, you will get some extra Swag Bucks for purchasing the deal!  So if you don’t already use Swag Bucks then you’re gonna wanna start now so you can cash in on this dandy deal!  Just go to Swag Bucks and you will see the deal for Barnes & Noble on their main page after you have registered.  Have a way dandy rest of your week!

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