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{Guest Posting} Crustless Bread – Who’d have thought?

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.
Again let’s give a dandy welcome to Kendra from The Things I Love blog.  Thank you Kendra for another great guest post and recipe!
Out of all the Yummy bread recipes I tried I finally found one I am going to stick with for a while. I kind of put together the best part of each recipe and made up my own. I do use these extra products, but just so you know they are cheap. I got the dough enhancer, gluten and tofu drink mix all for under $10 and they will last me a year. This recipe makes 4-5 loaves which last us about a week. I slice the bread once cooled and put it in freezer bags and leave one out and freeze the rest! Hope you enjoy!
Kendra’s Bread Recipe
100% Whole Wheat Bread
6 cups warm water
2/3 cup oil (canola)
3/4 cups honey (I added the extra honey to give it a sweeter taste)
2 T dough enhancer
2 T Vital Wheat Gluten
2 T Tofu Drink Mix (Adds a bit of protein, and also makes the bread have more of a creamy texture)
2 T SAF Yeast (seriously THE best kind)
2 T lemon Juice (helps with elasticity and holding the bread together)
2 T salt
10-15 Cups Freshly milled Whole Wheat Flour
Pour warm water into the Bosch. Then add oil, honey, enhancer, gluten, Tofu drink mix and yeast. Mix together then add Salt and Add 6 cups of fresh milled wheat flour on top of liquid. Mix well. Turn the machine to speed 1 and continue to add wheat flour only until the dough begins to pull away from the sides of the bowl (do not add to much flour)
Turn oven on 175 and once preheated turn it off.
Set timer and let dough knead for 10 mins. After 10 mins, oil or grease cutting board and hands. Remove dough form bowl onto counter and divide into equal portions. (makes four 2 lb loaves) Put the dough into well greased pans immediately. Let the loaves rise until they are double in size in the oven (this will take about 30 -45 mins) Then turn on oven to 350.
Bake for 40 -45 mins until golden brown. Remove from pans when done, and cool on wire rack. Rub tops of hot bread with butter for shiny appearance.
Now on to the title of my post….Crustless bread? Who’d have thought?
Well I guess our grandmas did!!! I was talking with my aunt and cousin the other day and they were eating this funny, but yummy looking whole wheat bread that was round and had no crust. I was going to laugh and make fun of my 21 year old cousin that cut the crust off her bread when my aunt started to tell me that she makes her bread that way. She told me she learned about it from a neighbor.
My next door neighbor after I made this and took some over to her, also told me that she had heard about her grandma doing this when her mom was little, but didn’t understand how to do it! So it has been around, I just haven’t heard about it until now!

So here is how. You need to buy a big can of tomato juice, V8 or Pineapple Juice. Empty it {by using it…waste not want not!} and then wash it out. Now you have a new bread pan!! Cool huh?

Make your bread dough, you use a little less than a normal loaf in these pans. Spray the pan really well and plop the dough down inside.

Then raise and cook like normal! and…….
Walla!! Isn’t is pretty!!

My kids are fine with eating crust, but a lot of kids don’t like it and parents have to cut it off. Now you can save time and money by not having to cut the crust off the bread. My kids seem to eat the whole sandwich better when we have this bread. It is a perfect size for them and they think it is fun!!
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