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{Giveaway} The Boy’s Store ***ENDED***

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Calling all the mothers of boys!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went shopping for some wardrobe additions for Banjo only to come home empty handed.  Seriously a countless number of times!  What is with stores carrying so many cute clothing options for girls and only have a TINY section for the boys?  Wouldn’t it be great for the mother’s of the boys to have an entire online shop that is dedicated to just them?  Well, here it is:  The Boy’s Store!  Recently this shop sent me the most perfect pair of dress pants for my son. 

    See what I mean?  They are perfect!

I’m from a hockey town (Go Blues!), so this Hockey League Shirt by Wes and Willy is way dandy in my opinion.

Yes, The Boy’s Store carries many lines of designer duds for the little guys.  Like…Kiwi Industries with this cute, cute, cute gift set that’s on SALE!

In additional to clothing The Boy’s Store also carries way fun books, games, and toys!

Want to win a $25 gift certificate to The Boy’s Store?  Then you gotta enter!  🙂

*** This giveaway is open to entries worldwide!***

There are 5 chances to win. Be sure and leave separate comments for each entry on this posting to enter. **If you qualify for all 5 chances then leave 5 separate comments**

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This giveaway will be open for entries the entire week and end on Sunday, December 12th at 5 pm CST. Be sure and check back on Monday, December 13th to see if you won, so you can claim your prize.

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  1. Pick me!! 🙂 Jessica Hills

  2. Jessica Hills = follow dandy

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  4. I really want some of their gift sets! Jessica Hills

  5. Susan Chew

  6. Susan Chew = follow dandy

  7. Susan Chew = I just love the Cars, Guitars and Candy Bars Shirt by Dogwood.

  8. Emilee K. says:

    Emilee k.

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    Emilee K. Follow Dandy.

  10. Emilee K. says:

    Emilee K. Called.

  11. Emilee K. says:

    Emilee K. I like the Firefly Glow in the Dark Shirt by Mulberribush.

  12. Sarah R.

  13. Sarah R=follow dandy

  14. Sarah R=my son would love the backhoe shirt.

  15. Kelsey vigil

  16. Kelsey vigil says:

    Like on fb

  17. Kelsey vigil says:

    Follow you

  18. Kelsey vigil says:

    Guitar polo shirt

  19. Sarah Allred says:

    Sarah Allred =

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    Sarah Allred = dandy follower

  21. Sarah Allred says:

    Sarah Allred = I like the jet plane t-shirt

  22. Heather S. says:

    Heather S. – heatherandscott030709 at gmail dot com

  23. Heather S. says:

    Heather S. – follow Dandy

  24. Heather S. says:

    Heather S. – I love the Puppy Shirt & Pant Set

  25. Sarita R.

  26. Sarita Rogers = follow Dandy

  27. Wendy F

  28. Wendy F – follow dandy

  29. Wendy F – I like the Explorer Fleece by Appaman

  30. Jacque Charwood = follow dandy

  31. Jacque Charwood – like

  32. Jacque Charwood – blogged

  33. Jacque Charwood – I would like the Peacoat by Appaman and the Robot Blueprint Shirt by Neptune Zoo

  34. Camille M

  35. Camille M = followdandy

  36. Camille M = like

  37. Camille M = i love the Woven Argyle Embroidered Shirt by Hartstrings!

  38. So good to see a shop for boys!

    stkavdiel @ gmail . com

  39. I’m a follower!

  40. I like the M is for Monster Shirt by Mulberribush.

  41. Michelle Frame

  42. Michelle Frame- follow dandy

  43. Michelle Frame- like

  44. Michelle Frame- I love the Jet Plane T-Shirt by CR Sport

  45. Ann Smith says:

    Ann Smith – follower

  46. Ann Smith says:

    Ann Smith – I’d like the basketball shirt by cadet 7 for my little guy!

  47. Hollyann Wood.

  48. Hollyann Wood – I’m following this blog now. 🙂


  49. Hollyann Wood – I Like the Boy’s Store (actually I love them and have ordered from them before)! 🙂

  50. Raelyn A – follow dandy

  51. Raelyn A – emailed and texted

  52. Raelyn A – I love the backhoe t shirt

  53. Diana Cole says:

    diana love to win

  54. Diana Cole says:

    fb friend diana

  55. Suzanne Christen says:

    I love the rain slicker.

  56. Suzanne Christen says:

    I”m a FB follower. Suzanne Christen

  57. Suzanne Christen says:

    I emailed my friend Jess about your site and giveaway.

  58. Suzanne Christen says:

    Liked the site on FB

  59. Suzanne Christen says:

    Suzanne Christen pick me I have 3 boys

  60. Katrina Southwick says:

    Katrina Southwick – follower

  61. Megan B.=dandy follower

  62. Megan B.=told family

  63. Megan B=I like the jet plane t-shirt

  64. Finally! Something for the boys!

  65. HappyMomC says:

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    happymomc at gmail dot com

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    happymomc =emailed and called my friends
    happymomc at gmail dot com

  69. HappyMomC says:

    happymomc = love the Woven Argyle Embroidered Shirt by Hartstrings
    happymomc at gmail dot com

  70. Mandee Wheelus says:

    mandee wheelus

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    mandee wheelus: like on FB!

  72. Mandee Wheelus says:

    mandee wheelus: follower of DG

  73. Mandee Wheelus says:

    mandee wheelus: texted my sis with a new baby boy!

  74. Mandee Wheelus says:

    I love all the DOGWOOD tees!!

  75. Pamalot, mom of boys

  76. Pamalot-Dandy follower

  77. Pamalot-Like

  78. One of my favourite items is the baseall pajamas.

  79. Larissa S.

  80. Larissa = follow dandy

  81. Larissa = like

  82. Larissa = emailed

  83. Larissa = I love the Bear Pirate One Piece by Hatley

  84. lacey likes

  85. lacey=posted

  86. lacey moelmb@ hotmail.com

  87. the elephant is soo cute with the hat!

  88. emillie 🙂

  89. I follow – gfc

  90. I like The Boy’s Store on Facebook.

  91. I love the Mock Turtleneck Sweater by Krawlers!!

  92. debbiesther

  93. debbiesther = follow dandy

  94. debbiesther = The “Emergency” Themed Turtleneck is really cute.

  95. Terri Baker says:

    I just discovered the boys store and cant wait to place my 1st order!!!!!
    meterr70 AT gmail DOT com

  96. Terri Baker says:

    I am now a fan of the boys store on facebook!

    meterr 70 AT gmail DOT com

  97. Terri Baker says:

    Im now following the Dandy Giveaway!

    meterr 70 AT gmail DOT com

  98. Terri Baker says:

    My fave item (so far) is the Jet Plane shirt by CR Sport
    meterr 70 AT gmail DOT com

  99. Monica R

  100. Monica R: follow dandy

  101. Monica R: I like the baby cap by kiwi.

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