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{Giveaway} SodaStream ***ENDED***

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

Somedays {um, hello Monday} I wish I could just hook myself up to an I.V. and make it so the caffeine never stops.  Little kids can do that to ya, huh?  On our way out in the mornings, I sometimes {ok, often} find myself in the Sonic Drive-Thru with no recollection of how I got there — even my two year old recognizes it.   So what if I could just whip myself up a soda at home?  Hmmmm — well there’s a clever idea!

Enter SodaStream — you can make your own soda or seltzer at home!  With SodaStream, you can turn your boring old tap water into sparkling water in just 30 seconds.  No clean up, no bottles to lug around, and less trash — it’s a win-win.  SodaStream offers a wide variety of soda makers; functional, and they look cute too!  And SodaStream has new and delicious natural flavors including apple mango, pink grapefruit, orange pineapple and the classic lemon lime.

And there’s tons more flavors — over 30 flavors with just the touch of a button, as easy as making coffee.  You can browse all the flavors here, and restocking your supply is easy with 24-hour a day ordering on the SodaStream website or by calling Customer Service.  You can use any type of water from home and the soda maker uses no electricity or batteries – simply compressed gas from the carbonator.  It’s so easy!  With the holidays coming up, we’ll be having tons of friends and family gatherings; it would be so fun to be able to mix up our own soda and seltzer at home.  Not a soda drinker?  What a fun and unique gift idea — we all have friends and family that would love a soda maker from SodaStream

Not sure what you need?  SodaStream will walk you through their products to choose the one best for you.  You can see all the SodaStream products here.

This week, one lucky duck is going to win a Fountain Jet Soda Lover’s Start-Up Kit {a $109.95 value}!

*** This giveaway is open to US entries only ***

There are 5 chances to win. Be sure and leave separate comments for each entry on this posting to enter. **If you qualify for all 5 chances then leave 5 separate comments**

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This giveaway will be open for entries the entire week and end on Sunday, October 31st at 8 pm CST. Be sure and check back on Monday, November 1st to see if you won, so you can claim your prize!

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  1. Joseph's Grainery says:

    Kelli from Joseph’s Grainery
    Info at jossephsgrainery.com

  2. Joseph's Grainery says:

    Joseph’s Grainery -follower

  3. Joseph's Grainery says:

    I would love to have the soda stream so I knew I was serving my family a little bit healthier alternative to regular ol’ soda…and the apple mango flavor is intriguing. 🙂

  4. Jacque Charwood

  5. Jacque Charwood = Follow

  6. Jacque Charwood = subscriber

  7. Jacque Charwood = I would like to get a SodaStream because not only is it a healthier alternative to regular soda, it would help my family and I be more green and help the environment!

  8. Briana Mueller says:

    Briana Mueller

  9. Briana Mueller says:

    Briana Mueller = subscriber

  10. Briana Mueller says:

    Briana Mueller = I think the Soda Stream system looks great because it’s a bit healthier than just regular soda.

  11. Emilee K.

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  13. Emilee K. Subscribe.

  14. Emilee K. I would love to have this for a christmas gift for my brother.

  15. Sarah Allred says:

    Sarah Allred

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    Sarah Allred = dandy follower

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    Sarah Allred = dandy subscriber

  18. Sarah Allred says:

    Sarah Allred = I need a soda stream because I love soda!

  19. Wendy F

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  21. Wendy F – subscribe

  22. Wendy F – I would love this so I can make my own seltzer at home

  23. Hullo, I’d love this!

    larissaesq at gmail dot com

  24. I follow you on GFC.

  25. Larissa = subscriber

  26. Larissa = I need this because I leave empty seltzer bottles all over the house and both my husband and the recycling people hate me! And I must try the pink grapefruit!

  27. Betsy Hoff says:

    Betsy Hoff

  28. Betsy Hoff says:

    Follow on GFC @bukaeyes

  29. Betsy Hoff says:


  30. Betsy Hoff says:

    I like that it’s better for you and cheaper!

  31. Ann Smith

  32. Ann Smith – follower!

  33. Ann Smith – subscriber

  34. Ann Smith – I’d love to try the Pink Grapefruit flavor – sounds yummy! I love lightly flavored carbonated beverages – this machine looks like lots of fun 🙂

  35. Nancy B = follow

  36. Nancy B = subscriber

  37. Nancy B = I gotta try the Zero Cola.

  38. amy pugmire says:

    amy pugmire

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    amy pugmire: follower

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    amy pugmire: blog button

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    Paula H.

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    Paula H.= subscriber

  43. amy pugmire says:

    amy pugmire: subscriber

  44. buckeyegirl says:

    Paula H.= would love one of these because my daughter has so many food allergies, and she still loves soda!

  45. amy pugmire says:

    we spend so much money on soda it would be great to be able to save money using this!

  46. Trudy M

  47. susan

  48. susan = follow

  49. susan = subscriber

  50. susan = we need it to save space (and money)!

  51. michelle r says:

    Thanks for the chance
    michelle r

  52. michelle r says:

    michelle rosborough
    Dandy Smith = follow

  53. michelle r says:

    michelle rosborough = I need to save money buying soda

  54. Rebecca Evans says:

    Love it and want it badly

  55. I really really would love this. Vania M.

  56. April Vereb says:

    April V

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    April V – follow

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    April V – blog button

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    April V – subscriber

  60. April Vereb says:

    April V – I really need one of these b/c I could be saving TONS of money by not having to buy soda constantly for my family! I would love to try the lemon lime.

  61. This would be so wonderful for my husband who randomly needs a caffiene fix for his migraine (thus having to make a run for a drive thru for a fountain drink). Fingers crossed… toes crossed… legs crossed eyes crossed… really want this!!


  62. I follow you on GFC 🙂


  63. tickle tickle I got your button :o)


  64. email subscriber 🙂

  65. Jim Dandy — I really really really need this for my husband 🙂 would love me some Cola Zero to help his headache go away so that I can get some loving 🙂


  66. Tabathia B
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  67. Tabathia B-follow
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  68. Tabathia B-subscriber
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  69. Tabathia B-I gotta have it because I love sodas and I can save a lot of money making my own sodas and want to make the grape
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  70. Erika P ~ eapitera at gmail dot com

  71. Erika P ~ I’d love my own SodaStream so I can make ginger ale with my own ginger simple syrup!
    eapitera at gmail dot com

  72. Susan Spiers says:

    Susan Spiers

  73. Susan Spiers says:

    Susan Spiers-I am a follower!

  74. Susan Spiers says:

    Susan Spiers-I am an email subscriber!

  75. Susan Spiers says:

    Susan Spiers-the Orange/Pineapple sounds refreshing!

  76. angie melching

  77. I have been eyeing these up for a while, I would love to win one 🙂

  78. Angela Moeller

  79. I am a facebook friend!

  80. I am an email subscriber!

  81. shelby brigham says:
  82. shelby brigham says:

    I follow on GFC as shelbers434

  83. shelby brigham says:

    I wanna win because i want to try the cream soda its my favorite

  84. Melissa M. = Love this. Want this.

  85. Melissa M = Follower

  86. Melissa M = email subscriber

  87. Melissa M = I want this because I LOVE seltzer water, but I never knew I could make it from home!

  88. Jill Chezik says:

    Love it! Super fun to have, and my husband would love it!

  89. Amanda Kleckley

  90. Amanda K – Follower

  91. Amanda K – the apple mango looks yummy!!

  92. Little Miss Sunshine says:


  93. Little Miss Sunshine says:

    Jennie – GFC follower

  94. Little Miss Sunshine says:

    Jennie – I’d love to try Pete’s Choice!

  95. tanyab@paulbunyan.net
    check out my site http://www.winningsanity.com for a bath and body works giveaway! : )

  96. I need this because i don’t like buying pop because of the price. I could have pop at home and save tons of money! I’ve wanted one of these for so long but haven’t got myself to buy one yet : )

  97. I have been wanting to try this for months now! I would love to win!

  98. Melissa Craig

  99. My husband would find this absolutely amazing! Want to try it now!

    hukolb at hotmail dt com

  100. follow on gfc
    andrea d

    drea8685 at yahoo dot com

  101. Emillie P says:

    would love to win!

  102. Emillie P says:

    i follow – gfc

  103. Emillie P says:

    i subscribe via email (using my @gmail.com address)

  104. Emillie P says:

    My husband and I love soda so this would be amazing to have!

  105. Lisa V

  106. Lisa V = Follower

  107. Lisa V = Subscriber

  108. Lisa V = I totally need a SodaStream because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and struggling to carry cases of soda into the house is hard when my pain is acting up.. with SodaStream, I could have my soda and be pain free! 🙂

  109. I would love to win this. Our family is trying to reduce how much soda we drink due to cost and our carbon footprint. Soda Stream kills two birds with one stone! Thanks!

  110. I visited Soda Stream and realized I need this because they have soo many unique flavors that I would not ever be able to find in my local grocery store.

  111. Sarita Rogers says:

    Sarita Rogers

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  113. Sarita Rogers says:

    Blog Button

  114. Raelyn Anderson says:

    Raelyn A

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    Raelyn A – follow

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    Raelyn A – subscriber

  117. Raelyn Anderson says:

    Raelyn A – I would love the soda stream just for the sprakling water but the flavors sound good too. We have way to many water bottles laying around all the time.

  118. HappyMomC says:

    happymomc at gmail dot com

  119. HappyMomC says:

    happymomc = subscriber
    happymomc at gmail dot com

  120. HappyMomC says:

    happymomc = blog follower
    happymomc at gmail dot com

  121. HappyMomC says:

    happymomc = I would love to make my own seltzer at home!

    happymomc at gmail dot com

  122. Lindy L.

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  124. Lindy L = subscriber

  125. Kelsey Vigil says:

    kelsey vigil

  126. Kelsey Vigil says:

    email subscriber

  127. Kelsey Vigil says:

    My husband and I drink so much diet soda and we are tired of throwing away bottles and bottles. would love to have a soda stream! We cloth diaper our boys and would love to be earth friendly in another area!

  128. Shannon VanHaaren says:

    Shannon VanHaaren


  129. Shannon VanHaaren says:

    Shannon VanHaaren

    Diet Cola! I drink quite a bit of it. This would be a great way to enjoy a healthier version of my DC and save money too!

  130. Stacey im(dot)a(dot)twinz(dot)mommy (at ) gmail (dot ) com

  131. I’d love to win a Soda Stream so as not to go broke and simultaneously make the folks at Diet Coke rich.

  132. Jennifer jennie kitchens at gmail dot com

  133. I follow on GFC

  134. Megan B.

  135. Megan B=dandy follower

  136. Megan B=I would like the Soda Stream because I enjoy soda!

  137. Latoshia

  138. Kimbuckjr says:
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    Entry #2: I follow via Google Friend Connect. My GFC ID: kimbuckjr

  140. Kimbuckjr says:
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    I subscribe via email.

  142. Kimbuckjr says:

    I really need this SodaStream bad because I spend WAY TOO MUCH on soda! I am constantly running out to the store every two weeks to purchase soda for myself and my family. This would really make my load a lot lighter, literally! Plus, I am dying to try the GRAPE flavor. yummy!

  143. i am a face book friend and would love to win this .

  144. Lindsay Call says:

    Lindsay Call

  145. Lindsay Call says:


  146. Lindsay Call says:


  147. Lindsay Call says:


  148. Lindsay Call says:

    i would love the pink grapefruit kind!

  149. I follow on Google Friends Connect

  150. I have your button

  151. I need a SodaStream to make some lemon lime soda to mix with a little rum. Oh wait what? heheehe

  152. Haven 🙂

  153. Haven = GFC follower

  154. Haven = have your button. havensinformer.blogspot.com

  155. haven = email subscriber. ducks.are.people.too at gmail dot com

  156. haven = WANTS the diet dr. pete. <3

  157. alishia curtis

  158. Debra Andrews says:

    I would love to try the Soda Stream. We drink a lot of soda and it’s expensive! Not to mention all the plastic bottles and aluminum cans hanging around! Then we have to take them to the redemption center to return them, which is better than just throwing them away, but still a hassle. It would be so convenient to have the Soda Stream and be able to make a soda when we want one, instead of having to make a 15 mile trip to the closest store!! Yes, we live out in the boonies!(It has it’s advantages!!???)


  159. casey flick says:

    Great Giveaway!!!! I have been wanting the Soda Stream Since it first came out!! 🙂

  160. casey flick says:

    i follow via Google Friend Connect as missCaseyLee


  161. casey flick says:

    i would love to have this because there are soooooo many different flavors that i would love to try!! i think the pink grapefruit would be awesome! also it seems like it would be fun making thw soda! 🙂


  162. Nancy Mahlendorf

  163. Jasmine Yen

  164. Jasmine Yen-follower

  165. I’d love to try it out and make water into soda!! how fun!

  166. Jasmine Yen: blog button

  167. Leigh Anne says:

    Leigh Anne

  168. Leigh Anne says:

    Leigh Anne = GFC follower

  169. Leigh Anne says:

    My husband really wants to try it because it uses real sugar instead of HFCS…..yum!

  170. Leigh Anne says:

    Leigh Anne = email subscriber


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