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{Giveaway} Bratz 10th Anniversary ***ENDED***

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

About a month ago I volunteered at this city wide consignment sale.  I’ve never done something like this before and had only once before went to such a sale.  Well, it was kind of a big deal.  Ok it wasn’t just kind of.  It WAS a big deal!  Like seriously intense.  In fact there were lines of women just to get into the sale before it opened.  Those ladies were serious about a sale!  What kinds of things could be found there?  Well, everything was organized on tables by types of toys, etc.  There was an entire table just for Bratz dolls and accessories.  Which means those must be super popular!  By the end of the sale that table was completely empty and sold out.  Yep popular!  Bratz recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary. 

Happy Birthday Bratz!  That’s 9 more years than Dandy Giveaway!  🙂  

To commemorate their 10th they’ve introduced a whole new line of Anniversary Edition Dolls:


And Party Dolls:

Bratz recently sent me the Party Jade and Party Chloe for this feature.  They are both so cute and fun!  Like the other Bratz dolls, they are able to be given lots of poses.  Each comes complete with 2 outfits, jewelry, handbags, and shoes making them a really great gift to give that’s all in one fashionable looking box!

And…to help celebrate our own birthday Bratz is also giving away the Party Jade to one lucky winner:

So enter to win!

*** This giveaway is open to entries in the U.S. only ***

There are 5 chances to win. Be sure and leave separate comments for each entry on this posting to enter. **If you qualify for all 5 chances then leave 5 separate comments**

(1): Leave your name, email address, or whatever you feel most comfortable leaving in a comment. (ex: “Dandy Smith”)

(2): Become a follow of Dandy Giveaway (in the right sidebar) – or if you already follow (ex: “Dandy Smith = follow Dandy”)

(3): Like Bratz on Facebook or if you already do.  (ex: “Dandy Smith = like”)

(4): Tell people about this giveaway and then tell us how you told! (ex: “Dandy Smith=emailed, called, texted)

(5):  Go to Bratz, have a look around, and tell us which doll is your favorite!  (ex: “Dandy Smith= Chloe)

This giveaway will be open for entries the entire week and end on Sunday, October 31st at 8 pm CST. Be sure and check back on Monday, November 1st to see if you won, so you can claim your prize!

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    SusanSpiers-Luv Tyla,10th Anniversary doll!

  39. when my daughter gets old enough, I am sure she will love these dolls!

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  79. Melinda = Chloe


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