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A little help from our friends ***ENDED***

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

To all of our loyal Dandy readers — thank you!   We are almost to 1000 followers and to all of you who are already following — double thank you!  Since we are so close to reaching 1000, we thought we’d make it interesting…

From now until we reach 1000 followers, we will have an extra Dandy Giveaway — who here likes Target?  Somehow I find myself in Target anywhere between 2 and 17 times per week.   So from now until we reach 1000 followers, we will host an open giveaway for a $50 gift card to Target. 

Everyone who is a follower can enter, and you get an additional entry for every person you recruit to be a follower!   So there is no limit to the number of entries you can have. 

To enter, simply leave a comment with your name or email address.  And remember, please enter separate comments for each entry that you qualify for.   This Dandy Giveaway will close at 5 pm on the day that we reach 1000 followers and is open to US entries only.

Comment example: Dandy Smith — following Dandy

and if you recruit someone:

Comment example:  Dandy Smith — I recruited my sister/friend/neighbor/everyone I know who likes free stuff.

Alright — now go on and get telling everyone you know!

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  1. ethnically ambiguous – following dandy

  2. Jessica Blackburn says:

    jotteson@frontiernet.net-following dandy :o)

  3. debbiesther – following Dandy

  4. Jennifer – following Dandy (thanks for the follow!)

  5. I follow& love Target!

  6. Megan B. says:

    I follow Dandy!!!!

  7. Kristi W says:

    Kristi W = following dandy

  8. Audrey S. following dandy

  9. ReggieMann says:

    I follow your blog publicly with Google Friend Connect as ReggieMann

    ReggieM1961 [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. Holly P = Follower

  11. RaNette Free – Faithful Follower / have already recruited almost everyone I know 🙁

  12. Deanne W – oh yes, I follow this Dandy blog! 🙂

  13. Thanks for visiting 504 Main. Congrats on being so close to 1000! I am a new follower!

  14. HappyMomC says:

    HappyMomC — following Dandy

  15. Clare – follower

  16. Kayla- following Dandy

  17. Emilee K. says:

    Emilee k. I am following dandy!

  18. I am a follower! – amanda.bryant84@gmail.com

  19. Natalie=following Dandy

  20. Bao – Following Dandy!!

  21. Kristen M says:

    Kristen McNinch

  22. Sarita Rogers says:

    Sarita Rogers – following Dandy!

  23. Sarah Allred says:

    Sarah Allred = dandy follower

  24. Jennifer H says:

    Jennifer H- Dandy follower

  25. Chelsea Stewart says:

    Chelsea – following!

  26. following!

  27. Hi! Thanks so much for visting me at my blog http://orignialmischief.blogspot.com. Now a follower of yours! Moving to the States in 6 weeks so can enter your competitions! Monique xx

    Monique = Dandy follower

  28. Rebecca N. says:

    Rebecca Niehaus = following Dandy!

  29. Sandra Taylor says:

    I follow Dandy Giveaways!!!

  30. Carla Gutke = blog follower

  31. I love Target too!
    Kristy Pool = Dandy Follower!

  32. Brittney Canady says:

    Dandy follower~ brittney

  33. mandy dow: following!

  34. Heather S. – following dandy

  35. auntrenae-dandy follower, and I told everyone I know when I did my advertising to do it too!

  36. I follow on google friend connect
    (Anne J)

  37. Beth Willis says:

    Beth Willis- dandy follower

  38. Chris Satko says:

    Chris Satko- Dandy Follower

  39. Laura Olson says:

    Laura Olson- dandy follower

  40. Kimberly B. says:

    Kimberly- Dandy follower

  41. Deserae- I am a dandy follower

  42. Amy H = dandy follower

  43. Susan Spiers says:

    Susan Spiers – following Dandy.

  44. Follow Dandy publicly through google connect via twitter-AutumH

  45. Nichole Seiler says:

    Nichole Seiler: follow dandy giveaway

  46. Gotta love Target!

  47. Katrina Southwick says:

    Katrina Southwick – I follow! I love your blog!

  48. telitha hight says:

    telitha hight- following dandy

  49. Allison P.–following Dandy

  50. amy pugmire says:
  51. Rashelle Rieckmann: I am a Dandy Follower

  52. The Original Drama Mama – following Dandy!

  53. April Vereb says:

    April V – dandy follower

  54. Heather S. says:

    Heather S. – dandy follower

  55. Amanda = follower

  56. Cari S. – Dandy Follower!

  57. Angie Moeller says:

    Just signed up to be a Facebook friend, and I shared the link so others can like it too!

  58. Rachael Sherwood says:

    Rachael Sherwood – following dandy

  59. Raelyn Anderson says:

    Raelyn Anderson – following dandy

  60. krystin says:

    krystin w. following

  61. Ann Smith says:

    ann smith – follower!

  62. Wendy Holt- follower

  63. Lindsay Call says:

    Lindsay Call- follow dandy!!!!

  64. Eleanor Urive says:

    Eleanor Urive-following Dandy!

  65. Jill Hunt says:

    Jill Hunt-follower

  66. Bonnie Mousley says:

    Bonnie Mousley = I follow Dandy

  67. Candee B. I’m a Dandy follower!

  68. Kim Brooks says:

    Kim Brooks – following Dandy

  69. Tracey Braithwaite says:

    tracey braithwaite – follow

  70. Melanie Withrow says:

    Melanie Withrow- following dandy.

  71. “i will follow you, follow you wherever you may go.” thought a little song would help e win a target gift card!

  72. shelley C says:

    Shelley C: I’m a Dandy follower!

  73. susan — following Dandy

  74. Katie Taylor says:

    katie taylor-follower:)

  75. Emily Robison says:


  76. traci smith – following dandy

  77. Kati–blog follower

  78. Edith: dandy follower

  79. jennifer nichole johnson: blog follower

  80. I’m a follower! And Happy 22+10 yesterday!

  81. So I don’t know if past recruits count… but I recruited Sarah, Sue (who recruited Kimmie:), Lucinda, Rachael, Kathryn, Kim, Bonnie, and probably someone else I can’t remember! I even told my friends at church about it via handout at our last enrichment activity! But I’ll tell my friends again. We <3 the Dandy!

  82. Angie M. says:

    I am a dandy follower!

  83. Angie M. says:

    I am a facebook Friend!

  84. Angie M. says:

    I hit share on my facebook for my friends to sign up too!

  85. Katy Smith says:

    Katy Smith – following Dandy 🙂

  86. Follow your blog- mailme@michelleunderwood.com

  87. songyueyu on gmail – following Dandy

  88. Tammy (shewearsflowers@gmail.com) Follower

  89. Tiffany Angus – following Dandy

  90. shel- following Dandy

  91. Jaimie Knowles says:
  92. Chante Chidester says:

    Chante Chidester = Following Dandy

  93. Michelle C says:

    Michelle C – following Dandy

    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  94. Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  95. Jessica is following Dandy!

  96. Teresa
    dandy follower

  97. Laura is following DANDY!! YEAH!!

  98. scott bradley says:


  99. crystal bradley says:

    follow and love dandy

  100. crystal bradley says:

    i recruited my hubby and sisters

  101. Lauren S.= I follow Dandy!

  102. Donna Funke says:

    Yea Dandy! – ldsmom32002@yahoo.com Dandy foollower!

  103. I told all my facebook friends about Dandy Giveaway.com!!!!

  104. Susan Spiers says:

    Susan Spiers – following Dandy!

  105. follow Dandy, have your button on my blog:)

  106. Camille Millar says:

    Camille Millar = following Dandy!

  107. Sheri Easton – dandy follower

  108. Christine Satko says:

    I follow Dandy

  109. Christine Satko says:

    I am your facebook friend

  110. Playthatnow.com is following Dandy Giveaway! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog too! Hoping I win, cuz Target is a black hole on my wallet!

  111. Brittany- following!

  112. Lissa Rucker says:

    Lissa follows

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  114. Ally M

  115. Dandy Follower!

  116. Kate W = Dandy follower

  117. Following Dandy Giveaway via GFC and reader.

  118. Dandy Follower

  119. lacey follower

  120. LIz Anson Follower

  121. Liz Anson: I recruited a couple friends 🙂

  122. Melissa M–Following Dandy


  123. 1004, I think I should still qualify though! 🙂

  124. I am a Dandy follower!!!

  125. I’m a follower!

  126. Nichole Seiler says:

    Following dandy

  127. Joseph’s Grainery – following Dandy

    info at josephsgrainery.com

  128. Katy S. – following Dandy

  129. Susan Spiers says:

    Susan Spiers- Iam a dandy follower!

  130. Nikki Kelly says:

    Nikki Kelly

  131. Nikki Kelly says:

    Nikki Kelly-follower

  132. Hi there! I’m now a follower of this blog! Thanks for the giveaway!

  133. Jacque Charwood I’m a dandy follower! 😀

  134. bukaeyes=Following Dandy

  135. I’m a follower. And my week isn’t complete without a visit to Target.

  136. I follow

  137. I’m a Dandy follower!

  138. Andra Harter says:

    Andra V. Harter

  139. Andra Harter says:

    Andra Harter=Follow Dandy

  140. Wendy F. – following Dandy

  141. Laura Larsen says:

    frogmagreen- following dandy!

  142. Estee

    stkavdiel @ gmail . com

  143. I’m now a follower and I LOVE target!

  144. Stephanie C. says:

    Stephanie C: I follow!

  145. I follow your blog. Would love to win!!


    emilliepeters (at) yahoo (dot) com

  146. im a follower, i LOVE target too!

  147. Kristy Parr says:

    Kristy is a Dandy follower!!!!

  148. really love target! I’d know how to use a $50! thanks
    annemolino at hotmail dot com

  149. I’m a follower

  150. Lindy–follower!

  151. I am a follower!


  152. I’m a new follower—Katie O

  153. I am a new follower!

  154. amy pugmire says:

    amy pugmire: follower

  155. lara – following dandy!!!

  156. kristen m says:

    kristen mcninch-follower!!

  157. Laralee Proctor says:

    Laralee p — following dandy

  158. I’m a follower, and I’d love to win! Thanks!

  159. Emily Robison says:

    Emily R. Dandy Follower

  160. Emily Robison says:

    Emily R. I recruited my friend!

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