The Loom Boom {GIVEAWAY}

I feel like the perfect thing to keep a kid busy while using their imagination, is any type of craft. Drawing, painting, even letting them play by themselves with some legos. It let’s their imagination run wild and give them no limits. We all know kids test the limits ;-) I remember my mom would let me go to toys r’ us and pick out a toy and I would always pick out the make it yourself jewelry or hair ties or bedazzle your shirts (yes, I was a mega girly-girl) I really think that’s where I got my creativity from and love designing and doing different things now.


A few months ago my little cousins came up to me showing me these really awesome rubber band bracelets that they made. They each probably had 3 to 4 different types of rubber band bracelets. They then tried to sell me a few of them, haha, they told me they were going to start selling them to their friends in any design they wanted. Pretty awesome!

Remember when I told you about the Loomy Awards? Well they decided to give away a Loom Boom to a Dandy Giveaway fan!


The Loom Boom is a great place to store all those rubber band bracelets your kids are creating. I bet you are finding them every where and are just about ready to toss any of them in the trash that you step on or find randomly in a cabinet!


Here is what the creators have to say about The Loom Boom

“As moms (Katy & Lauren – co-founders), we loved the focus and creativity it provided our kids. Every new stitch our children learned produced more patterns, more colors and more creations. However, these bracelets were winding up everywhere, from our couch cushions to our dog’s mouth. It was a problem that needed solving! We stumbled upon a solution when a five-year-old housed his ever-growing collection of bracelets on a paper towel roll! What began with a simple concept has now developed into a first-of-its kind product intended to organize, display, transport and share. Sometimes children see things so clearly, and we jumped on his simple yet genius idea.”

The Loom Boom comes in fun different colors and each can hold up to 40 bracelets! The tube does come apart at the base so it is easy to grab different bracelets. The base also has an extra store part for bands, charms, clips and other items.


The Loom Boom features bright-colored tubes that can hold up to 40 bracelets. The tube is detachable from the base so loomers can transport and share, as well as have easy access to bracelets at the bottom. The base also contains extra storage for loom bands, charms, clips, and other spare parts.

They have thought of everything for The Loom Boom! So definitely check them out and enter below to win one for your kids and your sake! ;-)

Spring has FINALLY sprung!


I don’t know about where you are, but here in St. Louis the sun is shining.  The flowers are blooming.  The grass is turning a brilliant shade of green.  Yep.  It simply glorious outside.  The spring has finally sprung around here!  I knew this day was coming eventually, but I also knew that the weather wouldn’t just suddenly change over night.  Especially not after what we dealt with for what seemed like eternity.  We had the LONGEST winter ever here!  I’m sure this sentiment resonates with the rest of the country; except of course for places like Florida and California.  Most of the country is highly envious of those types of places.  I’m talking the raging, green-eyed monster.  For St. Louis at least there have been signs of the coming days of honeysuckle and lilacs for quite some time now.  Albeit very slowly, but it has been warming up and the forecast hasn’t been predicting any of those crazy snow storms.  In fact the recent thunderstorms and even tornadoes (scary as those are) in the St. Louis area led me to believe that spring really was on its way.  Yes, I believe it’s FINALLY here!

With the spring weather also comes the need for some spring fashion.  That very need actually sent me to the mall last week, but I returned home with much disappointment.  I only made one measly little purchase.  A somewhat (long sleeved; mind you) spring blouse that definitely won’t carry me into summer.  All of the stores must not have been catching on to the hints of spring, because they only had winter clothing in stock.  Heavy sweaters galore, but nothing for spring.  It’s possibly that they are now stocked for spring this week, but I was at the mall LAST week.  I don’t have time THIS week to go back.

In my desperation to have something that I could fit in (remember I just had a baby 9 weeks ago) for this warmer weather I turned to my old standby.  Online shopping.  I will admit that typically I’m a little hesitant with clothes shopping online.  It’s difficult to often know the sizing or how the item will fit.  Generally I’ll only shop online at stores that I’m familiar with already.  Or ones that my friends have recommended.  So it took A LOT of bravery on my part to place an order on a deal site.  But after this purchase:

photo-90I will be purchasing a lot more off of that deal site!

I’m absolutely in love with this top.  I found it on the Jane deal site for only $19.99!  Isn’t that a steal of a deal?  I’m talking waaaaayyyy dandy.  It has these faux buttons up the back.  Seriously going to be my favorite all spring and summer long!

Jane features boutique clothing items for up to 80% off.  Each deal only lasts a matter of days or until they sell out.  So some of the more popular deals are only be around for a few hours!  Like these two deals:

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.06.33 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.06.55 PM

GONE.  Totally gone.  I shouldn’t have waited so long to make my decision.

Good thing they still have plenty of these cute maxi skirts!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.09.32 PM

Click here…

Don’t miss your chance to get a deal at Jane!

Now… What did you see at Jane that you’ve gotta have?

*I am part of the Jane affiliate program, but I really did purchase the above blue top with my own funds.  All opinions are strictly my own.

Tangled Tantrum {GIVEAWAY}

Today we are chatting a little bit about my favorite subject: HAIR! I am a hairstylist and am around hair for more then 40 hours a week. I love it all, coloring, cutting, the tools, and products. The key to having good hair is : Good tools and Great product. Product is key to keeping a style where you want it. Sometimes the product we put in our own hair may not work for kids hair. I’ve noticed that big time when I am working on my clients kids. That moose or gel just isn’t working in my 6 year old client.


I have been following Tangled Tantrum for a while now and am so excited to finally test out their products! Tangled Tantrum is a line fully dedicated to kids hair. Trust me, it’s for kids only, my husband thought I bought him so new product and it just wasn’t cutting it for all of his thick long hair. Kids hair is just so much more fragile then adults and they definitely don’t have as much, which means they don’t need as much product.


Tangled Tantrum is paraben and alcohol free, which makes is safe and healthy for kids. This is awesome for those independent kids who want to feel grown up like mom and dad and do their own hair. The product I was able to sample was the ‘Separation Anxiety- Styling Paste’ and it’s so easy to use. I had a few of my own kid clients grab it themselves and style their hair and they loved it. And the best part, the mess was non-existent. They just wiped their hands on a towel and out the door they went. Win Win in my book!



Tangled Tantrum offers a few different products. They have the ‘Chaos Control Smoothing Serum’ , ‘Detangling & Conditioning Spray’ (every child needs this!), ‘The Wet Brush’ and the ‘Killer Swell Hair Gel’ . I love all these fun names they give the products. That’s the point of the product right? To make a kid thing it’s fun to do their hair, haha.


I am also huge on my customer service. Tangled Tantrum emailed me right away and my shipment was at my door no later then 3-4 days after I placed my order. They left me a sweet note and some fun wristbands in the picture above. Their site is easy to navigate and gives quick explanations for each product. She makes the site look so fun that your kid can join you while you pick out your products. What I got out of  Tangled Tantrum is fun, safe, and easy to use.


I really loved how the product held up in my little clients hair. It wasn’t sticky, it wasn’t heavy and best of all it smelt great! One of my little clients just sat there the whole time smelling the container. It didn’t bother me at all because it contains no Parabens or Alcohol. Smell away! I really like how Tangled Tantrum made a line specifically to be kid friendly. She really tried hard to point everything to the kids. The packaging, the names of the product and the smells.


Today one lucky winner will get to have a container of there ‘Separation Anxiety- Styling Paste’ and 3 wristbands with Tangled Tantrum logo. I like more of a softer look, that’s why I went for the Paste rather then the gel. It still gives it that good hold but gives it that piecy look while holding back those fly aways and frizzy-ness.  You and your kiddy will love it! They are also offering free shipping on orders over $50, use code: ship4free


*This giveaway is open to US entries only
*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of Mar 9th and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
*The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own are not influenced by monetary compensation.  


The Loomy Awards!

I am so excited to introduce to you Dandy Giveaway Fans about the First Annual Loomy Awards!


You know all those fun rubber band bracelets that your kids and their friends are constantly wanting to make or wearing? It’s honestly the new trend with them now and they are loving it! Well, the Loom Boom was invented so your child can have somewhere to store all those rubber band bracelets instead of lying them around the house for your baby to chew on or the dog or vacuum to swallow up. Genius!

Well, Loom Boom has decided to start their  First Annual Loomy Awards!

The Loomy Awards are sponsored by The Original Loom Boom, a first-of-its kind product intended to organize, display, transport and share your loom bracelet creations. Winners will be chosen from four categories: Best Bracelet, Coolest Charm, Wackiest Wearable, and Best Loom Boom. Three winners will each receive a $250 gift card, and one grand prize winner will receive a $500 gift card! Plus, all winners will receive a special edition of The Original Loom Boom! Entries can be submitted on The Original Loom Boom’s Facebook page beginning on March 30, 2014, and winners will be announced on a live web award show April 30, 2014.

I personally think this is such a fun contest for kids. It really brings their creativity side to life and allows them to become self motivated to do something just for them.

So, hurry up and get your kids going on their rubber band bracelets and send the pictures over to The Original Loom Boom’s facebook page. Lots of amazing prices for the top three winners!!

And then head on back April 10th because we are giving away one Original Loom Boom to one Dandy Giveaway Fan!


Chevron tote bag from Snatch ‘n Dash. TWO winners! {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Facebook Cover Photo



Have I got a fantastic giveaway for you…  One that’s fantastically dandy even.  I mean TWO winners makes it that fantastically dandy.  There’s a new daily deals website coming very soon (launching June 1st) and it’s the business behind this great giveaway.  For starters, what’s Snatch ‘n Dash?  This particular deal site is going to offer a variety of daily deals.  Think load of women’s accessories:  Jewelry, scarves, and handbags.  Plus, Snatch ‘n Dash will bring you discounts on home decor, children’s items, and clothing.  Everyone loves discounts!

And now…

Are you ready for this giveaway???

Snatch ‘n Dash is giving away TWO personalized monogram chevron tote bags.

One for each winner!  (Enter on the Rafflecopter below.)   Check out all the colors the winners will get to select from:



Do you have your own online shop?  Well, then you might want to contact Snatch ‘n Dash!  Right now they are accepting new vendors and their commission fees are lower than other daily boutique deal sites.  So it’s a win-win!  To inquire about vendor opportunities email:

*This giveaway is open to US entries only.
*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of April 7th and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
*This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Snatch ‘n Dash, but all opinions are strictly my own.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Infinity scarf to poncho!

Take a wide infinity scarf:


Add a decorative pin:


And you’ve got a cute poncho for Ruby!


Do you love to adorn your wardrobe with some really great finds?  I, for one, am all about the accessorizing.  Why?  Because accessories are so very versatile.  One item can be used in so many different ways and to compliment so many different looks.  But where to look???  Well, well, well… That infinity scarf up above was sent to me from a really terrific deal site that has soooo many accessories to choose from.  And you too can…

Shop Accessories at toADORN!

It’s where you will find affordable pieces like these:

Only 99 cents!2.3_10


Only $3.99!2.25

Only $2.99!2.4_5

Only $1.29!1.22

Go HERE to get these dandy deals before they are gone!

*This posting is part of my affiliation with toAdorn, but all opinions are strictly my own.

Belly Glo Nightlights by Crane {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Every week at church, when the children get together for “sharing time”, one child is spotlighted.  They get to bring in three items from home that they love, or that describe them.  Consistently, every single child has included a sort of ‘lovie’ or blankie or stuffed animal that helps them go to sleep.  I love seeing what these children hold dear and bring them comfort at night!  When my boy gets a chance to be spotlighted, I’m sure he is going to bring his new “Froggy Nightlight” to show-and-tell!  He LOVES that little guy!

Crane Drop Humidifiers

Crane is a company that carries products “designed for better living”.  Among their best products are humidifiers, air purifiers, heaters and fans, all top-notch, friendly, and darling!  Look at these humidifiers!


Today, I’m excited to show you these precious nightlights.  Now, we’ve tried traditional nightlights that plug into the wall, but they quickly get pulled out and tossed.  We’ve tried battery-operated lights, but I can’t keep up with the cost of replacement batteries, so rechargeable and portable is what we love around here.  We reviewed a portable nightlight in the past, but every little thing that has started to really bug me about it recently is resolved in this design by Crane.


First of all, my number one favorite feature is that this is rechargeable (no batteries!!!), but it doesn’t have a charger or a base it needs rest on while charging.  You just plug the belly part into the wall, which makes it a traditional nightlight if you prefer.  There aren’t cords to get tangled or messy, and you don’t need to find a designated place to store a base, because there isn’t one.

IMG_9362A single charge lasts up to 8 hours!  You don’t have to worry about finding it among the sheets and turning it off in the morning because it automatically turns on in the dark and off in the light.  The previous nightlight we owned required so much more maintenance.

windowAnother cool feature on this light is that you can change the setting to white light, off, or transitioning colors that rotate between red, blue, and green.  The first night we used this, my boys kept pulling the glowing belly out, but I’ve learned that pushing it in a little further keeps it snug.  Little fingers aren’t able to pry it out, but I only need to press behind the frog and pop out the light to remove it.

IMG_9465These two are buddies!  We’ve taken this froggy on the plane, overnight car-rides, and to grandma’s house.

These nightlights are available for $16.99 as a frog, a duck, or a hippo.  Darling!


One winner can choose any animal night light of their choice!

Online Store / Facebook / Twitter

*This giveaway is open to US entries only
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Kiwi Crate {Giveaway} – CLOSED

I wake up every morning with every good intention of busting out a fabulous Pinterest-worthy craft that is new, mind-stimulating, creative, and age-appropriate for the kids.  This rarely happens.  You know how it goes.  You finally come with the idea, you hunt down the supplies, you’re constantly interrupted by meals, snacks, diaper changes, phone calls, important emails, the UPS man, the broken disposal, etc. etc. etc…you gather your kids, enthusiastically explain the project, they start throwing the supplies, water is spilled, you’re running around like a maniac cleaning up messes instead of actually having a bonding/teaching moment, and you throw your hands up the in the air and just start cleaning up.

kiwi-crate-PMS376I struggle with this a lot!  But don’t lose hope, mothers of America.  There is a box that arrives on your doorstep, organized into a them, chock full of supplies, ideas, and content to learn about.  This box of wonders is called Kiwi Crate, and though this might be the first monthly box for kids that we’ve tried, it won’t be the last.  My eyes have been opened as to what craft time can and should be like!


We were sent the Busy with Bugs box, and to my boys, opening this box was practically like opening a box of candy.  Paint and scissors?!  We went to town.  This box is full of everything we could have needed–sponges, paint brush, pencil, painting boards, paper liners, cardboard tray, clear bottles, stickers, pipe cleaners, string, etc.  Even small pieces of scotch tape, pre-cut and peelable, was supplied.  You could take this box camping or on an airplane, and you wouldn’t find yourself missing any supplies.


Picture instructions guided us all along the way and even incorporated questions to ask and talk about with the kids.  Additional activity suggestions make this the box that keeps on giving.  The ingeniously designed “no-fight” crate feature (which is what we received) allows you to add on supplies for a sibling for only $9.95.

IMG_9577Within the box was another firefly bug activity, which was a nice contrast to the first.  This was less messy, but needed more parental involvement.  They are both great for a variety of ages and interests and creative ability.  Ages 3-8 sounds just right.

Untitled-17These fireflies were a big hit!  Especially the glow sticks inside that make the fireflies glow in the dark.


We tied one side onto a chair and let the boys lift and lower the zipline to see the bugs fly up and down.


So are you wondering if $19.99 is worth the cost of an afternoon of glee?  Consider this: atleast in our box, we were sent high quality scissors and large bottles of paint that will be used long after today.  Besides the supplies, the box provides you with ideas, a lesson plan, and future activities so that you can save your brainpower on coming up with ideas and you save yourself the runaround of tracking down every small this-and-that supply.  So yes, I would say this price is fair.  Sign you and your cutey up!

One winner is going to receive their own Busy with Bugs Kiwi Crate!  ($19.99)

IMG_9566Because I was sent the winner’s prize box along with my review box, the winner will be responsible for paying shipping from me to you, via paypal invoice.  This also means that this giveaway is open to WORLDWIDE entries!  The box weighs 1.4 lbs. and will be sent from 02128, if you’d like to calculate the cost.

*This giveaway is open to worldwide entries.
*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of Feb 21st and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
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99 Stories from the Bible by Juliet David {Book Review}

9999 Stories from the Bible

by Juliet David
Illustrated by Elina Ellis

Try reading scriptures with your squirmy toddlers at night and see if they last for more than two verses.  Since we’ve started reading scripture stories from this cute composition of ninety nine stories from the Bible, my kids have been more and more willing to sit and learn the stories I know and love!

I really commend the author for writing these stories in a way that is easy for little children to understand, but they are not too watered down.  There have been children’s bibles in the past where I have not completely agreed with the interpretation of the author, but this edition jives with me and my beliefs.

What really makes this book wonderful are the friendly illustrations!  The artist’s style is pleasant, soft, and colorful in what looks like watercolors and crayon.  Every character has a sort of large-nose and wide-eyed look, which sounds odd, but looks so friendly!

With almost every story, there is one page of dialogue and narration along with one page of illustration in a double page spread.  That allows for 99 stories in 196 pages.  The hard back cover has really held up well, and the high-quality pages and printing are very well-done.

I’m glad we got this book back in November so that we could enjoy it nightly for the past three months!

You can purchase this book from Kregel Publications HERE for $11.99.

*I received this book from Kregel Publications in order the write this review, but all opinions are strictly my own.


ReSqueeze {Giveaway} – CLOSED

You know those little portable pouches of applesauce that kids are crazy about?  You know how they cost practically a dollar a piece?  When they’re in sight at a play date, my boys inhale them.  I’ve been so tempted to buy a box, but I just can’t stomach the cost!  Have you thought of having your own set of portable and reusable pouches that could hold applesauce, yogurt, pudding, etc,. and that they could cost you a one-time $3/pouch?

PrintIts true, ReSqueeze is a brand of reusable squeeze pouches for soft foods.  Your kids have a fun way to eat on the go and you have minimal mess to deal with.  I just might serve everything “Little Brother” eats in these pouches from now on, considering how he’s been in a food-throwing phase lately.

IMG_9005We’ve had the opportunity to review a similar kind of reusable pouch, but after trying out these ReSqueezes, the differences are very evident.  These pouches are made of a thinner pouch material, which is several layers of food grade plastic and high quality nylon, and I actually like that so much more.  The tough, thicker material of other pouches made it difficult for the kids to squeeze all the goodness up.  Secondly, I like this design much more.  Other pouches we’ve used (see below) have the spout on the side, which was kind of awkward for the kids to hold, and squeezing food up and over was super tricky.

pdIt probably won’t surprise you that ReSqueeze knew exactly what they were doing when they designed their pouches this way.  Laura, one of the founders, is a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant, and this product was born when their son starting eating solids and the one-use food pouches were getting too expensive.

Pouch_all_design1_94d3c893-fcad-4063-af76-f5b3afd8117cThe pouches fit a full 6 oz. of food.  Scoop in whatever you’d like with a soft texture.  Fill it about 3/4 full and rinse off any spills.  I can testify that the seal is very thick and tight.  Having the seal on the bottom doesn’t worry me at all.

IMG_9015Eat up!  Did I mention how adorable these pouches are?!  Like little pikachus!

Untitled-1My kids are hooked.  I’m buying more applesauce and yogurt than I ever have before, but they’re eating great, the mess is contained, and its not costing us another dime.  Visit the ReSqueeze shop to purchase these cute little pouches for your little ones!

One lucky winner will receive a 4-pack of pouches!  ($14.99 value)

*This giveaway is open to US entries only
*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of Jan 4th and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
*The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own are not influenced by monetary compensation.  


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