Winning Moves Games – Touring and SplashCards {Giveaway}

Did you do anything for Sibling Day a little while back?  I totally missed it, but I love that there is a day we’re celebrating those neat relationships!  Some of my best memories and unifying moments with my siblings are of us playing games into the late night.  We’d sneak into each others rooms and play card games til the sun came up.

logoWinning Moves Games has a fantastic new card game, called Touring, that I’m excited to show you!

IMG_0710Touring is a card game (mini cars not included) where you race with the other players to collect the speed cards you need to reach so many miles and win.  There are cards that can be played on you that will inhibit your speed or keep you from moving at all, like the “Flat Tire” card, or the “Burning Oil” card, and you will need to obtain certain cards to get going again.


We pulled out this game when my in-laws were in town, and we had a great time!  I think the men were especially keen on the idea of a game that incorporates cars and speed.  I like that this game can be played with 2, 3, or 4 players.  When I first pulled it out, my husband was excited that he already knew this game.  He used to play this all the time as a kid, and he was excited to see it in a updated form.  Apparently, the original Touring game was released in 1906, and this is the same game, but with updated cards and designs.


The game moves fast enough that it entertains adults, while still allowing you to engage in a conversation (which is MY preference, when it comes to games!).  The cards are thick and slick, and the coordinating pictures make this easy for a younger child to understand and play along.  What a fun game!


Now here’s a really fun product for the kids: Splash Cards!

bathWe really like these Splashimals, with fronts and rumps of a variety of animals.  Both of my toddlers were able to recognize all the animal parts, and I like that there are printed words above, so that Rocket can practice identifying these words and enjoy making new combinations.  There are 30 cards in all, which make 15 different animals.

IMG_9252Included in the variety of Splash Cards are these two sets of playing cards–one with the traditional four suits, and another with colored sea animals.  Wouldn’t these be fun at a pool party?  Our favorite set is the one below, “Splash Pals”.  As you can see, there are tops, middles, and bottoms, of all sorts of people.  You can make it as simple as putting up your own creation, or you can follow a set of rules to a game where you use the numbers in the corners to create the highest scoring combination.  Super cute, right?!

IMG_9253Wouldn’t these be fun additions to your game closet or bath time routine?  As you can see, they are waterproof, lightweight, and washable.

Enter below to win either the Touring Card Game AND a few sets of SplashCards!

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Micadyn Nicole {Giveaway}

The maxi skirt.  Closet staple.  Girl’s best friend.  Always a good choice, regardless of the season.

Let me introduce you to some terrific maxi skirts and shorter skirts from Micadyn Nicole!



Now what’s even more fantastic than a comfortable maxi skirt in a fantastic print and cut?  A MATCHING one for you and your daughter!  Check out these cute sets:


I was tickled to work with Micadyn Nicole and review one of their skirts.  I had a hard time deciding, but was quickly drawn to this Aztec print.  I didn’t really embrace this print trend for a while, but lately I can’t get enough of it.  I’ve decided its just so vibrant and fun!


Now I am often categorizing my closet by season and it bugs me that usually half my wardrobe isn’t really weather-appropriate for the temperature or the upcoming holiday.  The great thing about this skirt, in my opinion, is that it is very summery as WELL as being perfect for winter!  Think warm Arizona, and Norwegian Christmas, and it works for both.  I can’t wait to wear this all Christmas season!


Now check out my video review showing how this drapes and moves:

Now here is an another side of Micadyn Nicole that you might not have known about.  They are closely involved with a program called Elenity, which is a site dedicated to making a difference.  Actually, Micadyn Nicole started the program, and they gather a variety of businesses (all made in the USA products) and set up a shop of these select products.  All products help those in need through their manufacturing process, such as handmade products that benefit women in a struggling country.  For every product you buy on, 50% of your purchase dollars go directly to a family or person in need.  This month, funds are going to support darling Delia (below) to improve her quality of life in Peru.  Micadyn Nicole is being featured as one of these select businesses this month, along with some jewelry and home decor.  Notice that you can purchase these Micadyn Nicole skirts for DRASTIC DISCOUNT PRICES!!  Shop through Elenity (and hurry, because this only lasts through April!) and help someone in need while you pick out a cute skirt for yourself.  Win-win.

index deliamariaespinozaramirez

Remember that for every product you buy on, 50% of your purchase dollars go directly to a family or person in need.  Check out their shop HERE and help make a difference!  If you follow Elenity on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram,  you will see new monthly featured causes, as well as other ways get involved and make a difference.

So have you picked a favorite skirt yet?!  Interested in winning one for yourself or for your daughter?

One winner will get to choose ANY item from Micadyn Nicole!

This includes women’s skirts, girl’s skirts, leggings, etc.

*This giveaway is open to US entries only
*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of May 7th and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
*The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own are not influenced by monetary compensation.  

Rica Jewels {Giveaway}

Don’t you love stumbling across an authentic treasure?  Or something that is go genuinely original, you bask in the wonder of holding something so precious and unique?  Just like the feeling of coming home with treasures from a overseas excursion, I’ve found a beautiful and authentic shop called Rica Jewels, whose earrings, beads, and pendants embody the same feelings of high-end precious jewelry!


As I was working with the owner, she literally said, “I am on my way to Istanbul to work on our new collection…”  You can’t get more cool than that.  I’d LOVE to say my work or materials came hand-picked from Istanbul!  Check out these jewels:

 il_570xN.479198568_9yhg il_570xN.459204861_1cct il_570xN.517370882_ryyz  il_570xN.572776040_3sqril_570xN.555057366_l6c0

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and diamond-studded (or atleast cubic zirconia-studded) earrings are just as close!  These, my friends, are the Turkish Emerald Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings.


They are a little less than 2″ from top to bottom, and filled with emerald and cubic zirconia stones.


I’m really surprised by how much I love these.  I didn’t think they were really my style from the get-go, but holding them in my hands makes me love them more than I thought.  They really gleam, and I wish these pictures could show how much they reflect line in the jewels.  What treasures for only $42!


Take a moment to browse all the beautiful things from Rica Jewels, and keep in mind that you can get free shipping on orders over $35 with the coupon code FREESHIPPING.  You can also get a combined 5% off when you apply the coupon LIKEFACEBOOK after following Rica Jewels on Etsy and liking them on facebook.  Below are their social media sites so you can do just that!

Online Store / Facebook

Now one lucky winner will receive the Emerald Pendant that matches these earrings!

Sold for $34, and that birthstone is perfect for anyone with a birthday next month!


*This giveaway is open to US entries only
*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of May 12th and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
*The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own are not influenced by monetary compensation.  

Valleau Apparel {GIVEAWAY}

I am only picky about 2 workout clothing items. My running shorts and my sports bras. My sports bras need to fit just right, where they are not to tight around my sides but support me all the way around. I like to run far and I love doing sprints in the middle and end of my runs. I have stopped my run before because my sports bra just wasn’t giving me the support I felt I needed.


Valleau Apparel offers the cutest most unique sports bras. I honestly can say that they are now my favorite line to buy my bras from. Valleau Apparel was founded by Katie Valleau, a NCAA gymnast who knows what it means to have good, supportive, cut workout attire. She designs each sports bra with a story behind it and making it unique and different then any brand you’ve worn.


I love fun unique sports bras. Not only do I love all the designs Valleau Apparel has to offer (sooo cute) but their fabric is amazing! I like to break a sweat when I work out, and need good material to absorb all of it. I wore my Valleau Apparel sports bra on a day where I did a triple work out. I worked out in the afternoon and then ran 3 miles, then I went and stunted with my husband (yep, we are cheerleaders) then I went back a few hours later and stunted with some others for 3 more hours. I definitely got my good sweat in that day.


I ordered a size small and was a little nervous when I first saw it. But like I said, I like my sports bras a little more secure. I really really liked the small and how snug I felt. I wouldn’t mind going up a size but am completely fine with the small size I ordered. So, if you like things a little more snug, then order your normal size or else order a size up.


(Husbands idea of flexing..oh boy!)

The sports bras do not come with cups but are double lined, which I loved! I normally buy my sports bras with padding, but honestly felt very comfortable with the double lined fabric as well. Which, I was really surprised since 99% of my sports bras have cups in them.


(Valleau Apparel in action ;-) )

Valleau Apparel has a “Sexy” line which has a lower cut in front therefore expose a little more cleavage and then they have their sports bras which are more covered and meant for smaller sizes.

I highly recommend following Valleau Apparel on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and checking them out. They are simply amazing and you’ll just die over their line!

Valleau Apparel is giving away one sports bra of your choice! Enter below!

Nohi Kids {Giveaway}


When it comes to my kid’s clothing I’m kind of a fabric snob.  It has to be soft.  Scratchy?  Not happening.  It has to be functional and easy to take care of in terms of laundry.  Who really wants to take the kid’s clothes to the dry cleaners?  It has to be cute.  This means cute fabric that aren’t found everywhere.  That’s why I’m soooo very glad that I found Nohi Kids.  For starters… Their clothing is organic.  Translation:  Super soft.  Next… Their clothing is machine washable.  Excellent!  Lastly… The prints on the fabric???  Absolutely.  Adorable.




See.  Told you.  Absolutely.  Adorable.

I think the above images are my favorite part about the clothing from Nohi.

1.) That fabric is too precious.


2.) There are so many different styles all in that same fabric!

So you will definitely find the perfect outfit at Nohi Kids.

What did Nohi Kids send me recently???  These two outfits for my two littlest littles:



Darling, right?  Definitely my newest favorites in my children’s wardrobes.

Who wants a deal at Nohi Kids?  Just enter coupon code ‘thankyou25′ at checkout on the Nohi Kids website and receive 25% off!

 Who wants to win something really dandy from Nohi Kids???

(Enter on the Rafflecopter below.)

One very lucky winner is going to receive either a dress or bodysuit from Nohi Kids!

It’s winner’s choice on which style and which print!

*This giveaway is open to US entries only.
*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of April 28th and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
*This posting and giveaway were sponsored by Nohi Kids, but all opinions are strictly my own.
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For Elyse {Giveaway}

Has this not been the most horrible winter of all time?!  Do I say something to the effect of “I hate winter” in almost every review I write lately?  Well, for good reason, because it has left me a meaner person.  Here’s to hoping the Spring will soften my cold heart a little.  I know what would help :)


A new spring wardrobe from For Elyse!  Feast your eyes on all the gorgeous, happy, stylish, SPRINGY outfits!

76973_Peach_03 77303_Mint_01 78202_Mint_01

And then we’ve got shoes…

69881_tan_01-thumb 69438_teal_01 71081_Natural_04

…and shorts and skirts!  Are you pulling out your credit card?

72367_Red_01-thumb 70004_sand_01-thumb 77251_Demim_01-thumb

I really love For Elyse’s collection of maxi skirts, specifically.  I think these flowy breathable skirts are the perfect item for Spring when days might be unexpectedly chilly, or unexpectedly too warm.  My favorite is the Ombre Maxi, sold for $32.99 and available in Gray or Mint.


Clearly, I chose the Mint, and I’m so happy with it!  The material feels a little thin, but I think that is the nature of most long knit skirts so that it does not become too heavy that it falls off your waist.  The ombre is a fun and trendy look, and in this long length, I think it really helps to elongate my short 5’2 stature.

IMG_0312For some reason, I was told by two different people how “elegant” I looked in this outfit.  I think this skirt, and particularly this style and color, is easy to dress up or down depending on your accessories and styling.  I went a little more dressy for church, but you could pair this with a tank top and sandals and be all set for the beach.  My only qualm (besides the thin fabric) is the direction to “hand wash”.  I’ll probably forget that note and toss it in the machine, but I think it will hold up fine.  Perhaps remember to line dry this 95% rayon, 5% spandex blend.

mintHey, checkout their Lookbook site, where you can see fashion inspiration from real people around the world!

If you love the look, and want one for yourself, enter below!

Only winner will receive ANY maxi skirt of your choice from For Elyse!

(with the exception of the Lucy Love brand skirts)

*This giveaway is open to US entries only
*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of Apr 9th and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
*The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own are not influenced by monetary compensation.  

5,000th Fan Amazon Gift Card GIVEAWAY



For starters thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to all the fans who have made this happen!

I started this blog back in the fall of 2009 and I never dreamed that it would hit this point.  This has been a fun adventure for me and I hope that you are enjoying the ride seeing everything that is just dandy!  Thank you.   -Tara

And now…

For that $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

(Enter on the Rafflecopter below.) 

*This giveaway is open to US entries only and entrants 18 years of age or older.
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Cutting Edge Stencils {Giveaway}

The way for a house to feel like a home, for me, is to decorate it a way that represents you! My husband and I have moved every summer then come back to Utah and find a new house to live in for 8 months. So the joys of renting come with a lot of rules. Most of our houses we were allowed to paint, but I knew we would be leaving in a few short months, so why bother putting all the time and effort into it. Well, this time we are actually keeping the house we are living in and enjoying it longer then 8 months!! I was stoked! That meant being able to put time into our little house to make it ours!


Cutting Edge Stencils is AMAZING! Seriously guys! I was always scared of stenciling since my good friend had a bad experience with it. So I started to look into decals and just couldn’t find any I liked. Cutting Edge Stencils has a so many stencils to choose from that I sat in front of my computer for a couple days trying to pick one out I wanted to use in my house.

Greg Swisher and Jana Makaeva created Cutting Edge Stencils to be simple and easy to use for any “DIY-er” They love the concept of doing/redoing furniture and other items yourself. Adding a Cutting Edge Stencil is an easy way to spice up anything!

Instead of just sharing a bunch of facts, I am going to let you into my home and tell you how using a Cutting Edge Stencil went for me :-)


This is the wall you see right when you walk into my living room. Welcome! We have two big windows that let in gorgeous light but this dark red wall was just sucking it all up. So, I knew it was the perfect space to use my Cutting Edge Stencil.


I picked out the Tamara Trellis Moroccan stencil and it came with everything I would need to make it look fab! The kit came with my stencil, that seriously was massive! And a top part stencil for the ceiling and hard to get spots. A small paint roller, detailed stenciling instructions, a leveler, and a small paint brush to get those hard spots.

I then watched the instruction video. I was determined for this to turn out perfect! I ended up watching a few of their videos 1. because they are so short and 2. they explain everything so well that I knew it wouldn’t hurt to get some more practice.

Here are the videos that I watched:

Watch them! They will save you so many mistakes and time!


I primed my wall first (3 coats to get red of that dark maroon color) and then called a friend over, turned on some music (actually Disney channel for the baby haha) and then went to town!


My friend that helped me was the one who had a horrible experience with stenciling. She was amazed at how easy Cutting Edge Stencil was. There was no bleeding (which was the part we were nervous for) and we finished this in 2 nights, spending about 4-5 hours each night on it.


I used a gorgeous Turquoise color (yep, the color was called Turquoise haha how original!) And I kept the background the white primer color. I am so amazed and excited with the finishing product! I am trying to figure out what else I want to stencil in my house. I am thinking my bedroom is next hehe. I was really nervous to do this because I am a very impatient person when it comes to crafting. I tear the tape off to soon or put the picture up before it’s even dry. With Cutting Edge Stencils, it dries so quickly that there is no waiting around for that first layer to dry. We just kept going and were sad when we couldn’t finish it in one night (babies get really tired after 10:00. hehe oops :-) )

I am thinking for my next room I want to use one of these stencils. I actually have about 5 others I am having a hard time choosing from, but I’ll save you my obsession ;-)

cutting8 cutting9

So here’s the amazing part! Cutting Edge Stencils is giving away one stencil up to $50 value! Guys, that’s way more then half of their collection. You’re going to know exactly how I feel when I say I have about 4839 favorites!! So start entering below!

The Loom Boom {GIVEAWAY}

I feel like the perfect thing to keep a kid busy while using their imagination, is any type of craft. Drawing, painting, even letting them play by themselves with some legos. It let’s their imagination run wild and give them no limits. We all know kids test the limits ;-) I remember my mom would let me go to toys r’ us and pick out a toy and I would always pick out the make it yourself jewelry or hair ties or bedazzle your shirts (yes, I was a mega girly-girl) I really think that’s where I got my creativity from and love designing and doing different things now.


A few months ago my little cousins came up to me showing me these really awesome rubber band bracelets that they made. They each probably had 3 to 4 different types of rubber band bracelets. They then tried to sell me a few of them, haha, they told me they were going to start selling them to their friends in any design they wanted. Pretty awesome!

Remember when I told you about the Loomy Awards? Well they decided to give away a Loom Boom to a Dandy Giveaway fan!


The Loom Boom is a great place to store all those rubber band bracelets your kids are creating. I bet you are finding them every where and are just about ready to toss any of them in the trash that you step on or find randomly in a cabinet!


Here is what the creators have to say about The Loom Boom

“As moms (Katy & Lauren – co-founders), we loved the focus and creativity it provided our kids. Every new stitch our children learned produced more patterns, more colors and more creations. However, these bracelets were winding up everywhere, from our couch cushions to our dog’s mouth. It was a problem that needed solving! We stumbled upon a solution when a five-year-old housed his ever-growing collection of bracelets on a paper towel roll! What began with a simple concept has now developed into a first-of-its kind product intended to organize, display, transport and share. Sometimes children see things so clearly, and we jumped on his simple yet genius idea.”

The Loom Boom comes in fun different colors and each can hold up to 40 bracelets! The tube does come apart at the base so it is easy to grab different bracelets. The base also has an extra store part for bands, charms, clips and other items.


The Loom Boom features bright-colored tubes that can hold up to 40 bracelets. The tube is detachable from the base so loomers can transport and share, as well as have easy access to bracelets at the bottom. The base also contains extra storage for loom bands, charms, clips, and other spare parts.

They have thought of everything for The Loom Boom! So definitely check them out and enter below to win one for your kids and your sake! ;-)

Hapari Swimwear {Giveaway}

Ahhh, swimsuit season.  The phrase that can strike fear into exhausted mothers everywhere (especially me) who wish they hit the gym a few more times than they actually did.  But don’t get me wrong, we’re going to hit up the beach nearly every day this summer if I can help it, so I plan on feeling completely comfortable in what I’m wearing, lest I spend the summer in something too small/revealing/uncomfortable.  Ladies, I have found a dream suit, and I have Hapari to thank.


First, however, have you seen their line up this season??  CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!


These are modest, attractive, stylish, colorful, and affordable.  Can’t you see yourself in one of these?  This Palm Desert collection is full of such fun colors and prints!


Now being a big-chested girl with a lot of post-baby tummy fluff to keep under control, I was really intrigued by these swim dresses.  I figured the long length would keep the fabric from creeping up my waist like tankinis do, and the side ruching would be extremely forgiving.  True on both accounts.  This is a VERY friendly and flattering cut, in my opinion, especially for curvy women.


I ordered the Black Seaside Tankini and Swimdress ($59) and the Red Tummy Tuk Swim Shorts ($35), again, opting for comfort and containment :)


Now pardon my camera phone pictures.  I wasn’t about to take the DSLR to the public pool.  Would you?  My opinion of both these pieces is only complimentary.  The 80% nylon/20% spandex blend is both comfortable and thick enough to feel substantial.  You can even machine wash this if you wanted.  Btw, this top is also available in Plus Size.  The shorts are fantastic.  They are exactly what I was hoping for in terms of something high-waisted that would hold in my guts.  Perhaps an inch shorter on the inseam would make them a little less “motherly” and more trendy, but I couldn’y care less.  They are comfortable, supportive, and bright with an excellent fit.


Notice that I wore an extra black bikini top underneath my suit for a little added support, so the straps look much thicker than what is actually attached to the suit.  By the way, these straps are removable and interchangeable so that you can wear this as a halter, criss-cross or tank.  You could also let out the drawstring and wear this as a longer bandeau dress for, you know, when you get back on your cruise boat and want to hit up the buffet after your swim on the beach.  And now…

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 2.13.48 PM copy

Its true!

One lucky winner will receive a $100 giftcard to spend at!!

Its going to be a beautiful summer!

*This giveaway is open to US entries only
*The winner of this giveaway will be drawn no later than the evening of April 30th and will be emailed.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
*The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own are not influenced by monetary compensation.  


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