Tears. I have tears.

Hello my Dandies!  I just came across this music video and I’m seriously in awe.   This talented musician is a friend to my nieces and such a beautiful person; both inside and out.  She is actually legally blind and such an inspiration to me.  Her music literally brought tears to my eyes.  It’s just so very touching.  Enjoy.

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Spring has FINALLY sprung!


I don’t know about where you are, but here in St. Louis the sun is shining.  The flowers are blooming.  The grass is turning a brilliant shade of green.  Yep.  It simply glorious outside.  The spring has finally sprung around here!  I knew this day was coming eventually, but I also knew that the weather wouldn’t just suddenly change over night.  Especially not after what we dealt with for what seemed like eternity.  We had the LONGEST winter ever here!  I’m sure this sentiment resonates with the rest of the country; except of course for places like Florida and California.  Most of the country is highly envious of those types of places.  I’m talking the raging, green-eyed monster.  For St. Louis at least there have been signs of the coming days of honeysuckle and lilacs for quite some time now.  Albeit very slowly, but it has been warming up and the forecast hasn’t been predicting any of those crazy snow storms.  In fact the recent thunderstorms and even tornadoes (scary as those are) in the St. Louis area led me to believe that spring really was on its way.  Yes, I believe it’s FINALLY here!

With the spring weather also comes the need for some spring fashion.  That very need actually sent me to the mall last week, but I returned home with much disappointment.  I only made one measly little purchase.  A somewhat (long sleeved; mind you) spring blouse that definitely won’t carry me into summer.  All of the stores must not have been catching on to the hints of spring, because they only had winter clothing in stock.  Heavy sweaters galore, but nothing for spring.  It’s possibly that they are now stocked for spring this week, but I was at the mall LAST week.  I don’t have time THIS week to go back.

In my desperation to have something that I could fit in (remember I just had a baby 9 weeks ago) for this warmer weather I turned to my old standby.  Online shopping.  I will admit that typically I’m a little hesitant with clothes shopping online.  It’s difficult to often know the sizing or how the item will fit.  Generally I’ll only shop online at stores that I’m familiar with already.  Or ones that my friends have recommended.  So it took A LOT of bravery on my part to place an order on a deal site.  But after this purchase:

photo-90I will be purchasing a lot more off of that deal site!

I’m absolutely in love with this top.  I found it on the Jane deal site for only $19.99!  Isn’t that a steal of a deal?  I’m talking waaaaayyyy dandy.  It has these faux buttons up the back.  Seriously going to be my favorite all spring and summer long!

Jane features boutique clothing items for up to 80% off.  Each deal only lasts a matter of days or until they sell out.  So some of the more popular deals are only be around for a few hours!  Like these two deals:

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.06.33 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.06.55 PM

GONE.  Totally gone.  I shouldn’t have waited so long to make my decision.

Good thing they still have plenty of these cute maxi skirts!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.09.32 PM

Click here…

Don’t miss your chance to get a deal at Jane!

Now… What did you see at Jane that you’ve gotta have?

*I am part of the Jane affiliate program, but I really did purchase the above blue top with my own funds.  All opinions are strictly my own.

The Loomy Awards!

I am so excited to introduce to you Dandy Giveaway Fans about the First Annual Loomy Awards!


You know all those fun rubber band bracelets that your kids and their friends are constantly wanting to make or wearing? It’s honestly the new trend with them now and they are loving it! Well, the Loom Boom was invented so your child can have somewhere to store all those rubber band bracelets instead of lying them around the house for your baby to chew on or the dog or vacuum to swallow up. Genius!

Well, Loom Boom has decided to start their  First Annual Loomy Awards!

The Loomy Awards are sponsored by The Original Loom Boom, a first-of-its kind product intended to organize, display, transport and share your loom bracelet creations. Winners will be chosen from four categories: Best Bracelet, Coolest Charm, Wackiest Wearable, and Best Loom Boom. Three winners will each receive a $250 gift card, and one grand prize winner will receive a $500 gift card! Plus, all winners will receive a special edition of The Original Loom Boom! Entries can be submitted on The Original Loom Boom’s Facebook page beginning on March 30, 2014, and winners will be announced on a live web award show April 30, 2014.

I personally think this is such a fun contest for kids. It really brings their creativity side to life and allows them to become self motivated to do something just for them.

So, hurry up and get your kids going on their rubber band bracelets and send the pictures over to The Original Loom Boom’s facebook page. Lots of amazing prices for the top three winners!!

And then head on back April 10th because we are giving away one Original Loom Boom to one Dandy Giveaway Fan!


Infinity scarf to poncho!

Take a wide infinity scarf:


Add a decorative pin:


And you’ve got a cute poncho for Ruby!


Do you love to adorn your wardrobe with some really great finds?  I, for one, am all about the accessorizing.  Why?  Because accessories are so very versatile.  One item can be used in so many different ways and to compliment so many different looks.  But where to look???  Well, well, well… That infinity scarf up above was sent to me from a really terrific deal site that has soooo many accessories to choose from.  And you too can…

Shop Accessories at toADORN!

It’s where you will find affordable pieces like these:

Only 99 cents!2.3_10


Only $3.99!2.25

Only $2.99!2.4_5

Only $1.29!1.22

Go HERE to get these dandy deals before they are gone!

*This posting is part of my affiliation with toAdorn, but all opinions are strictly my own.

National Super Hero Day and a 5K Family Fun Run

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Do you have a little super hero in your house?  Do you know of a super hero in your life?  Have you ever wanted to be a super hero yourself and fight for a cause larger than yourself?  This is your chance!!

April 28th is National Superhero Day!

One month from today, on April 26th 2014, there will be an inaugural Super Run® event in Detroit, Michigan, but there are over 20 locations all over the U.S. also participating this summer and fall.  Including Boston!!  You guys, I really want to run this.

superRunnersHere’s why: I’d get to dress up in my favorite super hero outfit and run with thousands of other really super people!  But more importantly, by running this race, I can support my local non-profit community.  See, what makes this different than many other 5Ks for charity that you might been involved with, in this Super Run, you can select the non-profit that you’d like your fundraising efforts to benefit.   Since my little brother is fighting cancer, I can choose to support a local non-profit organization that focuses on cancer research or cancer survivors.  I’d also be helping my organization gain publicity and support.TheSuperRun_logo-300x65

WHO:  The Super Run®

WHAT:  A family-friendly fun run that supports local non-profits raise funds and awareness for their organizations.  It is superhero themed event where all registered participants will receive an official superhero cape!

WHEN:  They currently have 20+ event dates schedule throughout the USA – and they’re adding more daily!

WHERE:  From Maine to California, Michigan to Florida.  Check them out on Indiegogo.com to see their video.

WHY:  To raise funds and awareness for a non-profit that is close to your heart.

If you’d like your charity to be involved, The Super Run provides the logistical support, helps with site selection, and volunteer management.  They do the heavy lifting, while your organization would need just one coordinator to be the primary contact for that local event.


You can learn more about the Super Run, view their promotion, and even donate to their cause HERE while checking out their photos and a fun two-minute video.

Visit The Super Run at www.thesuperrun.com to get all the juicy details, register, and volunteer.

Note that if you’re interested in The Super Run, but you don’t see one nearby, BRING it to your city!  Sign up your organization and let this event management company handle the details of the logistics and planning.  You’d be providing the volunteers, and they will handle the rest!  100% of sponsorships and funds raised go directly to your organization!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Throwin’ it back to the Smoky Mountains!

IMG_6774 Happy Throw Back Thursday!  I’m throwing it way back to the fall.  Do you remember when my family and I went to the Smoky Mountains?  Such a great time was had by all.  I miss that trip terribly and cannot wait to go back.  It’s the draw of the relaxing days spent at the cabin…The awesome Pigeon Forge dinner shows… The family friendly shows.  Did I mention the shows???  While on our vacation we had the opportunity to go to quite a few shows.  Our favorite (by far) was the Smoky Mountain Opry.  It had everything for everyone in the family.  There were talented comedians: IMG_6797

This guy was amazing!

Seriously so much talent was found at the Smoky Mountain Opry:


                    There were favorites from Broadway musicals:



There was even a circus!  Which the kids loved.  The kids did start to get restless like most kids do.  But the Smoky Mountain Opry is prepared for that!  They have a special skybox that has the sound piped in.  The kids can play and the parents can still watch the show through a viewing glass.


Ruby and Banjo were major fans of that skybox!

When you find yourself in Pigeon Forge be sure to see a show at The Smoky Mountain Opry!  You definitely will not be disappointed.

This review was sponsored by the Smoky Mountain Opry, but all opinions are strictly my own. 

DIY Burp Cloth Cupcakes REPOST

Shop BabyBunch.com Today! Remember the posting I did way back when on burp cloth cupcakes?  I’ve decided to repost it, because I came across the cutest shop that actually sells them!  Not mine, but ones that aren’t DIY and are super adorable.  Because not everyone can be all about the DIY.  And… to be honest the cupcakes took me quite a while to make, so I would probably just purchase them from here on out.  ;)   Baby Bunch is the place to get the baby gift cupcakes: blue_pj_cupcakes

But also lollipops made out of rompers:



Want a Dandy Deal?  Use Coupon Code: ‘bbafpj2011‘ and get 10% Off and Free Shipping On All Orders Over $100 At Baby Bunch! Now if you are up for the DIYer challenge then here you go… Back in the fall (of 2010) I helped my mom throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law.  Well, I guess I should start with something from a few years back.  When Banjo was a baby he spit up a lot.  It was seriously out of control.  Thank goodness for hardwood floors!  One thing that I learned fast was when it came to burp cloths the prefold cloth diapers made the best ones.  My mother-in-law sent me a tonof prefolds that she embellished with printed grosgrain ribbon.  Perfectly absorbed and perfectly cute!  So going back to the fall when I helped with the baby shower for my SIL…  I knew that  I wanted to make her some burp cloths using prefolds.  I also knew that I wanted to make them look cute for presentation and using my favorite among favorites… FABRIC!  So I created some burp cloths that incorporated all of the above!   In addition to the prefold cloth diapers and fabric I used these supplies:      – corrugated scalloped bulletin board border – thin ribbon – decorative long pins – felt – rubber bands I started by cutting a piece of fabric slightly larger than the center of the prefold diaper.  Then ironed the edges of the fabric in to make the seam creased for attaching to the prefold.     Using pins to secure fabric down the center of the prefold: Sewed around the fabric edge:   The finished burp cloths: Ready for creating a cupcake… First, fold the thin part of the diaper in on the fabric (or under if you would like the fabric to show in a swirl at the top of the cupcake):     Then fold in half (long ways) again:   Roll up like you would a sleeping bag: Secure with a rubber band: Cover around rubber band with the corrugated boarder:   Add on a felt flower with the long pin in the center:     Tie around a ribbon: Voila!  A Cupcake Burp Cloth! If you choose to fold the burp cloth with the fabric showing then you will get the swirl effect for the “icing”. These were fun to make and worked great for decorations on the cake table!

Spring is in the Air!

Can’t you feel it?  Despite the ridiculous cold and snow storms just this weekend, can’t you feel that the end is in sight?!  While the weather is still figuring out whether it wants to be freezing or mild on any given day, spring can be such a hard season to dress for.  The key lies with layering, and lots of lightweight, soft fabrics.

If you’re a fashionista planning to hit up the basketball games this season, are you looking for some new tops and jackets to wear out?  Some things in line with school spirit, but still flattering, unique, and don’t scream ‘undergrad’, but are also spring-friendly?


Check out these spring favorites from Meesh & Mia!  You’ll find all the essential layering pieces you’ll need–darling tanks, tops, sweaters, and jackets, and all in the colors and teams you’re looking for.

s1 s2

Look forward to seeing a GIVEAWAY from Meesh & Mia in two weeks!  Its going to be a good one!

And remember, “DANDY40” will give you a 40% discount throughout the week!

Meesh & Mia Teaser

There’s a reason why I keep featuring Meesh & Mia here on Dandy!  I LOVE their school spirit clothing!  Meesh & Mia is all for the female fans who love to show their individual style.  More to come in a giveaway coming up in the next two weeks!


For now, use the code “DANDY40” all this week and get a 40% discount!

Starts today and ends next Saturday!

Go, Fight, Win!

Comfort Foods with Hood Sour Cream

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Hood. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

This winter has been BRUTAL!  Between the piercing temperatures and the ever-piling snow dumps, we’ve really taken to huddling indoors for the past few months.  I’ve been avoiding leaving the house at all costs and not blinking an eye at our slightly-larger-than-normal grocery bills.  The cost of comfort in the form of delicious foods that make the cold not so horrible is totally worth it to me!  We’ve been making the gooiest desserts, the sweetest drinks, and the creamiest entrees lately!


One of my favorite meals yet incorporates a healthy amount of delicious Hood Sour Cream.  I created this new recipe for my family last week, and it was quickly put in our box of favorite recipes.  Hood presents itself as a company that is honest, reliable, friendly, and truly the best you can offer your family.  Families have been sharing meals with Hood products for over 160 years, which shows that their products are consistently good and can be trusted as one of the highest quality companies around.


I’ll call it “Spinach Artichoke Dip Pasta”.  This recipe uses:

1 small onion
2 large chix breast
2 T. minced garlic
1 box frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed
First step: I was going to sauté the chicken, garlic, and onions, but then I realized I was going to be late for church, so I threw all three in the crock pot for a few hours.  I’m sure either would work fine.


In a separate bowl, combine:
1 can (6.5 oz) quartered, marinated artichoke hearts
1/2 c. mayo
1 pint (16 oz.) Hood Sour Cream
(By the way, Hood Sour Cream can be found in the full fat variety, Light, and Fat Free.  The full fat version, which I used, is so rich and thick!  Delicious.)
I like using the entire ‘whatever’.  The full box of spinach, one entire can, the whole onion, etc. so in this recipe, I used an entire tub of Hood sour cream.  This eliminates partially used containers, and the more sour cream, the better.  Besides sour cream, you can find the Hood label on all sorts of dairy like milk, cottage cheese, eggnog, ice cream, etc.  Not to mention their collection of Red Sox ice cream novelties, like Red Sox Vanilla and Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches and Red Sox Chocolate Dipped Sundae Cones!  Can I you tell I’m from Boston?  Go Sox!


Back to the recipe.  Combine everything with 2 cups shredded mozzarella and stir together with a large spoon.  No mixers.  You don’t want the artichokes or chicken chopped too fine.


Cook up a whole box of medium shells, and divide between two round glass dishes.  Pour the creamy good stuff over both dishes and spread to cover the pasta.


Cook at 375 for 15 minutes, then sprinkle on 2 cups of parmesan cheese and toss them back in the oven until everything looks bubbly.


Holy heaven, this was GOOD!!  And so very filling.  All that delicious sour cream really makes a difference.  Even days later, the leftovers were still creamy and just as flavorful.  We’ve really been going through the sour cream lately.  Basically half of our meals consist of crock-pot wonders like chili, soups, curry, and casseroles, all of which need a healthy dollop of sour cream.


If I’ve motivated you to get cookin’ with some Hood goodness, you can find all sorts of delicious recipes on their website.  Go to Hood.com and look under “Recipes”.  You can even download coupons, so there’s no excuse to whip up something comforting with Hood for you family tonight!

Follow Hood:
Website / Sour Cream Micro-site / Facebook Page / Twitter page / YouTube Cooking Channel


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