butter LONDON {Review}

You guys.  I just had the most incredible weekend!!  It was a 10-year-reunion of sorts for my college acappella group.  Think “Pitch Perfect” and you’ve got it exactly right.  You can actually find my name in the book “Pitch Perfect”, which the movie was based off of.  We were Noteworthy, the first all-female accapella group to win ICCA!!  We met up again to put on a 10-year reunion show and celebrate our new CD release.


As you can see, there was a LOT of lime green and hot pink going on!  As I was gathering all my old Noteworthy clothes to recreate my performance outfit, I decided I HAD to have a hot pink nail polish to match!


Thank you, butter LONDON, for having the perfect shade of hot pink I was looking for.  This is Cakehole.  It was PERFECT for last weekend.

IMG_0370If you haven’t tried butter LONDON lacquer, you’ve got to put it on your priority list.  The mixture is strong and neither too drippy or too thick.  The bottles are heavy and sturdy, and I like the two layers of containment (one rectangular lid and a small round one inside).  Last weekend:

pink2I got lots of compliments about how it looked like a fresh coat, or a brand new nail job, even though it had been a few days.  That, my friends, is the difference between quality polish and not.  Avoiding the daily upkeep and constant chipped repairs is really a nice break.

Lucky me, I also got to pick out this creamy mint color, called Fiver.  Both favorites.  This fresh mint color is perfect for spring!  I think it could be a great winter color too.  Hey, look at that high quality brush!  No stray hairs, long and strong, and easy to maneuver.

fiverThis is currently my favorite, favorite nail polish brand.  They carry dozens and dozens of fun and gorgeous colors.  112 to be exact!  I’m especially loving the 2014 Summer Collection of brights!!

lblacquercolThese scream ‘summer’ to me, how about you?!

Check in with butterLONDON and pick up some new colors!  Follow them below and keep up on new colors and sales:

Online Store / Facebook / Instagram

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Hapari Swimwear {Giveaway}

Ahhh, swimsuit season.  The phrase that can strike fear into exhausted mothers everywhere (especially me) who wish they hit the gym a few more times than they actually did.  But don’t get me wrong, we’re going to hit up the beach nearly every day this summer if I can help it, so I plan on feeling completely comfortable in what I’m wearing, lest I spend the summer in something too small/revealing/uncomfortable.  Ladies, I have found a dream suit, and I have Hapari to thank.


First, however, have you seen their line up this season??  CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!


These are modest, attractive, stylish, colorful, and affordable.  Can’t you see yourself in one of these?  This Palm Desert collection is full of such fun colors and prints!


Now being a big-chested girl with a lot of post-baby tummy fluff to keep under control, I was really intrigued by these swim dresses.  I figured the long length would keep the fabric from creeping up my waist like tankinis do, and the side ruching would be extremely forgiving.  True on both accounts.  This is a VERY friendly and flattering cut, in my opinion, especially for curvy women.


I ordered the Black Seaside Tankini and Swimdress ($59) and the Red Tummy Tuk Swim Shorts ($35), again, opting for comfort and containment :)


Now pardon my camera phone pictures.  I wasn’t about to take the DSLR to the public pool.  Would you?  My opinion of both these pieces is only complimentary.  The 80% nylon/20% spandex blend is both comfortable and thick enough to feel substantial.  You can even machine wash this if you wanted.  Btw, this top is also available in Plus Size.  The shorts are fantastic.  They are exactly what I was hoping for in terms of something high-waisted that would hold in my guts.  Perhaps an inch shorter on the inseam would make them a little less “motherly” and more trendy, but I couldn’y care less.  They are comfortable, supportive, and bright with an excellent fit.


Notice that I wore an extra black bikini top underneath my suit for a little added support, so the straps look much thicker than what is actually attached to the suit.  By the way, these straps are removable and interchangeable so that you can wear this as a halter, criss-cross or tank.  You could also let out the drawstring and wear this as a longer bandeau dress for, you know, when you get back on your cruise boat and want to hit up the buffet after your swim on the beach.  And now…

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 2.13.48 PM copy

Its true!

One lucky winner will receive a $100 giftcard to spend at Hapari.com!!

Its going to be a beautiful summer!

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Spring Things for the Home by Brylane Home {Review}

I am in FULL Spring-mode!  Out with the dreary, in with the sunshine!!  I’ve been taking down our thick drapes and putting up light and flowing fabrics, putting away our scarves and gloves, boxing up the winter coats…its a good feeling, and its about time.  Are you ready to freshen up your home for Spring?  Have you seen all the fresh textiles and new items from Brylane Home that could help you transform your living space?
One of my favorite parts of the seasonal changes is rotating the linens.  All the quilts and blankets get a good washing and rotation.  Why not freshen up your bedroom for Spring with some of these new and refreshing comforters and quilts?
Out with the old, and in with this charming Florence 2 Tone Bedspread Collection from Brylane Home!  This king-size quilt is sold as a comforter, but we’re going to use it as a living room snuggle quilt, especially because it matches our blue walls and wainscoting so well!!
I can’t get over how beautifully this is stitched.  It looks like it took hours and hours by hand.  What a breathtaking work of art.  It truly looks feels like a handcrafted heirloom.  Its brand-new, and it already looks like a timeless treasure we’ve had for decades–in a good way!  It has an excellent heavy weight that feels great on top of you if you were to use this as a bedspread through the cold winter months.  It is warm, soft, thick, and the detail is remarkable.IMG_0345
Now check out these matching king-size shams.  The scallop trim around the edges is a lovely touch.  I love all the little details that have been put into this set, like the contrasting color trim and these ties on the back of the pillow shams.
Perfect for cuddling.  Actually, this blanket is so big and strong, it has become an essential component of every fort, tower, airplane, boat, or rocket ship these boys can put together.  I guarantee we will be cuddling up as a family underneath this blanket for movie nights for years and years and years to come!

This Florence 2 Tone Bedspread is available in four color varieties and is sold for $79.99-$109.99, depending on the size, Twin through King.
Freshen up your home for Spring and start at Brylane Home!
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Mika Yoga Wear {Giveaway}

Welcome to the Spring Sweeping Giveaway Hop, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network!  Take the next two weeks to sweep along the fabulous giveaways that a group of bloggers have come together to offer you!  At the bottom of this post, be sure to hop around to all the giveaways in the linky below, and just maybe the Grand Prize of a Shark® Lift Away Vacuum, from Brylane Home, will get someone in the Spring Cleaning mood!  You can enter the Grand Prize here.

So ladies!  Don’t cute workout clothes fuel the fire to hit the gym?!  I can’t believe how much more excited I am about sweatin’ it out on the elliptical when I’m wearing something slick and far from frumpy, which would accurately describe the huge majority of my current gym clothes collection.mika_sponser_uspdfReady to see some of the greatest yoga wear I’ve come across in a long time?  Hello, Mika Yoga Wear.

Untitled-2Gorgeous colors, beautiful styles, unique features, and premium fabrics.  If you’re a yoga-nut or into pole-fitness, hit this place up!  Though Mika was some superbly unique tops that flatter and support, I want to show off a really excellent pair of pants, capris, and shorts.

IMG_0075I was sent the Sofia Short ($44), Aerial Capri ($52), and Kaya Legging ($54).  Each of them are winners, and worth every penny.


Let’s start with these leggings.  I generally don’t like to feel squeezed inside my leggings, so I got a size L/XL, and they feel great.  Still form-fitting, but plenty long and not biting into the chub around my waist.  The support is great and the fabric is smooth and moisture-wicking.  These have four-way stretch and a 28 1/2″ inseam.  If you’re a shorty like me, you can see how comfortably these can wrap around your heels.  What’s also great about these leggings is that you could wear these outside the gym with a pair of boots like regular leggings.  They aren’t shiny and they don’t scream “workout gear”, so they’re only more versatile than you thought.


Next up are these beautiful aerial capris.  This blackberry/lemon combination is so pretty!  I chose size M/L, and I kind of wish I went up a size again, because the only thing on my wish list regarding these capris is that the waistband was a little higher/wider, but this is coming from the girl with miles of extra sagging stomach skin and no abdominals to keep them in there :).  They fall at a great place below the knee, and as with all Mika Yoga Wear items, there are flat seams that don’t rub or irritate you while you’re moving around every direction.


And now my FAVORITE shorts of all time!  I really click with these Sofia Shorts.  First of all, the colors (Peacock/Goddess) are beautiful, but the cut is really what I love.  The way the hem dips really accentuates any leg muscles, or making even stick legs look amazing.  I’d love to wear these biking or boating.  Ooo, these would be great for white water rafting so the tops of your thighs don’t get sunburned!


The double-lined 4 1/2″ waistband provides excellent midsection support.  Love my stretch marks?

blue6You can get these in black or there are a few more pairs of these in the Peacock/Goddess color for $30.80.

blue9I’m so happy with these.  I’ve been wearing nothing but my Mika wear for weeks now, and they hold up great through multiple washes.  Check out their store and follow them below:

Online Store / Facebook / Instagram

And now…for a giveaway prize!

One lucky winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Mika Yoga Wear!



Now its time hop along!


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Treasure Pack {Review}

When I first came home to show off my new engagement ring, my realist brothers couldn’t fathom the amount of money they were expected to spend on a single pieces of tiny jewelry for their future betrothed.  They kept muttering things about getting a fake ring, ‘what’s wrong with cubic zurchonia’, ‘who will ever tell the difference’, and ‘if she’s the right girl for me, she’ll value saving money’.  Ha ha ha!  Don’t worry, since then, both of these brothers have both gotten their fiances something real, but I do see their point!  When it comes to jewelry, sometimes you CAN get by  on something pretty and glam that only costs a few dollars.  If you agree with this statement, you’re going to love Treasure Pack.

pack1Treasure Pack is a monthly subscription box of $14.99 a month, where you receive around fifteen pieces of assorted jewelry.  Think about it–15 new pieces of jewelry every month makes for a new piece every other day!  You could wear something new to work or school basically every day.  Now THAT’s a way to change up your wardrobe.


I knew I’d be getting a hit-or-miss assortment, but I was still so excited about this!  I thought surely there would be one or two wonders that would be right up my jewelry alley.  And I was right!  Among a few oddities, I did find some things I just love!!  Favorite #1 are these leafy rings as seen above and in the top picture.  There were three included–each a different size!  Smart and thoughtful.

 pack3Favorite #2 are these art deco earrings.  They are exactly my style.  Not too big, a little glam, a little color, and easy to coordinate with all sorts of outfits.

Now what I really love is this vintage cameo on brass necklace!  Charming is the perfect word for it.  The chain is strong, the medallion is nice and heavy and the color is great.  Also included in this box was a pearl bracelet, hot air balloon pennant necklace, teal beaded cuff bracelet, dangling pearl earrings that look just like a cluster of grapes, and a leather-and-brass necklace with a key charm and stamped letters.

pack4In all, I think this is a fantastic box.  You get a great assortment of ‘treasures’, and enough of them that you’re bound to find enough favorites or personality-wins to make it worth the $15.  This small company based in California creates packs out of thousands of different products and they handpick items that will be shipped to their customers, so you know you’re not just getting a handful of overseas junk.

Try it out!  Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime, and they even have an affiliate program which pays you $1 per month for each client you recruit until he/she cancels the subscription.

Order your first Treasure Pack!

*The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own are not influenced by monetary compensation. 

Spring Foot Covers from Kushyfoot {Giveaway}

By chance, did you give or get socks last Christmas?  I swear, it was like the hot item of the holidays for adults.  All the men in my life are into these funky designs and unexpected colors for their socks.  I think it stems from them generally having a limited number of ways to accessorize.  Regardless, its been fun to see socks become high on the ‘want’ list, because I likewise think they’re a fun thing to get in to.  Especially the new line of spring socks from Kushyfoot!

Kushyfoot-LogoJust look at this spoil!  This is the Kushyfoot Spring 2014 collection which highlights more than 20 rockin’ styles and colors, and they sent me a sample to review.  The great part about this collection is that the whole footwear spectrum is addressed.  Whether your shoes are high, low, peep toe, sporty or dressy, you’ve got something to keep your feet covered.

IMG_0414Let’s start on the far left with the Ultra Low Cut foot covers, sold as a two-pack.   Note how very low cut these actually are in person.  There is nothing more gross to me than seeing ugly foot covers spill out over top otherwise beautiful heels.  Sure, you can see a pink outline in my Madden Girls, but I totally don’t mind.

pinkThese are totally comfortable, and these polka dots are darling.  That gray dot with the scallop trim around the edges?!  Goodness, do your feet a favor and avoid settling for those tan, generic covers that look sanitary disposables in shoe stores and get these extremely adorable ones.  Notice the dome-shaped padding sewn in to every pair.  Hence the ‘cushy’ part of ‘kushyfoot’.

Now, I know the elastic looks biting, but it is very stretchy and it doesn’t lie along any pressure points.  Still, I think these are just right for my size 6.5 feet, and that size 8 girls might find these a little too small.  Good thing Kushyfoot now carries larger sizes.  More on that below.  Next in the line-up are the Extreme Low Cut foot covers, also sold as a two-pack.
Extreme low cut?  Its true.  These are about the lowest cut you can get and still stay on your feet.  The packaging says, “Sides so low, they never show”, and they are totally justified in claiming that.  They totally disappear.  However, with lace this pretty, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.
Next up is a most exciting new item called the Sheer Fashion Anklet.  I think these are excellent with trousers or slacks, especially for those who are grossed out with knee-highs.
IMG_0423 The sheer is pretty, the ankle cuff is thick and supportive without being binding, and per typical of kushyfoot products, they have that awesome chevron textured ribbing on the underside for added comfort, as well as for keeping them stationary inside slippery shoes.
Then we have the Sport Foot Cover!
Now I’m a BIG fan of these sport foot covers.  Socks with gym shoes is a total must, and these are practically invisible.  Notice how the top is made from a mesh material that allows for ventilation.  The grippies on the inside of the heel and the extra lip on the back keep your socks in place no matter how active you get.  Besides that, they are comfy, comfy.  Stretchy in all directions and made of a very soft knit.
And here we have the Super Ultra Low Cut foot covers in size Regular and Large.
IMG_0448Now with all these superlatives, its hard to know which is the MOST low cut just from the descriptions, but as you can probably guess, these are pretty low too.  No show in the front, regardless of your shoe style as long as it is close-toed, but you might see a hint on the side.  I love the all-lace toe, with the added benefit of a full sole and of course, the kushyfoot padded trademark on the bottom.
And last but not least, here are the Toe Covers.  TOE covers, not foot covers.  Kind of weird.  The picture shows these being worn with open-back slippers, which I get, but then the clear elastic still shows along your heel.  Perhaps these are ideal with sling back/close-toed shoes?  I’m sure there is a perfect shoe out there for these toe covers, but I’m still kind of stumped.  Regardless of their intended function, they’re comfortable, roomy, and sheer-ly beautiful.
Now, note that all of these are reasonably priced and nothing you see is over $10.  Also new is the pair of foot covers for larger feet sizes.  Believably, the average foot size has grown from a size 8 to a size 9, so Kushyfoot is rolling with the trends and following suit.  I’m also loving the additional skin tones that are making these more appealing to a larger number of women.

Again, these are so affordable, ranging from $3.99 to $9.99 retail.  Kushyfoot products (and there are over 50 styles) include Flats to Go®, tights, trouser socks, anklets/crews, foot and toe covers, shoe cushions, sport socks (including pedicure and yoga socks) and home/dorm socks, as well as men’s socks and liners.  They’ve got you covered.  Literally.

Be sure to follow Kushyfoot on Facebook!

Enter below to win an assortment of foot covers from Kushyfoot!

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MIRA Stainless Steel Container Set {Review}

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Sometimes I hate every piece of ‘tupperware’ in my kitchen.  What isn’t stained or cracked is usually missing a lid or is just the wrong size.  After trying out these stainless steel containers from MIRA, I wouldn’t mind throwing everything out the window and stocking up on these beautiful containers.


This set contains a large container (16-ounce), medium container (8-ounce), small container (5-ounce).  These make great tools for portion control and still hold a decent amount of food.


My first favorite feature is that this stainless steel is, of course, unbreakable.  You could crunch these in the bottom of your gym bath, drop them on the floor, or even let your little one use them as drums with a spoon.  The bowls are made of unlined 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, while the lids are made of non-toxic LDPE number 4 plastic.  They are BPA-free, toxic-free, and kid friendly.


Ok, food containers MUST be able to nest inside eachother!  Check.  They must be unbreakable and they must be leak-proof!  Check and check.  I even filled one of these full of water and left it upside for a morning to test for leakage, and only noticed a few drops.  I’d trust these filled with food in the bottom of my purse.  Bottom line: I think these are fantastic.  Besides being durable and easy to cover/uncover, they are beautiful!  I’ll never stop loving that shiny silver that will never become stained from spaghetti sauce.

You can purchase your own MIRA Stainless Steel 3 Container Set on sale HERE on Amazon for $17.95.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Pinky Paradise Color Contacts {Giveaway}

Ok, I’ve been wanting to try these out since I got contacts in junior high!  How incredible that you can even DO this!  Does Wizard of Oz come to mind, with the lyrics, “Can you even dye my eyes to match my dress?”  Totally.  558304_377706098926581_1729765139_n-2

Pinky Paradise is like the headquarters for circle lenses, colored contacts, beauty products, and accessories.   I’m most drawn to their colored contacts where you can literally change or enhance the color of your eyes, even if they are dark brown.  Don’t tell me that these pictures are intriguing!

1794824_718822694814918_591974353_nDon’t wear contacts?  You can order these without a prescription, so you’re just getting color without altering your vision in the least.  Still love the color you’ve got?  You can choose from dozens of options that lighten, darken, deepen, or enhance your current color.

green2I took at least over an hour trying to decide what color to get.  I wanted to try them all.  I decided that I wanted something that would be noticeably different, but still in a natural way.


I ordered the EOS Ice Green lenses.  Major success on the first day I wore them out when a friend asked, “Whoa, is that your natural eye color?!  It looks like you have Disney Princess eyes!”  I think the green over top my blue makes a beautiful teal.


So are you wondering if they’re comfortable?  I honestly don’t feel them at all!  Surely, they’re probably larger in diameter than my normal contacts, but I think that only gives them a better seal, and less of a chance that they’ll slipping around my eye balls.  Better hold.


They are not drying or irritating in the least.  I basically put them in and forget completely about them.  I have noticed, however, that at the end of a long day, they do feel a little dry, so I try to not wear these on days that I know I’ll be out or up late.  Plus, get a cute little animal contact case with every order!

IMG_9896You guys, these are so affordable.  This pair of lenses I received were $22.90.  How much are you paying currently for your colorless contacts?  About that much?  These have a 1-year life span!!  I bet you’re paying a whoooole lot more yearly on your contacts already.  You’re saving $ AND looking fabulous with these.

Have I convinced you yet?!  Go check out Pinky Paradise and pick out your favorite new eye color!

Online Store / Facebook / Twitter

One lucky winner will get to choose a pair of lenses of their choice!!

Plus and cute little animal contact case!  There is no charge on the shipping fee and this is open worldwide!

*This giveaway is open to WORLDWIDE entries!
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Hot Slings {Giveaway} – CLOSED

Welcome to the [2nd Annual] Showered With Love Event hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network!

Showered with LoveWe all know that April Showers bring May Flowers, but did you know that some of your favorite bloggers have come together throw a huge Shower of our own – a virtual Baby Shower! The Showered with Love Event will run from April 1-15, giving you plenty of time to enter all of the great giveaways, in the linky below, including the Grand Prize of a Combi Catalyst Travel System!

Showered with Love GP_jpg

But first, here is our Dandy prize!

I’ve been babysitting a few cuties lately during the day while their mothers (my good friends) have appointments or work shifts.  Its been so fun having little babies in the house again!  My two beefy boys are so sweet with these freshies, and its been fun pulling out all our infant toys and swings.  One thing I totally forgot about is how much of the day you can spend carrying that baby on your hip!  Especially when they’re missing their mommies, I find I spend these entire babysitting days carrying them around in my arms.  Boy oh boy, am I out of shape!  Where has all my arm strength gone?  I started digging through my baby boxes to find my wraps and realized that a sling would be a whole lot easier for these in-and-outers.  I am soooo glad one of these Hot Slings arrived at my door to review!  Great timing.


This is the Lemon Mist Hot Sling, sold for $64.95 at www.hotslings.com.  Over $60 might sound like a lot for what you imagine would be just a loop a fabric, but let me show and tell you about how this sling is so superior to others I’ve tried in the past.

hot1First of all, I find slings to be so much more realistic than full body wraps just because of the time it takes to put on yourself and get the baby situated inside.  I feel like with a full wrap, by the time you get yourself wrapped up folds of fabric that criss-cross every which way, the baby is inconsolable and not in the mood to be snuggled at all.  Slings are fast to put on, and easy to place around baby.  This is a wide shoulder design, so that all of the baby’s weight isn’t directed on one focal point by your neck.  You can distribute the weight all along your shoulder and upper arm, which allows you to carry that cutie for longer hours before feeling sore and tired.

hotThere are inner straps sewn into the design that allow you to really get a customized fit.  Two buckles on the outside allow you to adjust securely.  Also included in this sling packaging is a diaper/wipes sack with velcro closure to toss in the diaper bag!  Cute and functional!  Thanks, HotSlings.

hot2Another feature that I really love, and haven’t seen on other slings, is a ring of padding along the top and bottom of the sling.  It keeps the fabric from digging into your side and back, as well as baby’s back and legs.  The curve in the design is perfect for snuggling little baby shapes comfortably.

hot3I carried sweet baby C around in this for a couple hours and she was perfectly content.  Body contact is so great for babies.  I love this sling!  I’m impressed, pleased, and glad to have this around the house–for all the babies that visit and future babies of my own. HS-Styles-for-BlogThese HotSlings are available in so many fun prints!  I love how lots of them are gender neutral and geometric.

The promo code “DANDY14″ is good for 25% off your entire purchase at Hotslings.com!

Start picking out your favorite print because…

forpinterest copy

One winner will get to choose a HotSling in their favorite print! ($64.99)

  Now follow along and see all the other cute baby shower-themed giveaways!

Follow Lindsey G. {Blogging Mamas/SEBG}’s board Showered with Love Giveaways on Pinterest.

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Out of Print {Review}

oopc logoIf I had an extra hour in the day, surely I’d pick up a few more books.  I always have a good read by the side of my bed, and I usually get to a few chapters each night, but I kind of miss AP high school English class where we were expected to read novels like they were pamphlets.  We’d bust out a deep, thick novel about every other week.  In fact, here are a few we did actually read:




Readers and lovers, these are the beautiful designs and clothing from Out of Print!  I’m head over heels in love with this little bookshop of treasures!  I feel like I’m reliving stories as I peruse and opening favorite novels as I search.

Check out their list of classics:

1984, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Alice in Wonderland, Animal Farm, Atlast Shrugged, Babar, Caps for Sale, Catch-22, Charlotte’s Web, The Color Purple, Death of a Salesman, and dozens more…

And then look at these super cute t-shirts in favorite children’s books!  Oh how I want these for my kids!

out-of-print-kidsNow, Little Women is a favorite of mine.  I grew up with seven brothers, so reading within the world of sisters was so fun to me!  I was so drawn to this red and cream Little Women Tee, by the way the “little women” make up a larger image, and how the visual sweeps along the curves when worn.


I think it is beautiful!  Its clearly made from a higher quality cotton than others you own.  And don’t you love these tags?!  I’m using mine as a bookmark in my current novel.


It is softer, thicker, and the ink is deep (though the over exposure on these pictures probably makes it look more faint than it actually is).  This is me wearing a size L because I like some of my shirts looser and longer.  As you can see, this is designed to be a women’s style tee.  It is not as boxy or broad-shouldered, and it actually pretty flattering, especially for being a t-shirt.


Another favorite item from Out of Print is their long sleeve open neck sweatshirt.  A few months ago, I reviewed their Pride & Prejudice top, and I wore this thing aaaaall winter.  So cozy, soft, unique, and cute!

prideI’m a fan!  Check em out to check out some of your favorites!

Online Shop / Facebook / Twitter

*The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own are not influenced by monetary compensation. 


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