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Why dandelions? Well, they were my late grandfather’s favorite flower. That’s right…he didn’t view them as being a weed, but rather a beautiful plant! While others would become frustrated with how they overtook their perfect, green grass he delighted in their appearance. He would always regret having to mow them down, but they were hardy plants that would grow right back and spread across the lawn. I’m sure that his next door neighbors always loved how he was willing to share his dandelions with their lawns! :) Thanks Boompa for teaching me that all things in life can be just dandy.

Who am I?  Well, I just very well might be a 30 something year old with a few more wrinkles since the days of my 20′s. I just might like all things chocolate.  This would include chocolate eclairs ( the ones in Paris are the bestest), chocolate cannolis, chocolate covered raisins, and anything Cadbury!  I also might be a former traveling girl who did some time working in a children’s emergency room.   But what I definitely am now is a psychology educated mommy to one dandy little boy (“Banjo”) and one dandy little girl (“Ruby”), wife to one dandy audiologist man (“Audi”), lady who likes to craft, and the starter of Dandy Giveaway! Yep that’s who I am now and I like who I am just fine.  :)




Hey friends!  I’m a former Home-Ec teacher, cake decorator, and costume shop seamstress living in Boston.  My two boys, “Rocket” and “Little Brother”, are the apples of my eye, and hubby “Charlie” is the man of my dreams!  We met at auditions for Beauty & the Beast, and as “Belle” and the “Prince”, he proposed in front of the opening night audience.  I would consider myself an ice cream enthusiast, an occasional marathoner, and a thrift-store shopaholic.  I love this blogging business to pieces and I love being a mom more than anything in the world!

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Hi, I’m Val! I love to run, sing, dance, read and goof around with my adorable hubby, “Kirk.” My two kids, “Ralph” and “Sunny,” definitely keep me on my toes, but there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing than be at home cooking, cleaning, eating, twirling, reading, singing, laughing (and sometimes crying) right along with them. I’ve lived in college towns in the Mountain West and the South, but I’m still a Southern California girl at heart–I live for 70-degree winters and beach bonfires in the summer! I get a thrill from buying something on sale, and I especially love when things are free, so I hope to offer you some dandy deals!

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Hey Dandy Giveaway Fans!! I’m Kashia!! A 20 something year old wife to a big hunk of burnin’ love and mom to a cute little furry Portuguese Water Dog. Former Weber State University Cheerleader (The Husband is a cheerleader too, I know, right!), Hairstylist and Eyelash Extension Specialist.  I’ve been married for 2.5 years and we have lived in 6 houses and 4 different states. We sure love to travel! I’m from Orange County, California and live for warm, sunny, beach days. But Utah’s snow will do for now ;-)  I like to think of myself as a runner (even though I’m stuck on mile 7), a vegetarian, and work-out junkie! I’m excited to find you readers the best deals and even some free stuff!!

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Hello Dandies! My name is Jess Elaine and I am a wife to the best hubster ever and mommy to two boys , Theo who is 4 and Elliot who is 2. We are also expecting our third little bundle of joy in May. I’m a former hairstylist and makeup artist who loves beauty and fashion and I currently moonlight as a dance teacher and choreographer as well.  I love living in Ohio (although the winters can be brutal) and I am a bit of a thrifting/ antiquing  junkie, who loves to snag a great deal. I’m so excited to dance my way into great giveaways!

Contact me: dandyjesselaine (at) gmail (dot) com.


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