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Putting away Christmas is always such a drag.  We’re exhausted from entertaining, the budget is spent, and we all have to go back to normal life.  Sometimes it takes several weeks to really get into the swing of things without feeling too much sadness over the holidays being over.  Its been over a month and I’m still finding leftover decorations in odd places.  I think I had a pile of wrapping paper left abandoned for weeks in the middle of my sewing room.  I knew there was a better way to organize the mess that December leaves and January/February is left to deal with.  That “better way to organize” is wrapped up in a slick package called Wrap iT, and I can’t wait to show it to you so that you can enjoy the thrill of getting your wrapping station in order.
This is the Wrap iT, a hanging compartmentalized organizer, meant to be a portable gift wrapping station where everything has a space and a place.
Here is some hands-on interaction:
I was so happy to see that such high-quality materials have been put into its construction.  These elastic holsters are thick and heavy-duty.  They really hold the roll in place, no matter the thickness.  The Velcro squares are large and strong, the zippers are large and plastic with comfortable silver pull tabs, the mesh is very securely sewn, and the clear vinyl is probably the thickest I’ve seen or felt in any given product.
I was a little skeptical and hesitant to believe that a product like this could be worth almost $60, but now that I’ve handled the organizer and seen for myself how sturdy and high-quality the parts are, I totally get it and I completely approve of a cost.  I think you could probably find a knock-off version of something similar at any large retailer, or try a DIY tutorial on Pinterest, but you won’t find something this effective or this sturdy or this portable.
The way this stores in a closet is genius.  Closet space is prime real estate in this house, so I’m actually going to store this under our bed.  I can’t wait to wrap something!
Also, you can check out this product being showcased on QVC tomorrow morning (Wednesday the 12th) at 6am!

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One lucky duck is going to receive their own Wrap iT Deluxe!!  ($59.97)

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  1. Sarah Mahan says:

    What a great idea! Better than my current method of storing wrapping paper in a trash bag in the basement.

  2. Wow! I could really use this! My wrapping paper and bows are in an old ratty bag in the basement.

  3. OMG, do I need this! I probably need 10 of them, actually. My wrapping paper is all loose everywhere, the bows are taking over, ribbons are being unraveled by the cats. I can’t stand it; it drives me crazy.

  4. I need this to get rid of my current wrapping bin, so shameful :(

  5. I love this Idea! I have OCD and I am constantly trying to find ways to organize all my gift wrapping goods. All those plastic bins that you can buy I have and I hate them. They take up so much room, plus you have to buy different ones for wrapping paper, bags, etc… I would love to have this organizer!! It would take up less room and put my OCD to easy when it comes to organizing all my wrapping goods in one place!!

  6. Anything to help organize my mess is a good thing!

  7. It would be so nice to have everything in one place and not be all wrinkled and torn when I go to use it

  8. so I can my wrapping paper and bows all in one place and organized

  9. I really need this! I have wrapping supplies all over the place! This is a great tool to keep me organized!

  10. I have wrapping supplies stored in multiple places… I would love this product to organize all that stuff. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  11. sandra davis says:

    i love how you can have everything together in one place rather than what i have……everything scattered all over.

  12. My mom would love this! She always makes her gifts extra special, and this would help!

  13. i think it’s so cool because it’s a great way to store things you don’t think can be stored in such an manner. i need it because my wrapping supplies are a mess.

  14. Jessica Fortner says:

    I need this badly lol…all of my wrapping stuff is just thrown in cardboard boxes with no sort of organization what so ever LOL.

  15. amanda Whitley says:

    i need this because i have so much clutter that needs organization to get it under control!

  16. I really need this and would love it because I have all of my wrapping supplies in at least 3 different places, and I could use some efficient organization!


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