Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush from ToiletTree {Review}

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

My husband bought me my first electric toothbrush the winter I came home from the dentist with FIVE cavities.  Now, let me preface that until this point, I think I had maybe one or two fillings in my entire LIFE, so to come back with this news, I was in total shock because my dental hygiene habits are commendable. Turns out, a lot of dentists in Boston are totally corrupt and will tell you all sorts of crazy things.  Case in point, we switched dentists twice more after that, and each new dentist told me something totally bazaar, like how all of my (brand new) fillings were deteriorated and needed to be replaced, or that I needed a gum graft, or that there was intense decalcification.  Long story short, we finally found a dentist we trust, who agrees that my teeth are fine and that all of these horrible diasnosis’ were fake and wrong.


But can you see my paranoia in keeping up my dental hygiene?!  When I was at a loss as to what on earth I could do to best help my teeth, my husband and I switched to electric toothbrushes.  They appeared to clean better and encourage longer brushing than with a manual brush, so we’ve turned electric.  The biggest beef I have with our electric toothbrushes is how fast they suck up battery life.  After paying for the stem and the brushes, adding batteries to the bill felt excessive.

When I saw this Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush from ToiletTree, I thought it would be a great solution, especially in that chic black.  My husband claimed it first, so here are his thoughts and pictures:


It comes with a lot of pieces, right?  The item at the top is a travel toothbrush that vibrates with a battery.  I especially like the cover, its stubby length that can fit in small cosmetic bags, and the option of using it with or without a battery.  At the bottom right, you see the charger, which is totally the way to go.  No batteries to mess with, and a nice stand to rest on.  We found the base to be a little large–too wide to fit in our mirrored medicine cabinet, so this now resides on top of the toilet, no thanks to our miniature bathroom lacking counter space.  Sitting here, it does get knocked and moved quite a bit, but in a standard bathroom, surely this wouldn’t be a problem.  The slick black probably looks great in any bathroom space, no matter how simple or ritzy.


Many electric toothbrushes have a 2-minute timer, but a cool feature on this toothbrush is the pause every 30 seconds that reminds you to change quadrants.  The number of oscillations (8,800 per minute) feels speedy enough to be thorough while not feeling like a you’re putting a utility drill in your mouth.  You can’t argue that you can get a better clean with a manual toothbrush in the same amount of time.  The amount of plaque that this toothbrush can reach in two-minutes compared to a manual toothbrush makes this such a great tool for anyone wanting better dental hygiene.  The only thing we’re worried about is being able to find replacement heads easily.  Hopefully they’re cheap and easy to replace.

Another cool feature on this toothbrush is that it has two different settings–sensitive and clean, so that if you’re someone who babies their teeth, you’re likely to find a setting you’re comfortable with.

I texted my husband at work to say hi, and he said “I just ate lunch and I still feel like my teeth are clean”.  Coming from the world’s biggest critic, this is a huge compliment, ToiletTree.

534b698d7196ca12f47b6a177d96910a4da06ab6This brush is sold on Amazon for $49 and is also available in white.  You can purchase it HERE.

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  1. this seems like a nice tooth brush, but maybe a little too expensive for my taste.

  2. Meagan the price is quite OK in my opinion. This brush with 2 cleaning modes stands somewhere in between the Oral B 1000 (1 mode, $55) and 3000 (3 modes, $70), and you also get the additional travel brush.

  3. Sounds like a great product. Where else, besides amazon i can purchase it?
    (I have some issues with the delivery with amazon, would love to get some other links to this specific product)

    • Camille says:

      Hi Daniel, it looks like ToiletTree just put it up as a product available for purchase through their site. Check out the link to their site in the review above. Good luck!

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