Raising Boys by Design by Dr. Gregory L. Jantz and Michael Gurian {Book Review}

rbbdI was hooked with the very title of this book.  I do have boys, and I do wonder every day if I am raising them the best way I should in order to make them the most awesome people possible.  From the first paragraph, I found this book fascinating.  It is full of research, interesting studies, facts that we now know about the male and female brain, and helpful conclusions and advice on how to keep these male minds fully engaged and thriving.  I’m not a science buff, or particularly interested in physiology, but I was engrossed and fascinated by the way the authors dived into the science behind the ways that the male and female brains think and react.  Even having started this book several months ago, I still recall the important ‘take-aways’ regarding the need for a strong male influence in the home, even if it is not their biological father.

I agree with the authors’ main point, that there is a growing disconnect in our society where we have put so much emphasis and attention on the advancement of women that the boys and men have drastically fallen behind.  Males hold the lowest grades, the highest drop-out rates, the lesser amount of graduates, the largest percentage of jails and institutions, etc. and they need to be put back into focus if they are to lead their families and lead society like we need them to.

Evaluation questions at the end of each section helped me to mentally chart my own areas of improvement, and summed everything up what I had read into a encouraging call to action.

This book, written by two fathers, is full of countless examples, from their personal lives and the lives of those they have mentored or treated, as well as helpful ideas, backed with studies and facts to prove points.  I found it written very well and easy to understand, particularly while the two author’s words were seamlessly combined to not be confusing or at all contradictory.

I thought their religious interjections, mainly consisting of people and stories from the bible, where heroes we know faced similar trials or temptations and felt similar feelings, were beautifully placed and written.  Though not of my faith, I still agreed with these authors and the strong religious truths to their words.

This book is lovingly written to educate and encourage anyone who really believes, or wants to believe, in their wonderful boy(s), and I will recommend this to any mother-of-boys looking for further insight into the way their little minds work.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.
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  1. Maryann D. says:

    I would like to read this book. I have a boy and a girl, but they are so different. I would love to read about how boys minds work.

  2. i’ve seen plenty of books about raising girls, this is nice to see

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