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Funbites {Review}

Disclosure: This could be a sponsored post or contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale), but all opinions are strictly my own.

We’re kind of stuck in a rut here with a picky eater in the house.  One of these ruts is a peanut butter sandwich every day for lunch, which “Rocket” will promptly take apart, then lick clean but leave most of the bread and crust.  Drives me crazy.

I tried an experiment today: if I used my new cute little Funbites cutter on his sandwich, would he eat the whole thing?  Behold, he ate it up without a mess!  Crust included!

The idea is genius, and yet so simple!  My kid won’t sit and chomp at a whole apple, but if I slice it up, he’ll gobble it down.  A large carrot vs. a bag of baby carrots?  Same thing.  Bite-size is always more fun, right?  These Funbites cutters are perfect for picky eaters with little mouths!

The high-performance curved blade cutter is pretty heavy duty—pretty substantial.  A Funbites cutter is more than just a cookie cutter because it has the nifty popper top that can pop the food out without you having to poke out the pieces or touch the food at all.


This guy can handle anything!  A tough thick slice of pizza or even a thin slimy piece of cheese!  You can use it on all sorts of foods to make them more appealing to your picky eater.  Try it on omelettes, cantaloupe, deli sandwiches, pizza, watermelon, grilled cheese, turkey burgers, pancakes, tofu, etc.

I might use it for me just as much as for “Rocket”!  I’m thinking of all the cute little bite snacks I can make for parties and lunch dates!

100% made in the USA, BPA free, and hands or dishwasher safe!

You can purchase your own cutter HERE for $12.99 or $22 for two!  Check out their cute heart shaped cutter!  So cute!  Also, use this coupon code FunHolidays for FREE SHIPPING!

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*This posting was sponsored by Funbites, but all opinions are strictly my own

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